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  • Epic 9.6 Class Balance Feedback

    There were a lot of class balance changes with the introduction of Epic 9.6 and now that the server stability issues have been improved players are able to test these changes for themselves.

    Some classes have received changes which were never going to be well received by players, but some classes also needed to be changed.

    Feel free to give your feedback here. But, try to keep it constructive. Tell us what you like about the changes to your classes, what you dislike and how you think things could be improved on the aspects which you dislike. These sorts of responses are far more useful, and much more likely to be listened to than a response similar to, "You've ruined my class, you're killing the game, I'm taking a break because Webzen is all that's terrible and evil with the world!"


    I think that the p/matk reduction to Shadowforged plating could be improved by increasing the amount the p/matk reduction is reduced by per additional level of the skill. Skill level * 4 rather than skill level * 2.

    I think that the DoT on the Corruptor skills of Explosion Trap and Shadow Atrophia are rather poor, although the change to a p/mdef % debuff on the latter is nice. Corpse Mine is still completely useless though.

    These changes will not be undone to revert to how things previously were, but if you think they could be improved upon while still moving in the same direction, constructive feedback will be appreciated.

    Resorting to amateur dramatics will most likely result in nothing changing though.

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    As I said on another post. The passiv skill résistance to stun and fear of corruptor doesn't seem to work.


    • (QA)Tharja
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      Is this something that has changed since the new Epic arrived?

    • Spazz
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      From what I remember, there's physical stun/fear and then magical stun/fear, and Corr only defends against one of the types.
      Unsure and can't support this, but I recall reading it here somewhere.

    • PrinnyOverlord
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      It resists any physical sleep/stun/fear.

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    I’m not happy changes for corruptor . Vampires nerfing too much / The damage still not enough but I’m happy one thing shadow atrophia is good.need to sacrifices one thing do more damage or more tanking
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      Wao.... Alright if you want feedback to these changes just look at this post and start reading

      people will continue to flame and yes, alot of people will quit / take a break untill the teams who has been working on this understands that it is not epic 3 anymore.

      And when the gms learn to keep their words. "Further nerfs to slayers are unlikely". mhm we saw where that went.
      "We will adjust Ws on merc however we will increase other skills to make up for this dmg loss". alright i get that but you did not do what you said you were going to.
      The damage reduction you gave merc while "adjusting" Ws resulted in a rougly 60% damage decrease in total.
      If you were to reimplement ws with a 0.5 sec cd, make it work with 1h swords and keep the defence stance as an option maybe the merc would be more viable.
      Nerfing vm caused corrs to take a big hit in their damage wich was already low.

      I get the feeling that this whole help with balancing has been ignored and a waste of time. just waiting for the big nerfs to the petclasses to happend now.

      It is so disrespectful they way that you are handling the low and loyal playerbase.
      The amount of money most people put in this game... If you spend somewhere around 3k usd to build a toon. should they not have some advantages and just maybe be able to solo if thats what they built their toon for?
      And not to talk about the amount of time you now have to put in to make the inferno and reviac set.

      I get that you are trying to encourage party playing but this is the wrong way to do it. increase the amount of exp you get in a full party. Increase the drops or whatever but taking away the solo aspect of this game is just stupid and wrong.

      Unicorn playerbase is way to low for things like this. i mean, we dont even have 50 players above 190.... and some of the 200+ players dont even play anymore.


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        My comments will be more general than giving numbers. It should help still. I'm more concerned with players and the essence of a class, than total class balance.

        Shadowforged plating:
        This skill makes no sense in any shape or form you present it. Altering the numbers wont help. Slayer is not a tank class and giving it a threat skill is absurd. If it is altered, you will continue along this path: "We don't need to increase its evasion, because it has the option of tanking, and players can choose to do this or dd"

        The logical thing to do would be to remove it, or replace it with some evasion passive. Slayer lost around 2k evasion this patch. It needs that back. It doesnt need it's own personal invigorating aura. I cant explain this in any simpler way.

        Slayers CP: I can understand taming PB a little. Even a change in 300 patk multiplied up a LOT. But slayer lost around 1m damage from this and PB change. It needs one of those back.

