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    The only class I've been playing for a while is Merc since the Kahuna got neutered (and I loved played my WK for many years before I even made a merc). What I liked about the changes: I did like the alternative of toggling to a defensive mode although it's just a boost in HP and not in actual defense. An increase in defense would've been nice. In this case, you're still squishy but the mobs have more beef to chew on. I'm sure I'm delicious! What I did not like: the cooldown on the skills. That was ridiculous. I mean I'm not even having to refill my mana because I'm NOT USING ANY. It takes 3 x's as long to do anything and thus 3 x's as long to get up to the next level. It's just very frustrating and not worth my time. That's about as frank as I can be. On a side note: as far as the Epic goes, I did like a few changes to the NPC's which made them a little more useful. Don't know about the dungeon because I'm not in a guild and likely never will be again. Which, by the way, just seems a little silly. Could've set up a smaller, less rewarding version for people that wanted something different. Just my 2 rupees.


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      I agree with you on the smaller less rewarding dungeon, would have been fair for everyone.

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    It's been more than a year but finally Rappelz classes are getting
    close to where they should stay. Last few days servers were more stable
    and i was able to test some of my favorite classes without
    disconnecting every 10 minutes.
    I believe this is the best class update ever in Rappelz history. But i
    think we still need some minor changes for our favorite classes. Here
    are my humble class suggestions:

    Mercenary was my favorite class since it was a soldier. I love that
    class as much as QA team does. I love mercenary so much, before any
    update i would buy my merc a dinner with wine that QA team never

    Defensive Stance is a great idea but it needs more than 10 levels, 100
    levels with same stats would help a little bit more. Also damage
    reduction is far than being effective. It has to be; Max HP: +10.000%,
    P. Atk: -1000%, Critical Power: this should be opposite of the actual
    CP, for example; if you have 700 cp, with defensive stance it has to be

    Invigorating Essence is a useless toggle, should be removed from the

    Wild Stream and Divine Flash are my favorite skills to make foods, most
    of my foods have these skills on them

    Mercenary is one of the best tanks in the game now, high hp, high
    p.def, it can dodge like elvis with its pelvis, can block with its
    face. If you sacrifice your nerfed divine crash TP and get immortality
    instead, you can be free like a tree; you cant kill, you cant die (but
    you can still dance, so /dance like a tree my friend)

    Void Mage:
    I really loved the changes with void mages because my highest skill
    card for my vm was +2 and i never play my vm. My only suggestion about
    vm is replacing Sadism with a new skill Masochism that hits vm with 10%
    of the damage vm does to the enemy as a punishment...
    ...oh and another new skill for vm could be "Eat Your Skill Card"; when
    you click that skill you can eat your +10 skill card and gain 200-500
    mana from it

    I loved the changes about slayer because i hate my slayer and really
    didn't wanna play. I created my slayer to see if the rumors are true,
    if it can solo s4 devildom eyes wide shut. But i don't know maybe i'm
    suck at it or Wooden Devil never heard about OP slayer, he showed me no
    mercy: at 175 i told him im a slayer, he killed me with one shot (i
    guess i forgot to dodge). And at 180 with yushiva belt with antique
    stone, he was sleepy, killed me with 2-3 shots (ignorant bestard, never
    heard how op slayer is i guess)

    Phase Blades:
    a Nonessential skill, i wouldnt mind if it gets removed (i really dont
    like to play slayer)

    Shadowforged Plating:
    Like everybody mentioned before Shadowforged Plating is not a very
    useful skill. I wouldnt dare to click that toggle. We should replace it
    with a new skill: "Homonculus Heart" that turns you into templar when
    you want to tank

    Damage is poor. I would expect when i click that skill it could kill
    all the enemies around, destroy my slayer, close the Rappelz window,
    delete the game, blow my cpu, burn my house, steal my car, drink my
    liquor from an old fruit jar...oops, what i was talking about

    Unlike you, we play this game, please dont change our classes
    meaninglessly. I really wanna play this game, please don't force me to

    I couldn't solo higher stage devildom than s2 with any of my classes
    effectively as an average player with +22-24 items and 175-181 lvl
    characters. So i had to join parties for faster exp before the patch.
    I was trying to get max power for my character like everyone else but
    50% of my damage gone, i have less HP, my playstyle completely changed
    after 2-3 years (maybe more), i was going for cast speed for my divine
    flash, now i have to change everything to atk speed i never needed
    before, my main pw pieces are totally useless now, no even damage
    boost, nothing, foods with awakenings, eTDs.... i fell like i'm a lvl 150 mercenary again, but i dont feel like i
    would do it all over to lvl 180

    If we don't count few trolls, nobody liked the new class balance
    changes, why can't we admit our fault and remove that cursed patch?

