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    My feedback on Slayer can be seen here:

    But as to other feedback in regards to patch 9.6:
    I am not a fan at all, whatsoever, of the giant red X's they have chosen to put in front of items not meant for your class, to me if anything this only adds ambiguity and confusion to what an item is / is not.

    I think I will adjust to the rupee color change over time, so that is not really a bad thing, though it will cause confusion in the interim.

    I think the auction house limit is reasonable if not particularly desired.

    I think class balance still has a very long way to go.
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    • TinyToon
      TinyToon commented
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      You write in your feedback the following:
      "The Bad: As well intended as the changes seem, the skill brought the overall strength AND survivability of the slayer down, to the point where even a very well geared slayer (+23 on weapons and armor, +24 on helmet, all slots filled with very well rolled items), is essentially extremely weak and not capable of tanking any end game content whatsoever. "

      I don't know whether the changes needed to be that strong, but I have seen medium equipped slayers lvl 200 to tank the endgame bosses without the need of a healer. I think at some point everyone has to admit that this can not be the intention of the game itself.
      It is simply not fair that the slayer and the vm can do such weird things. I guess what they want to tell you is that if a slayer with such gears is the tank in the group, then s4 is probably the right spot to go. The higher stages are for +25 reviac armors.

      I know, the slayers got used to their godlike power, but at some point it has to be removed.

    • Laraki
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      I would mostly agree, unfortunately I can't even tank S4, I struggle with killing Yushiva in the current state of the game, and I have an S5 heal pet that heals me for like 80k per heal. I don't think the intention of the game was that in order to tank at all you would need +25 gear. And I think you're right, it shouldnt be that any class can just blow through the dungeon solo easily, but just like you said, VM can do this. Overlord can do it.. there are other classes that can do it... So why should slayer be completely shat upon and have the people in charge claim that somehow it's balanced now.

      Also I don't think people with extremely high + gear shouldn't have the option of soloing, I do think it should be a challenge and probably should overall be less efficient than playing in a group, historically it always was at least that.

      Also what slayer does is inefficient as fuck, it was never even close to what VM is able to do, even when we could pull and hold an entire room in DD, killing the mobs was extremely slow... VM can just walk in, pop a couple skills, in under 5 seconds the entire room is dead, theyve taken no damage and move on.

      Slayer now would have to pull a couple mobs at a time, slowly kill each one, and maybe, just maybe, if they had pretty good gear and are level 200 maybe they can sludge through the boss at the end.
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    Thanks to the changes I play less and spend more time in the air My guild is small.We have eq 20-23
    now we can do dd3 only. Years will take us collecting yushiva essence. Before we played for dd4
    Me and my friends do not like changes. EXP penalty removed for players at level 175 and higher. Thanks to this, we can pay for exp because we have a nerf. Big X is to Big


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      For me, class balance is something different than making certain skill equipments useless or less desirable than other ones. I mean Wild Stream, Double Shot, Phase Blades. No wonder the player quit or take a break. I can understand them, it took a veeery long time to find and upgrade that gear. I would do it too if CA gear becomes useless. I don't want to complain about VM nerf. It needed one and VM is probably still the class with the highest damage output but I don't like to play it anymore. It was fun to use all the AOEs and the reason to play this class. Now the AOE skills are tmost of the time on cd, so the only way to not gonna die is press Chain Lightning all the time. It is good enough for S4 DD but deadly in S5 with +24 reviac gear and +25 weapons. Why shouldn't the end game be solo playable with end game gear? I don't want to party every time and I don't have time to look for one. I could do 6.5 S4 or 4 S5 runs in an hour before nerf. Now I can manage 4 S4 runs. Don't bother for S5 any more. It's either to slow or I need too much GMFBs/pieces to manage it. So that's how the game feels like now for me. it is not completely ruined but also no fun anymore.


      • TinyToon
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        And actually there are classes with that equipment that can definitely not do what you can do now.
        People are always greedy and want to be the best and want to be able to do everything, but this is not the intention of the game and never was. Frankly speaking, I would also want to do s4 solo when I have Reviac gear, but at the moment with +25 flumi equip, I'm happy that I manage 2 s3 runs in an hour (playing a merc). So, be happy and pleased with your 4 s4 runs.

        However, I think there is nothing wrong with the players, but only with the devs that started the one-class-wonder. Probably, because they felt they can gain money by making one class exceptional. In the long run, this was doomed to loose players.