        Slayers evasion: when you realise what a bad call sfp is, you will realise the evasion should be reverted. These go hand in hand. I'd rather removing sfp completely and giving it higher evasion.

        What I didn't like in your thought process was that you took extra care with sfp, unlike the coming notes, because you believed some players had gear for it? What slayer didn't use PB gear? Its acts like this that make it flagrant obvious your intention: boost sfp, nerf pb, so people spend more on CS looking for sfp and making two sets. Also see below.

        Double shot: The only skill an MM needed on his gear is made redundant. My Guildie had a full reviac set. By the mods own admission, prey upon the weak is now the preferred skill for MM. I quote nazgul:
        "We're aiming to not make any desired skills obtained on armors obsolete"
        It should reduce CD, to a reasonable amount, making the skill at max having 2s CD. It should keep the very needed damage boost per level. Making gear worth over 1.5t worth less than a previously useless skill is just an example of the fuck up here.

        Wild Stream: along the same vein as above. You made the single piece every mercenary carries obsolete. It doesnt even give damage boost per level like DS. This was an amazingly bad idea. Should also reduce CD by some reasonable amount.

        Mercenary now has no aoe skill rotation, less patk from invigorating aura, and an overall much lower KS. I wouldn't be surprised to see this class crash in the nearby future. The HP boost was insane, and I'm not sure called for, as mercs could previously tank full s6 boss room:

        Overall, regarding the tank or forcibly-made tank (slayer) classes, you made the decision to nerf its damage for some hp - this wasn't necessary. Templar most certainly doesnt need to approach more than 1m HP - so why can it it approach 2m? Mercenary does 60% of its ks (whilst on damage build!!), and given a large HP boost it didn't need. Slayer has no need whatsoever to even approach 700k HP - which it now can - and was given a damage nerf because you decided it can swap between as needed.

        Corruptor: field nerds hurt this class a ton (more than vm..). It seemed you aimed to boost its damage by giving it a nice matk buff. But the concurrent fields nerf, lame damage on traps cancelled the boost out. My guildie says the damage is boost is there, but youd have to look pretty hard to find it. Is that your intention? 🙄

        The vampirism and occultism nerf hurt this class the most however. It went from gaining 400k MP back per 20m spam (can it even do that?) to 40k. Lumped with losing over 150k HP, this class can't tank anymore. It used to be the emergency tank when the merc dies or whatnot. Now it dies in seconds. I'm sure any corr would rather the weaker, tankier version to this.
        Trap boost were embarrassing. It still has many many outdated skills that weren't touched.

        Speaking of outdated, why didn't you fix grim attrition, dark might, shining weapon? What about iron will, undying terror?

        VM: this class will be more than fine. It's the only class I would consider playing now. It can still solo s4, and probably s5. Thanks for not destroying EVERY class.

        Overall, a very awful job. The QA seriously screwed this up. It should have been communicated with players before deciding to send it out. You should have launched some test server like you did with 9.3 to gain some feedback. Too many bad choices.

        I haven't played since the first patch note and have no intention to return, having sold some of my best items. This patch will lose more players than rappelz can afford. I'm happy to be one of them. Still have some items, visit flea lak to see them! See you in a few years. Maybe.
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          Marksman meh Double Shot 6 Seconds is to long to use Double shot and all other attack skills and 1 trap theres still a delay of 2 seconds really messes with partying Marksman just doesnt have enough attack skills to go with the slow ass cd timers and hp boosted like 10k sooo worthless
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            you already nerffed slayer badly and promised your base player that you are happy with how the class is and further nerf is unlikely and than you go and nerff it to the ground.
            the asura race was always meant to have high evasion and you took that all away.
            you hit slayers with p/m.ignore which was more than enough to take back its damage output but you just had to make it the worst class, no evasion no HP, no p.ignore and also a -10% patk drop. and to add on top off that you guys extended the CD on the only AoE it had despite this aoe already had one of the loger CD compared to other classes.

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            • Realize
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              Perfect comment. Can't add anything.

