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    Im playing my Corruptor for a decade now. Thousands of hours grinding, lvling and searching for the right gear, buying items from the cash shop just everything i gained till 9.6 was in the end just losing time and money.

    I never struggled playing the tank, my dots and aoes were just fine although they could have done more dmg. My DMG was outclassed by a VM way more than it should be but it still was fine.

    Now the difference between a corruptor and a vm is unjustifiable. I lost everything what made my class usefull in a party despite the fact being a middle class DD. I lost my usefull skills which justified the difference in damage to a VM. This cant be real webzen. This things should be tested on the Testserver, not on a live server.

    The devs have to hear what they did wrong this time, they have to because the changes are ridiculous. My essentially needed skills are nerfed way too much, they do no more justify the dmggap to a vm.
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    • Tienpauh
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      Yeah, given they made Vampirism 10x worse than what they advertised it is no wonder Corruptors are totally broken now.

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    Master Breeders still remain broken, lack of an AOE now that booster is gone, and the way STR is favored means the Magic Tree is a waste of JP even if you build up Int. So late game we tend to favor 1h mace and shield combo and tank for the pets as you can't properly click on your pets in mid battle to heal them properly without losing the highlighted pet, which means by default, the first pet gets healed when you want the heal to go to the second pet...

    The MBs need an utter overhaul and pets as well, with all the coding looked at and the mechanics. Either the mage path has to go or the mace path or both fixed to actually be useful. Also the selection and targeting of spells should be fixed so that if you click on a pet and highlight its bar in the creature box, the heal will go to it, otherwise in the press of battle it becomes near impossible to heal the right pet by clicking their tab under your HP Bar.


    • Fearia
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      How are you doing to be able to tank over a tank pet ?
      I mean, a tank pet is supposed to receive less damages than a char, and it is supposed to generate a lot more threat than you.

      What is your build ? oO

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      I found the problem. Uses armor that doesnt exist. Said his DT uses circus warrior armor.

    • Tgoll774
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      Meant to say Parrallel World Armor LOL. But as for my build, I two sets of +20 Lvl 20 Parralel World Armor with +60 stones. One is Int/M.atk/Acc and the other is Str/Vit and I have 3 +20 Lvl 20 Circus 2h Staffs with Int/M.atk/Acc and one +20 Lvl 20 Circus Mace with enhanced stones. I have S5 RPs on my belt or S5 Lydians and all the boss cards. I still do better as a 1h Mace and Shield Combo over a 2h Staff Mage even though the mace skills are pretty useless to use vs having more atk speed hence my drive to get DTs for my belt so I can rapid fire my hits and attempt a 2h mace with no shield.

      This is a problem known for years and never got fixed along with pets and other issues. I can still make the class work, it just not as a Mage, only as a Tank while doing mage with Rudra Set when trying to tame certain mobs. Marbas set is useless as the mage tree is broken so I can't benefit from it. Endairon set works when I'm in a party. Rakashi set is most useful for me. Lamia set I never tried along with Annessa's.

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    Here are my thoughts for 9.6 Magus:

    *Disclaimer* by no means am I a "pro", I consider myself the average player.

    Needs adjustment:

    Root of Mother Nature: This is a great AOE no doubt, but 1.2 min CD is still way too long for it to be effective. Make this skill's CD like 5-10 seconds max.
    Vacuum Shockwave: Okay'ish AOE, again with 1 minute CD it isn't very effective.
    Bleak Squall: Definitely could use an increase in damage output to compensate non-spam (plus it's an air attack skill ffs lol)
    Healing of Gust: Nerfed pretty hard; but was expected sooner or later. Makes Magus have to use the other healing skills to compensate.
    Spinning Blow: Great damage but reducing CD would be much useful
    Crystalizing Water Sphere: Good damage but 45 second CD can definitely be reduced to say maybe 25s? Plus it's a chance to stun.
    Angelic Mist & Essence of Life: Now that healing gust is not spammable, these heals are back into play. Could increase the amount of heals for hard hitting mobs for high stage DD


    Chainsickle Wind
    Tectonic Spike (IMO fair amount of damage; could be wrong on this one. Feel free to debate this)
    Recklessness self-buffs
    Support of Gust
    Focused Gust
    Scorching Fire
    Explosion of Petrification
    Shackle of Ground
    Enchant Weapon: Earth: (procs pretty good; though the other enchant weapon toggles are useless)


    Fireshield (doesn't even reflect enough damage to be significant)
    Deadly Petrification (30 min CD lol?)
    Eternal Firepillar (very ineffective as damage output is quite low)
    Spear of flame (very ineffective as damage output is quite low)
    Poison Healing (lol this skill still exists?)
    Tears of Gaia (1hr. CD lul)


    Let all classes have the ability to put 5 creatures in formation so that I don't have to keep tediously switch some out for self-buffs or potion maker.
    Make a new key-bind so players are able to switch into different DD sets instantly just like weapons. For ex. CTRL+1 = DD1 set, CRTL+6= DD S6 set etc. etc.
    Feature where NPC offers you to remove soul stones from old gear without destroying it.