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      Corruptor class is ruined, I have posted concerns on the Class Balance Thread.

      This class struggled before the nerf and it was very challenging but now it is just unfair with the vampirism nerf. The damage increase has been negated somewhat through the nerf to occultism, we never really cared about our damage anyway it was our semi tanking capability which helped support parties who struggle to find tanks. s4+ boss is totally unviable unless u are in the top 0.1% with full reviac gear.

      Changes to corpse mine is a real trolling move also, this skill is absolutely useless and still is and yet you made a change to it when we have still have many masterclass skills that are totally useless. Ridiculous.
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      • NikkiTikki
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        Corr is my fave class and I'm no min/maxer and I'm pretty casual, if I actually spent more time I'd be +25 everything on my corr!

        Thing is I always liked the DoT aspect of the class, all I want is it to be viable and able to compete with venge builds.

        They keep nerfing corr trying to get at VM, all they're doing is hurting us. I never used fire field, only used lightning field to tag so I could DoT up stuff and then fear it. Instead of giving us more skills to play with they just gave us lackluster buffs on already extremely weak skills.

        Corpse mine is meh and way too long of CD. Venege has what a 3 sec cd? Why is corpse mine such a long CD for? I was all excited to see a corpse mine buff because I was like finally I can play a full shadow build and have fun! Nope, too low damage, too long CD like all the "buffed" spells.

        We also still only have 2 trees for damage, we're not healers or buffers so why is our 3rd tree still a buff? The way they try to fix stuff gives me a migraine. Most games have 5+ ways to build or play, most classes on rappelz barely have one.

        I don't think we'll ever have a truly viable build compared to VM or will have DoTs buffed when people have been asking for it.

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      When you guys gonna made a stream video implementing you class Nerf and try to make devil doom s1-s3 with your supposed good implementations with equipment +20 (we wanna see again how Nazgul try dungeons whit equipment +25 and die) and you guys still think your balance works? come on guys we need a balance class not at Nerf class and also we need a lot of implementation on this game like change belts/equipment's fast and see all our buff we have on us, this problem persist for a lot of epics, and one more thing why you guys open a discussion class balance post on forums and not taken into consideration? make Rappelz great again this game its really good but your developer isn't doing something to keep people playing, its so easy to see your community its gone with merging servers, it would have been better to have opened more servers instead of merging servers, so sad to every single year its the same... i vote for another patch balancing soon as possible, or where I have to post to someone listen our requests

      translated by Google


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        first I apologize because I do not speak English I hope you understand my comment.
        Secondly, I admire everything that Confucion said and this summary is what is rappelz daily.
        finally I will review the mercenary vi opinions that really give laughter still should be playing epic 7.2. my mercenary is 190+ gear + 24 / spear +25 / 1h sword +24 / that is to say that I have tested the two chances that we have today, with 45k defense and 84k / 95k hp in s4 kill me 1hit and that everyone said the mercenary does not have hp and I see other professions complaining with 400k hp ++ is a joke all over already invented DEFENSIVE STANCE jajaj so if I activate that I lose 60% p atak my god you spend to hit 600k that is to say you need with weapon +25 about 55min per room of s4 and a run of s3 in 55min understand developpers knight there is only one is the templar do not want to make the mercenary a templar / tank with only hp is ridiculous I do not know where they get the stupid idea of ​​mercenary tank mercenary has no block per / perfblock / blockdef is not so hard to understand this stop doing nonsense this is already a lot to assimilate invent a new race before manipulating active and passive skill all saints year