    (usually i don't like to waste forum pages with my stupid comments but
    i wanted to show how many people would resort to amateur dramatics if
    you change their favorite classes totally like an amateur quality
    assurance worker and expect them to respect your authoritah...peace)

    ♫ soloin' devildom for fun, i fought the law and the law won ♫


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      SFP hoh 😂

    • PuppyMonkeyBaby
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      Great post. I laughed, I cried, I read it again. If I see you in game, I will swing by with my buffer and drop a free Asuran Haste on you. Sorry, that's all he has for buffs .. slayer.

    • Realize
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      The best post in here for sure

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    Feedback for Magus

    Bleak Squall being 1.5s flatrate made it clunky, there should be ways to lower the CD of it, best I can come up with is skillcard -3% CD per level.

    Spear of flame and Enternal Pillar of fire needs updated M.Atk ratios just like how WK got its AoE damage increased, the dmg is pretty bad.


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      do not understand nerf.How many players are able to do DD 5 6 SOLO 1-5%? I have eq +22 helmet 24 skill card + 6 + 7 and i have problems witch dd3 (full buff pieces) Players who have full eq 25 reviac should have the right to play solo.Rappelz does not have a lot of players. To press on the team. to find pt is not so easy. Weak players will not be taken into the team +24 +25 to dd 4 5 6.


      • SweetVengance
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        That is the point many of us are making as well. It seems they want to keep the top 5% and be damned to all the rest. Quit is the option they are giving new and lower geared people. As it is, probably only 95% of the population will quit entirely or just get bored of town and they just don't seem to care. They seem stuck on this path and have issued their war cry before flying their plane into the sinking ship. The top 5% OP toons can still solo, and the rest get to enjoy the summer outside NOT playing or paying into this game. Silly business plan if you ask me.

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      Hello there!
      i would like to talk about the changes that are probably coming in the future and already came with the last update.

      Full DD Vs. Full Tank Modes:

      I guess that the goal behind that change was to make people choose what they want to be. Mainly damage dealer or mainly tank. This basically is a good idea.

      But a idea doesnt mean that it's good to implement it. Here is why:

      When you are starting the game you have the option to choose a class. You read through it and can look at its Masterclass names etc. If i now see the "Slayer" i think of a killing machine who doesnt really tank and just kills things. Now it's an official offtank which doesnt apply to basic concept of the class anymore.

      People took their time to make their classes work as a offtank before the update because the slayer is and was supposed to deal a ton of damage and doesnt really tank.
      They wanted fast killing and accepted the fact that they might have to spend a few bottles during the runs. But in return they could run trough those dungeons faster as other players.

      So in the end i absolutely don't understand the forced pick of a class that is supposed to be a damagedealer to be full tank or full dd. This choice should have been made (and has been made) by creating your character. The class spectrum was ment to do that. As example: Voidemage is a full dd class and Templar a full tank.

      By changing exactly that choice that we have made years ago you are destroying the fun of the game. Our choice was made and you chose a remake of this class so im quite dissapointed. I now am forced to play in tankmode because i can't play without it because i only have 170k hp. And if you now tell me that i have to run Devildom 3 Solo... nah. won't happen.

      I took a brake for about 2 weeks now (even if i was active on discord sometimes) and came back to a even less working game.
      Guys please rethink your choices and open a public beta server for the coming updates. Items run out of time (like my fresh bag that now has 7 days left) and items went missing and even the support now tells me after the rollback: Uhhh, we can't find it in our database. Get your system running again and fix everything please!

      Now as i promised: Things that i like about the Update:
      • new melee "attackspeed plateau" ,
      • new rupee limit (even if shops and the AH don't work with it)
      • Changed loadingtimes on the storage.
      • Vulcanuscard + Collection
      • Removed XP Penalty
      • Dungeon core rework (couldnt test it yet tho)
      • new Guildbuff (if dungeon owned)
      • Dueling has been improved
      • ROA mob rework
      • Confirmation button on sorting
      • Option to open 1k black boxes
      • Templar changes
      • double crossbows

      If somebody actually wants a list of what i don't like feel free to ask me on discord/forum and i will create one. Have a good day everyone.

      -> Check me out on Youtube


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        For slayer:
        ---shadowforged should be changed back to a passive can lower hp from matk patk. But as a melee dd u need 200k hp atleast to withstand aoes from mobs in s6. And being forced to use a yushi card as a melee dd seems dumb.