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    • Imposter
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      Fireshield should be a percentage rather than fixed values.
      Recklessness buffs are good, but the DoT needs to be reduced for WK's sake, or give WK more HP.

    • PrinnyOverlord
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      Well they gave the % reduction to the druid only skills reflection of something, dont remember the name.

    • Anto
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      The problem with fire shield and Druid reflection passives isn’t the just being boosted to a %. The problem is it’s based of how much dmg you take. This is pointless cause it will never be worth it for pve or pvp. The numbers will always be to small also magus isn’t a tank.

      They need to changes fire shield to % of the max hp that what ever is atking the player has. This would make it good for pve and pvp.

      Same for reflection passives for Druid.

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    The years pass and the gradual decline in this game does not stop, it is clear that perspective was lost, they do not make the effort to apply common sense in the role of each class and the type of game that is supposed to be. When Gpotato was in order, the game was fine, however, WEBZEN got out of control. Fun was supposed to be playing to win, but it turned into a game where you have to spend a lot of money to win.


    • Devilwolf
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      Totally agree. I could not stand what I was seeing so I had to take a break from the game.

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    Originally posted by Majocue View Post
    The years pass and the gradual decline in this game does not stop, it is clear that perspective was lost, they do not make the effort to apply common sense in the role of each class and the type of game that is supposed to be. When Gpotato was in order, the game was fine, however, WEBZEN got out of control. Fun was supposed to be playing to win, but it turned into a game where you have to spend a lot of money to win.
    lol its always been pay 2 win


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      Can you increase the speed of Thunderstorm Slayer animation to resemble the speed of the current Shining Buster?


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        It's 4AM and I'm at work writing this on my phone is it might not look pretty .Here are my thoughts about BM.You have done great job rebalancing BM .Only few little issues there Forbidden Soul Harmony or soul Harmony (you get that when you are evoked) gear wth that skill and skill card only add time to it I think it's kinda pointless 1h and 18 min self buff with 3 pieces and +8 card .I would suggest that could be adjusted so skill card and extra 3 pieces of gear add you better stats from pet you transforming to and I'm not talking about massive difference but like a little extra idk few % would've been cool .Lets look ata other issue that been here since I can remember and I start in epic 3 before long time before MC class etc,WAVECUT skill it has been bugger for as long .BM have to kinda quickly position himself to have that skill actually work 100%of the time so many times while having mobs o my ass I spam skill and does zero damage ,its kinda shame this have not been fixed I have changed my build and wave cut now hits 4x35+mil each hit but it's kinda annoying when you Fire skill and it been used but zero damage dealt to mobs 😞.but there is a lot of positive changes you have done booting some of the skills like spinning blow and few others ,why I'm most impressed is someone finally had good idea to get rid of that usless unit of mentality and unit y of int dext of agi so much useful also awesome bonus to be able to use 2 of unities as the time that helps a lot .Minotaur BM 206 unicorn server


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          If we can add an ability of diffusing dmg to nearby mobs when basically shots the target,it would be helpfull for DE/MM to do aoe dmg
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            More hp for WK when you get around to it, thanks ❤️


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              Scorching flame is pretty weak for a scorching flame.

              Crystallizing water spheres is laughing stock for a 45 seconds cd.

              Rest is pretty good to me.
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                deadeye TP Skills feel really weak like there is no difference between deadeye and shadow hunter and that says a lot

                all of his TP Skills are so worthless like only the buff is the decent one and also that says a lot

                please consider to take a good look at deadeye as a class I'm not saying he is not strong or good right now but I'm saying that it does not feel good or satisfying to play him he just got bigger numbers then shadow hunter

                and I think we should look at all the TP skills in the game these skills need to be special and unique some of these skills change the way you play a class not just big numbers

                but I think that Deadeye is the one that needs the most looking into from the other classes

                and I need to say this the new animation for the dual crossbow look kinda wired but I like it xD maybe if the crossbows where smaller it will look better but none the less it's good to see now animation in the game.

                love, yummy pie.


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                  LF Master Breeder Balancing... I might invest again if something will finally come up 🤫


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                    Can someone please fix the marksman! Despite the +25 bow, he does almost no damage in the DD6.


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                      ,,,,,,,,,,(10 chars)

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                      It's not a problem of accuracy, it's a combination of having the right neck and rings on and debuffing the mobs as they have very high damage reduction. Plus as a marksman your aoe sucks, so you can 'spam' double shot and the one decent damage skill you have and kill one mob very slowly.

                      On the other hand, at least you are not as slow as a solo Temp....

                    • Tlear
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                      If your CP is around 500 then hell yeah even with+25 gears you will do bad damage in DD s6 ...what's your CP ?

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                    Originally posted by NorLand View Post
                    If we can add an ability of diffusing dmg to nearby mobs when basically shots the target,it would be helpfull for DE/MM to do aoe dmg
                    if you wanna AoE damage go VM or merc