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this is no good

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  • XXShaaDooWXx
    started a topic this is no good

    this is no good

    so what webzen trying to do now is making no class able to solo or duo higher than s4...
    am merc main i see the new changes verry useful insides DD but outside dd sounds alil rough for the dmg nerf
    any other class still has nasty aoe?

  • XXShaaDooWXx
    commented on 's reply
    merc nerf is really bad cant farm anywhere even if i can tank full room s6 with my guild pt but i can farm anywhere with the current bad cd aoes skills balance
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  • TrevP
    No class was ever meant to be able to solo the higher levels of devildom, I believe it was only supposed to be S1 that was soloable, the higher the level of DD the more people you were meant to need.

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