        ---Give slayer a new tanking toggle like merc got 500%hp,-60%patk/matk,-30%cp,+300%hate

        ---- surge of adrenaline should eather give eva back or make it proc when atking not when atked. Sence its giveing crit power to help us in damage dealer mode.

        ---phaseblade nerf was fine. Think m/p ignore should go up a little more like 2%per lvl.

        ---pact with darkness eather give eva back like 20%eva 10%hp or make like blessing is now +30-35%hp not 10%

        ---twilight strike as of now is a worthless skill. I would make this skill into a dot damage skill.

        ---Armageddon the first aoe slayer gets as an assassin and no one uses. Animation time is so long and damage does is super low. The cool down is fine

        slayer is a damage dealer/evasion side tank class. Should have less hp then merc and bersker and more eva then them. So if a beserker and merc have lets say 500k hp and 3k eva .then slayer should have 250k hp and 5k eva.


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          hello Tharja...
          i came back 6 months ago i used to play MM then Berzerker, til i found out the i really like the play style that DE used to have,o make things shorter, DE had a really good survival skill talking about Drain arrow + Wild instinc before 9.6 update came up, no that much atack but something that made him stand out, definitely atk spd plateau was really low for a Xbow when we know xbow should have some spd.

          The thing here is that we kinda made a trade here, something that its not called balance, we (DE) kinda give up HP and self heal + other skill nerfs for more atk spd and adding second xbow more atk, but i belive that the only thing DE was missing was that atk spd plateau nothing else.

          from personal exp, i went from been able to solo s2 DD take hector and the other 2 boses together, to not been able to kill just one 1 of those bosses without worries, yes a lot of improvement on the atk spd im able to take them down faster but rlly not cause one hit could just take half of my bar, evasion really mess up and the only self heals are gone instead we got mp recovery like if im a mage class not rlly worth having that skill.

          Cry of arrows nice skill to spam only when your on DP, but honestly most of the DP they already have their known players, so for me if i found a Dp that'll be every other day, most of the time ill solo at this point i dont really play the same, but when i do i just try to learn about the 9.6 changes and for that i do solo dailies, my surprise was when i wasnt even able to solo S3 sol, we talking about stun after stun, when less u thing i was just dead bro, why was that evasion, before i was able to do s3 s4 even revived, Drain arrow used to help a lot, cry of arrows its really good but like i mencioned in DP, other than that it well just get you kill (depending vs who ur using it)

          anyways, the only thing the i think well help the DE is either you give him that HP back to the drain arrow or give back that Wild instinc from 9.5.
          i thrutly think that the only thing DE needed before 9.6 update was that tak spd plateau.

          have a wonderful day community.


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            180ish Deadeye
            +23 Lycan xbow (170)
            +21 Ramia xbow (160)
            +21 Wild Instinct armor (Nusylite)
            +9 Wild instinct boots and gloves (Nusylite)
            +21 Silairon belt with 3 s3 cerbs, 2 s5 Unicorn, Hector, Mephisto, SLK card

            In 9.5 I could solo DD s2 bosses but it took forever and didn't seem worthwhile.
            I could tank 4 to 5 mobs in s3 because of self heal from drain arrow but again kill speed was slooooooooooowwwwww.
            I couldn't get past the first room in s3 because it took so long all my 1hr consumables ran out.

            Had to trade 1 Unicorn for s5 Skell on belt
            In 9.6 I can solo DD s2 bosses much easier because kill speed is faster.
            I can only tank 2 or 3 mobs in s3 and I have to use a heal pet but kill speed is much faster.
            I can solo s3 boss after careful pulling in the rooms leading to it - kind of like we used to do in Cube dungeon.......
            I can kill almost 2 full rooms after 1st boss in s3 before my 1hr consumables run out.
            I now feel like I contribute to overall kill speed in a party.

            While I don't understand the point of nerfing Wild Instinct along with removing self heal and lowering evaision, I have learned how to adapt and can accomplish much more.

            Overall I really like the changes to Deadeye but Drain Arrow is pointless now (MP recovery isn't an issue for DE). I would like to see it changed back to self heal but with reasonable parameters - for example a 3 min CD with maybe a 7 second duration.


            • (QA)Tharja
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              I like this suggestion.

            • Farmeroftrees
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              Well Deadeye actually has the skill Bloody Blade but who wants to make an OP sword or dagger just for an occasion heal?
              Also a static heal like that doesn't play into the character role imo. We no longer have dethreat and we have more power and lots of AOEs which means chances are we are going to get some agro. Changing it back to a HoT skill just makes the most sense to me. It could even have a 10 min cool down with a 5 second duration and I'd be happy.

