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  • New Player :)

    Hello Guys , i was looking foward to play this game but never had time to do so , but know i have
    So i was wondering is there also any other new players or just players willing to grind together and just hang out , maybe teamspeak od discord,

    btw i am 27 years old from croatia , so if any of you guys is up for it pls let me know , Thanks

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    really friendly community i see gg


    • Kenshin
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      Might want to try joining the official Rappelz discord, should be easier to find people there:

    • XXShaaDooWXx
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      its not friendly community

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    ty for your time


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      Bring lots of $$$$$$.

      Levelling to 150/160 is pretty easy with the levelling rewards, but getting gear pimped costs a fortune and if you want to get anywhere prepare to play solo, as outside of prime times getting a party isn't going to happen. The RNG will also make you want to throw things if you try and pimp your own stuff.

      Beware of high level pets as they gimp your exp gain, especially at 150+. So try and beg for a 150 healer soul pet...because any pet you tame will be so far behind you due to the quests that boost you past 150.

      You can log in 3 accounts on one computer so bet is to work out which is going to be your main and then level 2 buff slaves at the same time using the main so they all reach 150 at the same time.

      It can be a fun game as the pet system is pretty cool so give it a go and see how you get on.
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