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          ok lets start
          now ive gone throught most of the changes except for de and mm
          probably ok seems like an ok boost, taking away the 0sec skills was always planned so everyone should have known
          2nd crossbow increases the total damage of the class bringing it up to a good point but you lost evasion like every asura
          its a good idea to have the second toggle but the skill wasnt thought throught was it? it doesnt scale anything with lvl that is usefull so lvl1 is as good as lvl14 theres no skill cards nor gear for that skill no idea why cant be so hard to create that can it? ws ofc everyone knew thisll happen but all other skills seem to be still fcked and the 100% obvious choice for gear is invirogative aura now theres nth else that does jack for merc so a good idea that didnt go well and this is a theme for this epic
          rp change nice holy ground good all the aoes nice even the mace and axe mastery is cool now why wasnt the other tp skills changed they are even more useless now 2nd tree only the base skill is ok 3rd tree is sht it just is cd lowered for a jump skill even on slayer it was super bad and a small minor dmg reduction not interesting 2nd tree the patk matk increase is not interesting it just isnt if you have to trade it for an aoe skill good ideas but still not thought through
          fck you did it you gave the class a big slap corri lost dmg hp evasion and has higher cds traded for a skill that doesnt do enough now the last corris left will go vm cause thats the class that seems to be in favor
          again the cd change to bleak i can dig that but it should have been 1 sec instead so its still a good spam ability also certain dmg boosts should have been applied to this
          all the other cd changes nice but still magus has ridicoulous matk numbers but still does low dmg changes to this should have been made the heals were nerfed a bit too much but its still ok
          youre kidding me right? XD sadism wasnt touched time lapse was barely touched and the cd increase doesnt rly matter much with time lapse vm lost evasion and some hp but you can still solo and laugh about the other classes like a happy kitten not much to say about this
          and now to the big one
          yes i do play slayer and no i dont mind it being nerfed but why that its mindboggingly bad what you did
          Shadowforged plating: its a flat hp increase now patk matk doesnt matter and it even reduces your patk by a lot around 45k for me which wouldnt be to bad if that skill would acctually do anything good but no it adds flat hp to a class that isnt hp based? if you had taken sfp as it was saying 150% of your patk and matk to hp as an active and loose 80% patk awesome its a dirk slayer ability and can give you the tank power if you want to but thats just bad killing dirk slayers 100%
          phase blade: nerfed hard but still the best skill iam ok with it but sfp just kills the class
          evasion loss O.o wow loosing about 2k eva is crayzy especially for a class that is an evasive warrior so adding hp is better then just taking half of the classes hp and boost the evasive part of it?
          adrenaline: ufff ill ahte to say it but adrenaline got killed too take away the crit and leave the evasion why do it the other way around and even half the cp? bad skill bad design
          react: ok fine it was pretty strong but why didnt you think about the evasive warrior again it used to be a skill that can block damage but was broken why didnt you try making a skill that gives you a chance to get an evade 1% per lvl or sth like that even adding a max of 5% of just evading a hit would have fit
          envenom: wasnt even talked about still broken nobody seems to care welp 6months and you couldnt even check whats wrong on this skill?
          phantasm: that skill is done for smoke bomb wins against envenom and phantasm good bye wasted tp
          after iamge: ty for bringing it back its a good skill balanced and decently procing how come this is the only thing that is acctually decent on slayer nerf?
          bloody blade: might have been to big of a nerf atleast the cd change
          blinding dust: well i never rly used it much its ok fine another skill that is pvp only now when pvp is not viable anyways

          about the rest of the 9.6 bs its all uninteresting and boring citadel who cares new pet who cares if the citadel is 1day a week only nonesense and its even harder to tame
          you should reroll to epic 9.4 and try again that would make ppl acctually happy


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            Hello! After having a nice talk with Tharja last night i decided to give my last feedback about Mercenary. Spent time doing tests and this chart. Hope if you guys plan to do some changes this time it gets quicker. Please check it out:


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              Short and simple:

              Mercenary: I agree for the most part with the above post. The tank toggle cripples Merc power by too much, while Templar gets to tank better and apparently do more damage. More skills need to be AoE, Wild Stream needs to allow 1h weapons.

              Corruptor: Traps damage need to go WAY up, specially on the corpse ones. Corpse ones should be reworked to cast a debuff on target when triggered, when target dies the, the final effect activates. Example: Corpse explosion: Mob triggers it, gets hit by a debuff. When it dies, it deals aoe damage around it. Meaning all traps are placeable on ground, they have a before debuff effect and a after effect. All traps would be useful on PvP. On PvP, that same trap would debuff target and when debuff runs out the player suffers damage on self and around it. Other corruptor skills need more power.

              Void Mage: Somehow it got to keep sadism while Deadeye had Drain Arrow (HP) removed. Not fair at all. Makes no sense how the top damage dealer class gets to self heal, while a inferior dd class loses its ability to heal. And no Hector card doesn't count as it doesn't come for free with the class and it has a really bad 1% activation rate. VM can get better results with other cards even. CHANGE Dispel Magic to another type of debuff or remove the skill. A skill should never be able to remove buffs, DT buff, and items from other players. Make it a high cast speed debuff % for a short duration. Would be unique and fitting to the name.