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            Please keep the discussion civil and without accusations.
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              So, some observations for while I was able to play yesterday:

              1. What were you guys smoking when you hit DE, and is there any left, because I want some, it's evidently some really good stuff. My R6 archer now has higher atk speed than my 158 DE, even when dual wielding, really? In an actual test of content I was running pre patch to now: it added a full 7 to 8 minutes to a completion time of Vulc's at 160. Used to be I could do PP s1or 2, then vulc's on a single SS. Not so any more. Maybe, what was needed for QA was to have people with actual knowledge of the classes involved with the process? What it looks like is that QA is made up of people that were salty about what x class could or couldn't do, and decided to "fix" it.

              Now, I'm old, and forgetful, but the change to Drain Arrow is actually reverting it to what it used to do, isn't it? So QA's solution to DE was to revert previous changes? I should note here, as well, that the atk spd comparison was made while I was running Dusk Style, which is supposed to increase my atk spd. It's a good thing I didn't try Burning Style, or Agile, eh?

              2. As an example, slayer: The debate with QA started before this ever went live about it being a tank, ever. I still sit here wondering if it's not a case of people that leveled the entirety of the game with HLPs trying to educate the masses on what classes were, in epics they likely, based on comments made in those threads, never played. We did not see Knights being pullers in the old days. However, based on QA's logic, we should have, if one "tank" class can pull, they all should be able to, right? Then there's the fallacy of "Templar changes were made to accommodate lower geared players", despite the post stating, in the initial update notes on the main page, that they were made because Templar was struggling to maintain aggro on unlinked mobs.

              That said, if you just ignore the changes to SPF, and don't ever turn it on, slayer can still function, if it's going to struggle with higher tier content. In other words, QA has completely wasted the time and money spent on slayer "improvements", since the smart thing to do is going to be to completely ignore what can be ignored from their changes. It's a good thing it's not a paid position, eh? On the other hand, maybe it's not a good thing. If it were a paid position, maybe they would have required the team to actually research what these classes were intended to be before they were allowed to swing the nerf bat. As it stands, I know I've lost interest in even thinking about it any more, let alone actually logging in and doing anything serious with the game.

              Constructive criticism is possible when we're given changes that are consistent with what the game is, instead of some twisted notion of what it was, or what it's supposed to be. It's hard to constructively criticize "slayer has always been a tank". This is a false statement, and it's hard to say "well, you don't know what you're talking about" constructively, isn't it? Here's a touch of irony for you: I was seriously considering deleting my MB because it's killspeed in solo content, Vulc's, was cripplingly slow. It can now run the same tier of Vulc's, 160, in the same time as my DE, both are 158. There doesn't seem to be a lot of Quality in the changes made by the Quality Assurance team, eh?


              • Robertthebard
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                You have gone on record also disagreeing that Slayer was never tank.

                I don't see your projection helping Striders that want to go xbow, or Shadow Hunters. Nor do I see your change helping DEs get the gear required to not be considered "lower gear". At this point, I would much prefer removing the second xbow, leaving Drain Arrow as it is, and restoring about 90% of the atk spd that was removed. The second xbow is invisible, probably because it has to be in order to not have to redesign every xbow in the game, and as it is right now, even removing the heal from Drain Arrow seems excessive, given the atk spd for anyone that's not close to max level and top tier geared.

                That's a very poor design choice, regardless of who made it, and the fact that it wasn't tested w/out top tier gear also has me scratching my head. QA should be testing the game for the majority of players, not just the top tiers. This means that instead of going in game and finding out "hey, Rob's right", it should have been a known issue before we ever got the patch notes. As it stands, QA was done by the players themselves, since you didn't know how bad the nerf hit anyone that's not using top tier gear.

              • (QA)Tharja
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                I've tried but there is simply no reasoning with you. You continue to push your own agenda without even trying to meet in the middle, you can't see how anything I suggest would improve things in any way. I'm done.

              • NorLand
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                @Tharja,nope DE has so many pointless skills,and the only decent skill:poison shot nerfed too much,please trun the aoe ability back,DE cant find dd party cause low aoe dmg
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              Hi Tharga!

              I wish to suggest that although the change to the warehouse seems to simplify it's access to players and that would be a good thing, it also leaves it open to hacking and possible takeover of the contents of said warehouses. It is my opinion and that of many of my guild mates who in the past had their warehouse hacked that we should go back to having to input a password to access the warehouse with a 6 digit PIN number like before unless Webzen is prepared to replace any lost items from hacking in future?


