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  • Keep Crashing and Crashing

    So i dont know whats going on... Im doing Red Farm quests got dc' ed like 4-5 times. then WQ1 got dc'ed 5-6 times, and then sanc quest line ...once every 5 minutes on playing, can someone explain this to me?!?!? just sends me to dekstop and gives an unexcpected error

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    I suspect that even the servers are disappointed with some of the changes made this epic, and are revolting.


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      happened to me too, tp to laksy north for tame gnoll and got a great map bug tp back to town and get client error crash, tp to roa crash tp to hv crash ....... nice game


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        Please tell us which servers you are experiencing the crashes.
        Need to submit a ticket? Click
        1) Choose the category of your issue.
        2) See if any of the listed articles resolve your issue.
        3) If none of the articles resolve your issue, you can click on the most relevant article to submit a ticket.


        • AceVentura
          AceVentura commented
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          reviac, cant even log in, game crashes and freezes in login (after typing acc+ pwd) and as I put login, the buttons (both) stays inactive and cant even close game otherwise than with task manager (same on all 3 of my PCs)