              Magus: Power multiplier on skills is still low. If it stays as is, the skills that got cd reduced need to be reduced further.

              Templar: Passives need to be adjusted as to benefit with more HP players that don't have higher enhancements on gear.

              Slayer: Give a bit some of its damage back. Tank toggle shouldn't have existed, but now that it exists, increase threat, keep the rest as is.

              Deadeye: Attack speed is too low with the removal of plateus.

              Asuras: Keep HP as is, give some Evasion back.
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              • NikkiTikki
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                They're never going to really nerf VM because a dev must play it and they'll never buff Corr because they want us to play like gimped VMs. Spam maelstrom, inferno, venge and be happy.

                Traps and DoTs need their damage boosted a lot, DoTs need to AoE or at least spread to make them viable. Should tick faster with higher cast speed.

                Shadow Atrophia (spelling?) needs to be buffed hardcore and it's CD lowered, Corpse Mine needs it's CD lowered or to be made into a debuff with a low CD.

                Corr should have 3-4 ways of playing, Venge+ Quick spell spam, Soul Plague+ DoTs and AoE DoTs, traps with either DoTs or quick spam. Corpse Mine with either traps, spam or DoTs.

                The problem is they cannot buff spells too much because we already have so many that they might think we'll be OP. Well add in a 4th TP to the trees to buff a certain spell or group of spells. I'm not sure.

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                Yea DE feel slower even though they are supposed to be one of the fastest attackers in the game. If they scale back xbow plateaus just a little would be fine.

                As far as asuran hp goes I miss having that big hp pool, but I agree on keeping their hp as is now but reverting back to the evasion they had before.

                What I dont understand is how Vms kept sadism but DE got hp removed from drain arrow. If evasion wasnt touched and drain had the hp removed I wouldnt mind

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              Judgment Buster is lousy at 30 second cool down with a 1 second stun. Reduce the cool down to 10 seconds, then I could see justification in a 1 second stun (ie Divine Flash). If you really want to make it an AoE, then sure keep the 30 seconds but increase the stun time to 2-2.5 seconds.

              Back in E6 when I wanted to try Soldier after playing Bishop all of E5, I actually built my Soldier with 2 1h swords, and it wasn't very good even though they have the option, and it's still bad. Open up every skill for 1h x2, 1h+shield, and 2h weapons. This way Laser Blade and Dual Strike get some love again. If you do this, increase the DoT damage for Dual Strike as you did for Judgment of the Goddess, and reduce the hold time for Laser Blade to 2 seconds. Rework the damage formula for both skills so that it's actually worth using, and make Dual Strike an AoE.

              I love Judgment of the Goddess now. However, I think it should get the AoE treatment. Combined with Dual Strike (if you do it) it can match the number of AoE that Templar got.

              Please update Dual Sword Mastery to show it's bonuses. It has been like this since I first made my Soldier back in E6.

              Why is the activation rate for Reckless Vivacity and Frantic Defense still 8%? I like what you did with Desperate Deflection's rate/HP value, but these two need a higher activation rate, such as Final Defense's rate from Berserker. I will say the boost amounts are still OK, we just need them to go off faster when tanking, especially since we lost Vit/PDef when Vit was taken from Invigorating Essence.

              You forgot to upgrade Divine Cluster. This would have been nice. While we're talking about forgot skill upgrades, please don't forget about WK's Thunderstorm Slayer.

              I would like to see Holy Warrior get a double attack skill, and Soldier (not Mercenary) get an upgraded version. It should only work with 1h mace/axe/sword+shield or 1h x2 swords. I don't think getting 100% should be possible either.

              Thanks for everything you've done so far.


              • Kenshin
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                Agree, Soldier has the option to duel wield, but this set up is lack luster. Needs some serious boosts and the sword only skills need to be updated. Cool downs are long, damage is bad.

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              I want to vote on changing the name from Epic 9.6 to Windows ME.


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                I think GMs should create a poll for every class after new balancing and then they will realize how good or bad were the changes for this new release.

                Again as medium-high geared templar the changes were fine, but you should consider that 80% of players are under +22 gear. Templars under +22 gear really struggle because getting only HP with not other passive (as P.def/perf block) they won't survive DDs3, I can't imagine S4 when boss's critical can reach 150k hp in a single shot (and this is with a 60k+pdef).