              • (QA)Tharja
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                Not a class balancing issue. The warehouse password will be enabled again once the server stability issues have improved.

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              I am honestly tired of posting on forums how I feel. I am tired of how QA/MODs are talking.

              If you expected that a lot of us are not going to like the changes, then you cannot be shocked as to how we are acting.

              Let me state the obvious. A lot of us like to solo for good reason. We do not want players to leech off of us in DD.

              Let me explain how a normal party works. You have one tank (pimped out gears), a healer (half the time forgets to heal), an off tank (who usually dies), an AOEr (takes agro and complains or runs), a mediocre player (knows nothing about their class), a leecher (who probably is texting and afk), a random player (hitting a mob that no one is dealing with and dying needing to be ressed), and someone’s alt (they just want to be boosted/or tanks alt to be boosted). Now that we know how a party works. Do you really think a lot of us who build to solo will want to play in a party or quit after a nerf?

              If the “tank” doesn’t want to play… well none of us will.

              Now let me explain a ROTA/ROA party. You have 1 vm/merc (does all the work), and 7 other players on follow to get boosted to 175. Within those 7 players 3 will die because they don’t have running gears, inventory is full, or not paying attention and left to go to the store. With VMs not wanting to play or mercs… now I tell you, who will boost players to 175?

              Now let me explain how to get to 159. In a couple to a few hours. You take a rapid fire pet with a crossbow on a low level toon. Running gears and you run off from dungeon to dungeon. You can complete to MC then do all the quests, TPs, IM quest, and UGs. Then you are 159/160. That was all SOLO by the way. Ok, now we need to party. So if we are “soloing” from the beginning. Then we are used to building our toons to solo. It is like we go backwards when we are a high level. Now whyyyyy am I saying all this…

              To take out the aspect of soloing and dealing with parties does not change a community. It effects it. Which is the result of angry people as we are seeing. Adding insult to injury, the way the MODs/QA are talking to us is not helping the situation either. Comments like “amateur dramatics” and what not. Clearly you are very out of touch with your players in general. We are not happy with the changes and we are tired of writing what we are writing. A lot of players will not even write on forums. They will just bow out and quit because they feel they are unheard.

              Slayer (level 202)

              SFP: It is a joke. I would have rather you just take out SFP in general. The toggle is useless, even with its minimal threat and ridiculously low damage. It will not hold agro and it’s not worth using even at level 1. Yushiva card was a better alternative.

              Blinding dust: It was evident what was done here with a 30 sec CD that you really do not want slayers to solo. It should have been 10 seconds at max if you don’t want 0 cd.

              Hellstorm: There was really no reason to raise the CD on this and then expect us to hold agro and tank.

              Evasion: This specific class was built on evasion. You took away its only form of defense. Even with high evasion we still would get hit. Maybe lower evasion by 10% but it was lowered by more than 30% last time I checked.

              Crit power: Ok so now, my hellstorm has a higher CD, my blinding dust higher CD, my evasion is gone, SFP is useless… crit power took a hit by over 15%. 5% crit power hit was more than enough. Not all of us have the fancy purses nor amazing gears.

              HP: As it stands, my VM has similar HP to my slayer. My slayer is supposed to be “at the same level as vm” haha. I have zero words here.

              After Image: It barely even procs. Like at all. And a measly 4.5% when it does. It seems like another waste.

              React: Should not have been touched. Would have helped a little.

              P/M pierce: I would like an explanation as to why this took a 40% drop? And you expect us to tank? It should have been a 20% drop at max.

              Phase Blades: No one uses sfp gears unless they could not find pb gears. Even with a small amount of 7.5% drop, it is a lot compared to ALL the other changes stated above. Which is why they keep calling it a nerf. PB shouldn’t have been touched.

              Bloody blade: Our only saving grace, should not have been touched. Life leech on a VM heals more.

              At this point, I am still surprised you are allowing us to cloak/distort.

              Void Mage (Level 181)

              This class really was the one who needed a nerf. As of now, VMs are still able to “tank” and party as they used to. With a practically 0 second inferno/maelstrom spams and chain lightening. It will be fine.

