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  • Tgoll774
    Master Breeders still remain broken, lack of an AOE now that booster is gone, and the way STR is favored means the Magic Tree is a waste of JP even if you build up Int. So late game we tend to favor 1h mace and shield combo and tank for the pets as you can't properly click on your pets in mid battle to heal them properly without losing the highlighted pet, which means by default, the first pet gets healed when you want the heal to go to the second pet...

    The MBs need an utter overhaul and pets as well, with all the coding looked at and the mechanics. Either the mage path has to go or the mace path or both fixed to actually be useful. Also the selection and targeting of spells should be fixed so that if you click on a pet and highlight its bar in the creature box, the heal will go to it, otherwise in the press of battle it becomes near impossible to heal the right pet by clicking their tab under your HP Bar.

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  • TheLeo
    commented on 's reply
    remove the dark purse and the DD's in the party with +25 gears and that Templar would be a bloody spot on the floor FAKE NEWS

  • Hexendude
    Im playing my Corruptor for a decade now. Thousands of hours grinding, lvling and searching for the right gear, buying items from the cash shop just everything i gained till 9.6 was in the end just losing time and money.

    I never struggled playing the tank, my dots and aoes were just fine although they could have done more dmg. My DMG was outclassed by a VM way more than it should be but it still was fine.

    Now the difference between a corruptor and a vm is unjustifiable. I lost everything what made my class usefull in a party despite the fact being a middle class DD. I lost my usefull skills which justified the difference in damage to a VM. This cant be real webzen. This things should be tested on the Testserver, not on a live server.

    The devs have to hear what they did wrong this time, they have to because the changes are ridiculous. My essentially needed skills are nerfed way too much, they do no more justify the dmggap to a vm.
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  • Anto
    commented on 's reply
    Those toggles do need a little update. Like fire should be like Prinny said go off of P. Atk % added to dmg. Lightning should stun and add atk spd or like 25-30% chance to double hit. I really am hoping they boost thicket armor to give p def and hp%. Hp is mainly what kahuna is missing and shorter aoe cd. If valc and shudder were low cd say 10-20 seconds warhuna would be done with just some added hp to top it off.

    The recks also need an update as well remove the mp and hp drain. Reck of earth I think shouldn’t make warhuna immortal but would be cool if it gave 15-20% dmg reduction and was either perma or almost perma.

  • HirloRwin
    commented on 's reply
    Slayer are not able to "solo" s6 with an ora on follow, a drillbot giving 149 vita, and all pots available from the CS and from the halloween event ?

    just wondering as I'm not able to clear the s6 without the ora and the event buff (I tried. I failed.)

  • Hitsuyga
    commented on 's reply
    Luckily, this guy is my guildie. I know he has +6-7 buff cards. Completely average. Would cost you 1b to get better buffs from the guy who always shouts.

    He shows his gear. His gloves and boots aren't even +20. You can see he has +0-5 on most cards too. His +24 helm isn't rare either. And he could have most definitely done the same with +22.

    He uses RP gear same as every other templar.

    The only point you make that I can agree with is the belt. But at least 20% of the server has that.

    Making him out to be a top 1% player is dishonest and could be used against any nerf, even when necessary.

    He has 1m HP. That in itself is wildly broken. A templar with reviac gear, +25 gear would easily go over 1.5m. And I dont base any nerfs unnecessarily. He himself told me what to post about templar. Hes the one that suggested GP should decrease the %.

    Why? Because with reviac gear, GP, devas and the belt specific to the mob, you're ridiculously close to achieving 100% damage reduction.

    Another point you're missing: hes 182, and tanking S6 like a breeze. He took all 6 bosses without his HP going below 600k. Yes he has good heals, but watch the video carefully! A lot of the heals were unnecessary and if he used his heal pet more, there would be no need for a healer at all.

    No player less than 190 with gear lower than 23-24 should be tanking S6, and that's that.

    His 207 mercenary with reviac gear doesn't do as well as his temp, neither damage wise or tank wise. Which is why it's now a templar.