                New test servers should be done with +22 gears, testing with +25 gears is so ridiculous (and who knows if QA tested with Reviac set too).

                Please remove the "X" icon and fix the message spam in citadel when guilds are inside because they are very annoying
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                  Overall: QA needs to be replaced. They spent months "testing" this, and yet, Tharja didn't know how bad the atk spd nerf was on DE until after the patch went live. How is that even possible? QA should have been testing this patch from 1 to cap, not exclusively playing at cap with presumably max level characters and maxed gear. The actual testing of this patch started on day 1 on the live servers, but if you're not happy with it, you're pushing an agenda. That, or you're just not knowledgeable about how the class is supposed to be played, or both. That's a good cover story for "We didn't test it anywhere but end game", but since QA is supposed to be testing the effects on the entire game, testing at end game leaves a lot of players that aren't there out of the Quality Assurance we're rightly expecting, since that's what QA stands for.

                  "Slayer has always been a tank", so we're going to nerf their primary damage mitigation, give them a single threat toggle, despite changes, in the same update, to the classic tank class, Knight/Templar who was struggling to keep aggro on non-linked mobs, and then explain how anyone that refutes this just didn't know how to play the class, despite none of the other tank classes having the skill set to ditch aggro, instead of get it. Couple this with the fact that SFP isn't an Assassin skill, so the "tank" in the Asura race doesn't even get it's threat toggle until MC, and it leaves one wondering if QA even plays the game at all, let alone playing well enough to tell someone else to learn to play. Reading through the actual changes to Slayer would lead one to believe, minus changes to SFP, that they were trying to discourage slayers from tanking, not enabling the role.

                  Reduced Crit, reduced evasion, the primary damage mitigation, meaning they're going to take more damage than they otherwise would, reduce PAtk and MAtk when you activate the toggle to become a tank, despite a simple toggle not being enough to allow an actual tank to tank efficiently, or well, and presto "Slayer is a tank". Let's not forget the nerf to the self heal, something they're going to need to not be a total resource sponge on healers. How bad did the Spiracle heal get nerfed? How about Minor Healing on Deva? Not at all, you say? Hmm, very interesting isn't it?

                  So overall there was very little actual testing done where it matters, for people trying to get to where these nerfs and changes aren't too over the top. To those people the message is clear: if you use the CS, you'll be fine, if not, you're going to be left behind. Do me a favor: Hurry up and fix the WH password, so I can securely store my more valuable stuff and take another break. I don't trust the development team enough to keep playing, and I can't trust the QA team's reassurances that "all is well with the game" because they didn't bother to test the main game, just end game. All they would have had to do is log a Shadow Hunter, and hit a scarecrow in one of the many test fields to see how bad that particular nerf is, and yet, they didn't know until it went live? That's not very reassuring.


                  • TrevP
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                    It seems they read all the threads on the "suggestions etc" before this went live and went hey forget what the players say lets just nerf this, add that, switch this to that and say hey hope you enjoy the changes, oh and for good measure lets add a new pet that noone but the richest guilds will ever get to see and yeah lets make it almost impossible to tame too that should make for some great gameplay.

                  • Confusion
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                    TrevP that is pretty much how I see it.

                  • Sunali
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                    Robertthebard Totaly agree, great post! But sadly i think it's not presumptuous to say... they DON'T CARE.
                    I think a game with such few players is not interested in the players happiness anymore, just finding ways to milk money out of customers.
                    Obviously, this epic is something that could've been created by some private server clown.

                    TrevP agreed also... it's a sad awakening when you realise all those "feedback" gathering threads are just a farce and only there to make them look like they care. In the end nothing really comes from it.

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                  In regards to Merc I kind of get why Wild Stream has a longer cool down but I think 3 seconds is way to long, Also I am having a hard time trying to understand why you removed the vitality part of Invigorating Aura, Removing vitality from a tank class make little sense (yes you gave it a separate skill that turns you into a punch bag but noone wants to just stand there and let the mobs whack away at you while your hits in return are as strong as a feather duster)


                  • Confusion
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                    lol @ feather duster.
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                  Hi, my 2 to 50 cents about the corr "balancing":