            • PrinnyOverlord
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              It also actually has the skill oblivion which is a dethreat skill that got buffed. Plus subtle enmity. You said a static heal doesnt fit the class, but a 10 min heal does?
              Last edited by PrinnyOverlord; 04-04-19, 02:53 PM.

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            I would like to talk about the attack speed plateau

            I really like the change to make it a smooth line instead of a ... plateau ..?

            but what do we call it now attack speed slide?


            melee attack speed is great

            however, the crossbow is really demanding

            with melee you need about 1060 to reach max attack speed

            but with the crossbow you will need 1540 and with less effectiveness

            I would like to suggest to buff it to something like 900 or if that is too much maybe 1060 same as melee


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              Hey there YummyPie! Actually the name "plateau" will probably fade away over time and "Max. Attackspeed" will jump in somehow i think.

              I have to agree that the melee max. ist really well thought out and can be reached if you really want to have it on the other side the Ranged one with 1560 is a bit too high for me but im well aware that other players can reach it without any problems. My suggestion would be: Bring in a "Low" plateau at 300~ 600~ and then continue with the straight line. That would maybe make it easier for the little ones.


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            Why does it feel like we are testing the new content webzen added for 9.6?

            These bugs should of been taken care of before being moved on to the official sever. If you don’t have the man power to test everything then open a public test server so the players can test this stuff before it’s added in to the game where real money is being spent. If this game was less then a year old this would be understandeble but it’s not so content needs to be tested better before added to the main servers. Pretty sure players would be more than happy to test bugs and give feed back on a test server.

            Im really hoping the 16th brings some really good updates because I can tell you right now if it dosnt pull players back in rappelz will crash and burn.

            A lot of players that invested money in rappelz kinda got screwed. I’m lucky to say I haven’t but I have played for a lot of years. So it’s sad to see webzen digging rappelz into a hole. This is crunch time Webzen the players have given you more then enough time to balance the classes. So Webzen and gala need to figure out how to comunaicate better with the player base and each other. Let’s hope things can get turned around in time to put rappelz back where it should be.


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              Class balance for void mage

              ---Fire field, lightning field, fire storm. These are the only none tp aoe skills that dont have scaling damage. I think they should put the cooldowns for these skills back where they were.then make the damage like every other aoe skill in the game(other then tp) the more mobs ur hitting the lower u do per mob. This would greatly balance vm, and put it on par with othere dd classes.

              When we were told vm is ment to be the top dd in the game i 100% agree. But there aoes need tuned down some. As of now on vm u can run 1room of dd s3 in about 30sec. Where most othere damage dealer classes take about 8sec per mob ( with gear equal to vm) s3 is 16mobs per room. So a normal dd would take 128sec to clear all. so if we can up othere classes damage potential to lets say 50sec per room(vm still top dd). Then you would see alot less parties looking to fill with mainly vm/corr.


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                I'll keep this short and sweet. Just a few general observations.


                You should seriously consider dialing back the templar boost. This vid is with a 175 geared, 182 templar with +20/21 gear, and he barely needs heals. He never even broke 500k HP.

                It has too much HP, godly being permanent is unnecessary (look at how much he's being hit...), the only smart thing was aggro is exactly where it should be.

                Why can the tank class solo faster and more efficiently than slayer?

                FYI, the character in the first vid thinks its OP too. Dial it back. For a few months there, Oracle was a useful class, and tanks needed their heals. Now not so much.

                Regarding DE: DE now hits 5m+ per shot (no reviac gear), admittedly at lower attacks per second than a slayer. However it also has higher HP, higher evasion, more AOEs than a slayer.

                All you (QA) did is move the power from one class to another. WZ has you guys doing their dirty work for them.

                IMO: Slayer should be where DE is. DE should be slightly weaker, slightly tankier, and makes up for the difference with its debuffs.

                Lastly, I hope everyone caught the OL 13 minute solo on YouTube before they took it down. Excellent balance QA! 💯
                Last edited by Hitsuyga; 04-04-19, 08:14 AM. Reason: The ol solo was in s6. Forgot to mention. He had an ora on follow too.
                My youtube channel


                • HirloRwin
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                  Slayer are not able to "solo" s6 with an ora on follow, a drillbot giving 149 vita, and all pots available from the CS and from the halloween event ?

                  just wondering as I'm not able to clear the s6 without the ora and the event buff (I tried. I failed.)