              Dark Spiral: Taking away the card bonus really did not hurt that bad. The result is fine. It just hurts for people who made high + cards.

              AOEs: You will still survive with these cool downs.

              Crystal Aura: Should be nerfed the way phase blades was.

              Sadism: Half the time works better than hector card. I think it should be lowered more.

              This class was supposed to be a glass cannon. It still has the same dmg output and tankable ability.
              Corrupters on the other hand were the ones who suffered.
              There are more about other classes such as Marksman double shot gears that all of us used is a waste.
              Deadeye life leech is gone… it won’t matter because they rarely solo… so it was nice to have when they do solo. Also the nice nerf to wild instinct was not needed.
              Magus had lower dmg. And so on…

              Basically these changes not only effected the top 5% of players who are the ones who actually want to quit due to the frustration, time and money spent. Lower levels are effected also. With the top 5% of players not wanting to play or just discouraged to play. The rest will not play. These “changes” should have been discussed with the community first. It took a long time for QA to come up with these changes within that time… it could have been discussed with the community. Saying the forums that the community posted on helped them… I do not see it. You will have a lot more upset player base which is the actual opposite of how a game should be played. All characters should be boosted and allow us to play how we want to play. Not how you want us to play. When all characters are boosted. More money will be spent because we can make a lot of different characters/gears/pets. We will actually enjoy playing the game. That is why we are here anyways.

              Just a side note… All of you pet classes beware. The same nerfs will happen to you as it hit all of us.

              Another side note to the QA… Be a little more sensitive to your community. If it wasn’t for us. The game would not be here.

              Good luck everyone. Fushie out.
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              • AceVentura
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                Epic comment buddy, especially pointing on the other classes at the end - this is the point where QA and game administrators should have been looking at first when "ballancing".. NERF is NOT a BALLANCE! why not to boost cardinal?? i have full vortex set, +24 helm, +23 staff and MW - spamming AB (+5 only - no point of even trying to get better) making barelly 1.5 mil crits maximum 2 mil.. (and runing out of mana in 1-2 minutes) my corr was abble to do 3-6 mil with spams and void round 7-9 mil with full selfbuffs) - question? why not make EVERY class being abble to solo DD3++ with decent gears? and not trying to kill the players that actually do it already? U gave us no choice - slayer or voidmage were TOP TIERS, some other classes (even with much more equip needed - petclasses) are abble to do so, but funny part is my magus with full CLB set and +12 mace hitting around 150-250k with bleak squall while upgrade for +22 EPIC mace boosted its damage to 320-350k !!! WTF?!? (bad joke for sure).. i can continue forever but u guys are too blind and foolish to see the tip of your nose..
                my suggestion - roll back all the changes ASAP, go sit at big tabble with the game programmers and rework what U should been reworking, DO NOT MESS what was already GOOD (or at least decent).. planing to post a full review of how U can improve the game experience so keep an eye for it ^^

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              Take out the Drain arrow from DE and VM can use the sadism, do you guys want us all to play VM ? .....


              • Hunter
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                magic hector does not heal

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              Hello dear community,

              So i now tested the Slayer and came to a conclusion. This update did exactly that what i expected it to do for my Slayer. I did the math and it really is stunning what you created there.

              The Slayer is now ripped out of its foundation on a pretty island and is put into a swamp and is sinking into the ground.

              But why do i think so?
              First you really need to understand that the Slayer is a warrior that is in physical contact with everything he does. Back in the days he was the chipper because he could evade the first hit.
              He is not a ranged class, neither is he supporting anybody or has abilities to cite a mob. He is always in the middle of the fight and is by himself.
              The Slayer was always based on Evasion and every player nowadays dreamed of Phase Blade gear with evasion. I was proud to call myself one of those players who took the time to be in possession of that kind of gear. It took me a long time to actually have it and it cost me a lot.

              This update now reduced the Evasion and PB that much that i now have the feeling that my gear is worthless. That „Tiny“ bit does actually nothing for my evasion because it's lowered way too much and the PB is now a joke.

              Maximum 9.5: 7480 Evasion Maximum 9.6: 3861 Evasion ← This is devastating.

              My Damage DD5:

              Before: Max. 7m/attack Now: 2,1m/attack How is this even on the level of a VM ?