                  • Explosion trap: 11 sec dot duration which ticks every 2 secs for 5x 65% matk = 325% matk of dmg every 90 secs. Nice, it now does somewhat lame damage.
                    Why do skillcards not increase dot dmg and/or dot duration (same for levels: increase duration 1 sec per level)?
                    Is it possible you lost a 0 at the end of the damage modifier? Because a 650% tick would nicely compensate for the other nerfs (see further down).
                    And a 11 sec duration with 2 sec ticks is kinda stupid.
                    You do know that it's a pain to deploy traps, especially against mobs with big models (bosses, those big grey/blue stone mobs in dd4, etc.). So instead of casting it and going to the next thing to hassle the mobs, you have to move around to get one of them to walk over their waiting surprise. And if Rappelz really hates you today, the mobs just walk over the trap without activating it and you have to reposition again.
                  • Shadow Atrophia: This skill now does in 10 seconds the same amount of damage as one tick of Lightning Field, but still with 3 secs cast time. And you reduced the debuff duration from 30 secs down to 10. For that long ct I expected something better. The skillcard is as useless as before. Everything of this skill should be increased.
                  • Strength of Darkness: Definitely better than before, but then anything was better than those ~200 matk. But those 10% matk increase are not that much of a noticeable improvement, the %ignore could be more so. It's like a maybe ~ 4% overall matk increase on my mediocre corr, can't be that much higher on a high end greared one. Meh better than nothing.
                    It should've included the matk from Occultism, working like Spirit of Fire/Heed of the Conjuror/Tempest.
                    Buff gear and skillcards are still useless. So Corr is still miles aways from VM damage wise, but now with additional hard nerfs (further down).
                    One proof that no one of QAs plays corr on live servers: you increased SoD duration but didn't also touch Nightmare Shield duration, both are always buffed together in one go.
                  • Corpse Mine: Useless skill is useless. As you didn't change it at all. Only reason it even got itself on the list of changes is because you wanted to remove all 0 sec cd skills from the game. This is a fricking mc skill and you still couldn't be bothered to push it to a useable point. Which means in the end you didn't improve any of the corpse skills at all. What the hell guys, trolling much?

                  • Avoidance Expert (75% nerf): You took Evasion (and in direct consequence hp through Evasive Resilience) from us, we never had that much to begin with, every single dodge prolonged our lifes, with many mobs hitting us, those less dodges kill us all the faster and we can't get hp back from attacks like VMs *hinthint* or slayers with hector.
                  • Occultism (62,5% nerf): So making us dodge less (and reduced hp) was not enough, no we also don't need the HP anymore, which would be necessary now to face the increased damage income from less dodges. Now what? Are we supposed to replace our wis/crit stones with vit, to have any kind of hp pool? Which would reduce the overall damage output again, which you said you would increase with this balancing!
                  • Vampirism (80% nerf): I guess making Corrs dodge less and reducing our hp was still not enough to bring down our now pitiful remaining tankiness. No, you came up with an idea to notch up the entire nerf another step:
                    Now that our magic skin & its magical counterpart were the only things still keeping us in the game you indirectly nerfed those two pretty heavily. By robbing us of the foundation which let corrs make those skins feasible and use effectively. You do know that corrs don't really get that much MP because we don't use Int stones in our gear? And we don't have a MP increase passive like say VMs, who can use the lower level skins because of their fricking huge MP pool. This nerf is so hard i'm hardly able to go dd3, now rota and even ug4 mobs can beat me into the ground with one stun, simply because i have no way anymore to recover MP fast enough to remain in the fight. My corr, at times, now has fricking mana problems, again wth guys.
                    Magic Skin and Neutralise Magic must now be made dispellable on double clicking on their icons in the buff bar to be able to react to this nerf situation-dependent even a tiny bit.
                    Was there no one on the QA team who played corr on live servers and knew what the hell they were doing with this whole pack of big nerfs?
                  • Fields(&Firestorm) (50% nerf): Doubled cd. You told us the changes to Explosion Trap and Shadow Atrophia would compensate for those AOEs. They don't. Not at all. And don't forget Corrs have at least a 5 level lower skilllevel than VMs, so even less damage going into the nerf fest.

