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Fix the succes enchantment rate!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fix the succes enchantment rate!!!!!!!!!!

    So whats wrong with succes rate omg you rlly like to make player lost money cannot belive armor with +8.5% succes rate ( alot of blessed e-rep wasted ) now trying with normal + acd and for sure no one will pay the money wasted for my armor wtf is wrong with this game -.- seriously this have to stop!!!!!

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    Started with +14 armor 32 Epro/Ancient ended with +19 amor, nothing 2 say


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      The enchant rate is horrible. Used 10x e-reps to go from +10 to +10.


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        It would be good if they didn’t mess with success rates but every time there is a sale of enchantment items they lower the success rates which to me is quite unethical business practice. This game is like a casino where you do not know the odds.


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          IMO Rappelz enchantment system is broken and a turn off for the game

          when items fail they break and to fix them you need CS items which mean if you don't pay money you are stuck with +12 at best

          and what is worst is it's all based on luck and there is nothing you can do but to keep trying and keep failing and keep spending money and keep losing

          my fix would be something like this

          remove the mechanic that if the enchantment fails the item will break and adjust the rate of anything that connects the matter accordingly

          i.e. cube succes rate, cubes drop rate etc.

          now even if it fails you just get another cube and try again and how do you get cubes by playing the game

          this will make it so you can up all your equipment in time

          and for those people who will say it will break the game, my dude have you try to + any item from +10 to +11 you will know hell and now let's not talk about +15 and more
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            Yup I hate having to up armor I buy because you can easily lose 10-40+ e-reps trying to get something to +20.


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              After 7,500 WCoin, 4x Blessed E-Reps (increased to 3.7% success rate), 2x Regular E-Reps, 36 R7 ACS/E-Pro I finally made my new wep +20.

              I cannot even express the amount of anger I have.
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                I think it's the random nature of it all that grates on people more than anything else.

                A much better system would rely on complete success using CS items from +8 upwards on R7 items. Something like 1 cube per + to 14 and two 15 to 18 and three for 19 and 20. Around 18 to max out your weapon, then price accordingly. Say 200 wcoin a throw, so 3600 to guarantee your +20 weapon or armor. Lucky strikes and e-reps could also still be used (although the cost of e-reps would make this pointless).

                I reckon this would increase cs sales over time as more people would use cs if they knew it guaranteed success. As it is, I reckon we lose a lot of people because of the current gambling system and sheer unpredictable cost of upping your equipment/weapons.

                Of course the +20 armor and weapon merchants could continue using the current system to make foods for us:-)
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                  As always none comes out to give the face on this subject, is really deplorable customer service in this game


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                    I know a lot of people who quit just cause of this rates...


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                      The rates have been getting worse for a lot of years now. I don’t even try to make gear anymore because of how much of a waste it is. It cost less to let some one else waste money in th cs and sell you the gear lol

                      if it wasn’t for the fact people to waste money in the cs and make gear and sell it I probably wouldn’t be playing anymore.

                      I think all enchantment materials should be put in a hv npc and only thing that should be sold in the cs is cosmetic, bottles, name change, belt kits stuff like that nothing that has to do with making gear and gambling. Everything in the cs should be 100% no chance it can fail or not get what you are spending the money on.


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                        When trough 20+ adc/epros to go from +19 to +20 on a food i bought XD.... you know when you keep getting screw by the game and you keep thinking this is crazy but how crazy can it get? well spend over 20B on an item that cost at most 8b lol but by rappelz logic it makes sense. I mean you spend 1b on blessed POC to end up with a 10m item.

                        I believe all this stems from the +7 no fail ratio. Once they introduce that the enchanting when to the crapper, I mean you can fail 10 times straight on a +7 only to end up with a +8 item. There is no surprise that the enchant rate sucks when you think about it how often are cubes/epros on sale now? just about every other week is insane how often they are on sale. Food price is cheap but if you wanna make any decent item +20 be ready to pay 4 times the amount it cost to buy one already made.


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                          I made 4 food yesterday. 2x +18 and 2x +19. I used 11 epro and 11 ACS. 4 days ago i used 11 epro and 11 ACD from +17 to +20. Its all about luck nothing else.....Good luck


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                            As you said you're making food gears ... not a specific armor or weapon.

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                            Food gears have nothing 2 do with it, you can burn 100 gears without one epro