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    I love this game, and many are too.
    I don't have time to play anymore since now i have kids. So let's not waste everything on my accounts.
    If some new players, or someone still wanted to play this game. Email me at [removed]
    My main is a BM, so my equipments will mostly BM's. And i also have many pets.
    And many slavebuff.

    Sharing is caring.
    Last edited by Nazgul; 18-03-19, 06:20 AM. Reason: email address removed

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    Sorry admins, i didn't know about the email policy. i'll notice everyone when i will go online since i already uninstalled the game long ago. ill need to reinstall first. My items also not much worth mentioning, but maybe some other player will find it useful anyway, rather that deleted by GM's later. oh and one additional information, i'm at US Undine Server (if the name doesn't change yet), and my main is Lv161 BM. So just expect an equipments & pets from a mediocre BM.


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      i will online today, around 08:00 - 16:00 GMT+7


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        The retirement giveaway is done today, goodbye rappelz


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          Thank you very much for your time and giveaways.

          You've inspired Crishamel and myself to do some goodies giveaways as well once you've left at flea market.

          Pretty sure we shelled out like 10b or something for many players that were present.