                    Just a very simplified calculation looking at a 90 sec window:
                    • ignoring: SCs and other cd reductions, cp, matk, etc.
                    • ignoring human/technical lags
                    • max. skillevel with +24 helmet, +1 belt, dt buff
                    • FF - Fire Field, LF - Lightning Field, FS - Firestorm, ET - Explosion Trap, SA - Shadow Atrophia, IF - Inferno Fire Arrow, MB - Mealstrom Bolt, VS - Vengeful Spirit
                    • 16 mobs (dd3 room, ignoring wether or not it's even tankable anymore)
                    • every % dmg value is meant as % of matk
                    • Pre nerf:
                      FF: 10 ticks a 150% = 1500% dmg * 2 = 3000% dmg in 90 secs with 2*1 sec cast time
                      LF: 10 ticks a 75% = 750% dmg * 2 = 1500% dmg in 90 secs with 2*0.5 sec ct
                      FS: 125% + 7 ticks a 60% = 545% * 1,5 = 817,5% dmg in 90 secs with 1,5 (1+0.5*1) sec ct
                      -> That is around 5317,5% dmg in 90 secs with 7,5 sec cast time (for EVERY mob in range)
                    • After:
                      Dmg in 90 secs
                      FF: 1500% with 1 sec cast time
                      LF: 750% with 0.5 sec ct
                      FS: 545% with 1 sec ct
                      ET: 5 ticks a 65% = 325% dmg with 1,5 sec ct
                      SA: 5 ticks a 15% = 75% dmg * 2 = 150% dmg with 2*3 sec ct
                      -> Results in ~ 3270% dmg in 90 secs with 10 sec cd

                      Ok, now, I don't know quite the influence penetration has on damage numbers, I guess it depends on the mobs and dmg itself but I just tested it on a dd3 mob with 10,4% penetration from oracle and the damage increase was around ~ 4% give or take. So if we take that, 20sec/90sec of 4% from SA because of 2 * 10 secs gets us 0.8% and the 4% matk increase from SoD into consideration:

                      Dmg * Matk * PeneInc -> 3270% * 1.04 * (1 + 0.04 + 0.008) = ~ 3564% dmg

                      Now if we look at the rest of the time (90-10) secs, we still have to fill up 80 secs with other skills: IF, MB and VS.
                      IF & MB on 15+7 have 1,2 ct with 626% dmg
                      VS on 3+8 (28% increase per hop) has 2 sec ct and 4 sec cd with (458*(7+21*0.28))% = 5899% dmg
                      Let's say were doing a VS-IF-MB-IF-MB sequence (further Dmg Seq) which takes in seconds 2 + 4*1,2 = 6,8 secs.
                    • Pre nerf:
                      Dmg Seq: 5899% + 4 * 626% = 8403 dmg
                      82.5/6.8 =~ 12 * 8403% = 100,836% dmg
                      With 16 mobs in the room we have 16 * 5317% = 85,072% dmg from aoes
                      In summation on 16 mobs in 90 seconds = 85,072% + 100,836% = 185,908% dmg
                    • After:
                      80/6,8 =~ 11 * Seq + VS-IF-MB.
                      VS-IF-MB: 7151% dmg
                      Complete Dmg: 11 * 8403% + 7151% = 99,584% dmg
                      With new mods: 99584% * 1.04 * 1.048 = ~ 108,538% dmg
                      16 mobs in the room: 16 * 3564% = 57,024% from aoes
                      In summation on 16 mobs in 90 seconds = 165,562% dmg

                      So if one wants to believe my treatise up there we have a dp90s winner of pre nerf over after "balancing" with 185,908% : 165,562%. That hole could be mitigated or even closed if you had changed ET from 65% to 650%, leaving out all the problems even deploying that trap.
                  To summarize: You took corr's tankiness and a little of it's damage, so in essence a hard nerf without many, if any, redeemable changes.
                  Sad, that someone "balanced" the corr apparently without ever playing that class. But that theme went around this epic.
                  We never wanted nor expected to be brought up damage wise to the likes of VM and Slayer, but this is just you looking at our suggestions and saying: nah we can come up with way cooler shit and nerf it like it was supposed to be.

                  You changed this game kinda big time this epic and not for the better at all (except templar balancing)

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                  • NikkiTikki
                    NikkiTikki commented
                    Editing a comment
                    They don't care about Corrupter, the class that needed a nerf VM was left alone while Corrupters got wrecked.

                    We got jack for it, VM still have OP passives, damage and life regen while Corr got nothing.

                    Still have only Venge as being the most viable way to play because the other skills aren't AoE or simply don't do enough damage.

                    I hope this wasn't the full Corr nerf/buff because that would be sad.