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    Citadel needs to be reworked, current bid system isn't the way to go, I think most people can agree that allowing only 6 guilds a week to take part isn't fair. You could change Citadel to be instanced that supports 2-4 parties from a single guild, and allow these instances to open at the times that are already established. Then the top 6 guilds that sieges the fastest would get their rewards. Guilds that didn't place top 6 would still get a medal with +5-10 stats or something, but allowing every guild to take part would give every player a chance at the new pet as well, and have the opportunity at the other rewards Citadel offers.

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    +1 to reworking this and allowing more of the population to participate. A guild that didn't even participate posted a last second bid last night. before the bidding closed. There has to be a better way. On a positive note. At least this week no yellow notifications for the entire hour


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      I don't like how this siege works. I can deal with only making it accessible once a week. But limiting it to just 6 guilds is a terrible idea.

      I don't like how you have to bid for a slot to participate either. Instead, could it be made so that there are siege slots on every day of the week, and instead of bidding for a slot by auction you can book a slot at a specific time by paying a number of guild points? Or, you book your slot and then you pay a set amount of points per person who participates in the siege?

      While a booking system that works on a first come first server basis would still be open to abuse, at least you could be certain that no matter what you will have a spot and not be outbid at the last minute. Having a number of sieges each day instead of once per week would also greatly increase the number of people who could actually play the new content.


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        It should be as said above, it has been suggested tons of times by lots of players and all agree on the same thing.

        - All guilds should be allowed to enter.
        - Remove the bid, just make it so guilds have to pay 1,000 points to participate.
        - Losing guilds should still get a weaker version of the Medal accessory.


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          me párese que es algo muy mal lo que insiero con esta nueva epic solo pueden participar unos pocos y le quitan la oportunidad a los demás jugadores va de al en peor el juego


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            As I have already said elsewhere, this is a repeat (on an even greater scale) of the balls up that was the Island when it first came out. Putting artificial blocks on entry to content is never a good idea, but they expanded on their error here.

            The new content, to be called content, needs to be accessable by all guilds, on different days of the week. Lots of us have RL commitments and many cannot play at weekends or at the current times, etc. there are people from all over the world playing on the 'US' servers as they are the only English speaking ones.

            I'll agree with Kenshin for most of his suggestions, except the Medal. If a guild completes it then they should get the medal, fail and you don't. that will encourage people to keep trying, together with the various slots at various times of the week- although I'd like it just plain and simple instanced and guilds should be able to pay 1000 points and enter whenever they are ready for an attempt.

            Making it the top 6 to get maximum rewards just feeds the elitism, as clearly the biggest guilds with the highest level players (plus +stats from Medals) will take the top 6 spots every week, leaving it just as inaccessable for the smaller guilds and lower level guilds or newer guilds.

            Just make it an instanced dungeon with a 1000 point entry fee and we can all enjoy the new content and have a crack at the new pet.

            Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


            • Kenshin
              Kenshin commented
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              There are different types of medals in the game already, gold, silver and bronze. The losing guilds would get an ''Iron'' one. As in, a participation medal. This way at least they can say paying 100 mil as a guild gave them ''something'' in return. Winning guilds would still get the higher medals.

            • JustBrowsing98
              JustBrowsing98 commented
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              Thanks for clarifying that Kenshin- as I've yet to try the dungeon I wasn't aware of the differing levels of medals. This is what happens when I delete all my toons and give everything away (even all my slaves!!) and then come back and restart with nothing!

              I agree, an iron for participation would be good.

              Then base the gold, silver and bronze against a set completion time or whatever, but NOT against other guild times, which would just once again punish the lower levels and smaller guilds who will never compete against the guilds with trillions and +10 buff cards.

            • Kenshin
              Kenshin commented
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              Although idk if they'd change it to that, I agree that the rewards should be based off each guild time/score individually. This new Citadel ''content'' can't really be considered any new content unless at least its made available for everyone.