              This is a Joke! Everything that i have worked for the past years is gone within one update!
              Since i can't evade anymore i get a nice HP boost and i am now supposed to tank.
              Alright. But if i want to tank i need to deal damage right? Shadow Forged Plating is ruined because the Damage reduction is way too high.

              The Only Problem here is that you even made us take more damage and also raised the damage of the mobs so we are forced to use either the yushiva card or the SFP. It's not a decision that we can make „DD or Tank“ It's fixed because we can't do shit anymore with 170k HP. Even when we are on a DP as DD we get oneshot by one mob or one AOE.

              And how are we supposed to be a tankclass now if we can't even pull a whole room without dying?

              You even managed to release a new Active Skill (SFP) and not even bother to create the skillcard for it. This is simply just unfair because we could try to reduce the penalties that you gave us but you don't even try give us that chance and are striking us again.

              But we got more! The Damage is not low enough yet so we get robbed of our beloved critpower. That actually isn't even the worst part of the update. That one is the only thing that is nearly spot on.

              But we also loose the 30% of Phantasm and get 10% instead and also only get half of the time. You managed to not only nerf the skill here you actually double nerfed Phantasm. Great! Another +10 card that i can throw on the ground because i am forced to play on Smokebomb now.

              So in conclusion we got:

              More HP + Less Evasion + Less Damage + Less Heals (Hector Card heals more with damage) + Taking more Damage = a Shitty SLAYER.

              It's Funny how the word Slayer is now not even fitting anymore: Its a tanker now.
              You gotta load him up with everything for him to be somewhat useful.

              All i have to say about this epic is that it's the worst so far. The start of the epic itself was a complete disaster and you even destroyed some players completely (Dirk Slayer). Even other classes like the Corruptoer got nerfed. The Corruptor was not the slightest OP.
              They even deserve a buff instead of what you did to them.

              And yet VM's didn't really get affected by your nerfs and the Tanks can now run dd6 and pull the whole bossroom by themselves.

              You should have put every low damage class on a high standard first and then have everything adjusted. Instead of that you created new monsters and turned the old monsters into little pigeons and have to rebalance again.

              The Epic 9.6 Events are not working and even the normal drops are odd right now.
              I honestly don't want to tell you what i like about this epic because im actually mad.

              It took years to do that and the changes could've made step by step. Instead of doing that you're forcing it into a game with a stagnating community and are not expecting them to be angry.

              The time when groupplay was big is over and we should not be forced to play in a group.

              There are things that i actually like but you will hear hat in another post in a few days or weeks when i feel like playing again.
              So far this is just a joke.

              I'm out. Bye
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              • Confusion
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                Perfection. Still love your video tho lol.

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              Hello guys . Well lets talk about the rebalancing at Corruptor , cause thats the class i actually play , 207 Corruptor with full reviac set , sanda cloak +20 and +10 cards .After some test at s6 party im able now to give my feedback . So i lost around 150k hp that makes impossible to get some hits in case my tank die , even with +24 boots and +25 2h staff and mw at my healer pet im not able to survive at boss room anymore , thats ok since im a mage , but i heard the same story over and over Corruptor its able to take some hits and vm no, now i cant do damage and i cant get hits also cause i have low hp and the nerf at vampirism its so huge i barely can recover mana after been hiting .The nerf at the cd at fields hurts way more Corruptor then Void Mage , so they give some damage to explosion trap ( 1.7m ) with bag + oracle in party thats the dot ( Nothing ) . The str of darkness change should be good but actually end over add a very litle damage even with 105 % m.ignore . Shadow atrophia its ok , but should do some damage in the process also . Now cant take hits but also dont gonna add damage, so they nerfed my chance to get some hits and the rebalancing at the damage ( cause everyone agree before the damage from corr was poor ) , still about the same . Hope GMS take another look at this class , cause i dont know any Corruptor happy with that , even a guy like Thunder who played Corruptor for long time its already thinking to HOH to another Class.


              • TheBlackWolf
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                make traps stronger and all dots AOE and stronger and we will get a very good class.

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              there was a sound difference between having assassin impact on and off, now it just sounds like your not running assassin impact even if you have it on