    Templar would still be in an excellent place if the HP was slashed by half, or GP lowered to 10%. He doesnt even need pieces or yushiva card.That's how broken it is.
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  • PrinnyOverlord
    commented on 's reply
    What if they changed water to have % of mp back like drain arrow. Add in another buff with water weapon that would increase the healing a kahuna does by a small %.

    Should fire be like the dot that earth gives but instead of it being based off of magic attack be from physical?

  • JustBrowsing98
    commented on 's reply
    That temp is being healed for 131k a tick, wearing yush belt, using +8 or higher skill cards and +8 or +10 buffs. Helmet is +24.

    We can't tell what skill he's using on his armor or what his other stats are or whether he's doing decent damage.

    And I've no idea how he's got that much HP- probably has several sets of buff gear, etc.

    Don't base nerf suggestions on the 1% of players that have access to this sort of gear, buffs, party, etc- the average templar comes no where near these sorts of stats.

  • Hitsuyga
    commented on 's reply
    You're an obvious troll. Stop engaging with me.

    Fearia: You're completely right. But let's not forget ILikeCookies solo vid before event. With good gears, he would have matched any slayer. OL surely needs balancing, albeit the starting point shouldn't be from this buff event.
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  • NikkiTikki
    Had to delete my old post but..

    Kahuna weapon enchants should be looked at. At the moment only Earth is worth using overall.

    Fire needs to scale with more of your total m.atk rather than your base, it would make it far more useful.

    Water needs to restore more mana, Maybe it can add a bit of +to healing too.

    Thunder should add a little attack speed with the stun or give attack speed on a successful stun.

    The weapon skills should be all useful and interesting.

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  • Yavol
    commented on 's reply
    You start cry about Tank because he can tank stage 6, just check it and now tell me nerf of slayer is bad xd, He could solo devil 6 withour anyhealer pet and any support. Right now Slayer is balanced, he still can stage 4/5 solo, and he is useful for dd6. Waiting for Void Mage/Overlord and Rappelz will be balanced finally

  • Kenshin
    commented on 's reply
    DE evasion should be superior to Slayer's, Slayer HP should be superior to DE's. Slayer HP shouldn't be superior to any Deva or Gaia Warrior class but it somehow is now because QA doesn't want to look up the original races/classes concepts from gala.

  • Fearia
    commented on 's reply
    About OL, don't forget there is a +45 P.atk and +54% HP buff on pets at the moment.

    Pets on OL gain P.atk from the big amount of P.atk and FOR transfered from the char and also from the ora.
    -> all of this P.atk is boosted by this buff

    Pets on MB gain P.Atk from the big amount of HP on the main pet.
    -> none of this P.atk is affected by this buff

    Also, the healing ability of the OL is based on HP max of the target... It's like this event was designed for OL !
    I'm not sure this is a good idea to look at OL balancing while the buff is still there.

  • Hitsuyga
    commented on 's reply
    I don't pretend to be a know it all about pet classes. Maybe you're right in which class should be best tank dd and middle. My point was more like this:

    A pet class currently is a one man party. It has three roles it fits into, but it fits into them rather poorly. For pet classes to enter the mainstream, it'll need to be rebuilt into two roles, making it a viable hybrid. This gives it the opportunity to boost its other roles! E.g. a good support, an epic DD, but lacking tank abilities. It can only be 'epic' if it loses one of the other roles.

    This is the point pet class players completely miss. MBs tend to want a boost to their pet's hp, dd, and forget they have good heals and buffs. That means they become 10/10/10, as opposed to other classes being 0/8/8, etc. If you want that boost, prepare for an overhaul of the class.

    Which pet class is which I leave to people with more knowledge of the class and their original purpose.
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  • PrinnyOverlord
    I'd like to see an evasion comeback. Keeping a DE's hp where it is now but adding back the evasion passive to how it was before would in turn increase its hp. Then from there we would need to see if it still needs some more hp.

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