                • TheLeo
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                  remove the dark purse and the DD's in the party with +25 gears and that Templar would be a bloody spot on the floor FAKE NEWS

                • Fearia
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                  "Fearia: You're completely right. But let's not forget ILikeCookies solo vid before event. With good gears, he would have matched any slayer. OL surely needs balancing, albeit the starting point shouldn't be from this buff event. "

                  I was not aware of his video, but I took a look and I disagree, he would not have matched any slayer.
                  First of all, pets damages don't increase that much with +25 gear, because of the way pets gain attack on OL (from a +23/24 to a +25 spear, the pet gain less than 10% p.atk) and because of how the mob def works (pets can't have 100% ignor. like slayers have).
                  Also, he have one pet good against dragons and one good against devils. That means one bad again dragons and one bad against devils (you can see in his vid, one of the pets deals 4M while the other one deals 2M). and he is using pet tanks (that means only 30%ish of dual attack while slayers have 100%, so when you see 4M, thats the equivalent of 2.6M on a slayer. And as far as I know, slayers still do more than 2.6M)

                  I also looked at the "noob templar" video,

                  "You should seriously consider dialing back the templar boost. This vid is with a 175 geared, 182 templar with +20/21 gear, and he barely needs heals. He never even broke 500k HP."

                  Don't say he barely needs heals. There is an ora literally spamming the restauration (~ 8 per room. thats more than a milion HP, not included all the other heals he receive).
                  Restauration itself heals more than 130k per cast, and it can be casted every second :-/
                  But this video is a great exemple of the synergy you can have in a party : the templar tank without doing a lot of damages and he is kept alive only because the ora have huge heals and the vm/corr are using their debuff (spd.atk, but also some stuns).

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                I'd like to see an evasion comeback. Keeping a DE's hp where it is now but adding back the evasion passive to how it was before would in turn increase its hp. Then from there we would need to see if it still needs some more hp.


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                  Had to delete my old post but..

                  Kahuna weapon enchants should be looked at. At the moment only Earth is worth using overall.

                  Fire needs to scale with more of your total m.atk rather than your base, it would make it far more useful.

                  Water needs to restore more mana, Maybe it can add a bit of +to healing too.

                  Thunder should add a little attack speed with the stun or give attack speed on a successful stun.

                  The weapon skills should be all useful and interesting.


                  • PrinnyOverlord
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                    What if they changed water to have % of mp back like drain arrow. Add in another buff with water weapon that would increase the healing a kahuna does by a small %.

                    Should fire be like the dot that earth gives but instead of it being based off of magic attack be from physical?

                  • Anto
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                    Those toggles do need a little update. Like fire should be like Prinny said go off of P. Atk % added to dmg. Lightning should stun and add atk spd or like 25-30% chance to double hit. I really am hoping they boost thicket armor to give p def and hp%. Hp is mainly what kahuna is missing and shorter aoe cd. If valc and shudder were low cd say 10-20 seconds warhuna would be done with just some added hp to top it off.

                    The recks also need an update as well remove the mp and hp drain. Reck of earth I think shouldn’t make warhuna immortal but would be cool if it gave 15-20% dmg reduction and was either perma or almost perma.

                  • NikkiTikki
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                    I like those ideas Prinny!

                    Would help out a lot, atm the skills are out of date.

                    Also agreed, the recks need to have their negative effects removed, really no need for them anymore.

                    Hopefully the devs see this, kahunas are meant to be melee mages yet their really low hp pool and mage armor makes them a liability in higher content without massive buffs and gear

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                  Im playing my Corruptor for a decade now. Thousands of hours grinding, lvling and searching for the right gear, buying items from the cash shop just everything i gained till 9.6 was in the end just losing time and money.

                  I never struggled playing the tank, my dots and aoes were just fine although they could have done more dmg. My DMG was outclassed by a VM way more than it should be but it still was fine.

                  Now the difference between a corruptor and a vm is unjustifiable. I lost everything what made my class usefull in a party despite the fact being a middle class DD. I lost my usefull skills which justified the difference in damage to a VM. This cant be real webzen. This things should be tested on the Testserver, not on a live server.

                  The devs have to hear what they did wrong this time, they have to because the changes are ridiculous. My essentially needed skills are nerfed way too much, they do no more justify the dmggap to a vm.
                  Last edited by Hexendude; 07-04-19, 02:10 PM.


                  • Tienpauh
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                    Yeah, given they made Vampirism 10x worse than what they advertised it is no wonder Corruptors are totally broken now.