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    Hi guys,

    I understand some items should be available only in some occasions and due to the seasons, but there are some items that should be available all the time.

    I am talking about Enhancement stones, rebirth and Hoh. there is not sense to keep not enhanced stones when nobody will buy it, and also rebirth and hoh because people might want to switch for other classes, especially when class balancing is coming.

    If you have another items that should be in the CS all the time feel free to post it here.


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    items who have to be available all time:
    -ultimate belt upgrade kit.
    -Ancient Cubes.
    -Enhanced pieces.
    -yushiva belt stones and extractor.
    -Enhanced TDs
    -Blessed power of change armor.(normal ones i think have to be in normal merchand store).
    -Growth potions.
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      They put these items on “sale” cause it’s sales tactic to get people to buy more. If you never know when they will be in the CS you spend more on them when they are. Also they can put a normal price and a discounted price to act like they are giving you a deal when we all know everting in the CS is over priced. Till they fix the prices of times and RNG in game it’s not really worth it to spend money.


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        Not being able to buy required items when you want them is one of the 'features' of Rappelz. It drives people away over time, but obviously seems to work from whoever decides on the CS (it's probably mostly rerun scripts at this stage as frequently dates forget to be changed).

        Hiding items behind RNG is another- like perfect transfer scrolls.

        There are many items that should be in there all the time- then they could have an actual sale rather than the pretend 'sales' that they currently have.

        And generally CS is way too expensive, especially considering the appalling RNG involved in pimping many items. Lots of people quit over the RNG.
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          Don't forget those coloured relic box keys, Sharpness / Refined etc, These keys only ever seem to appear during blue moon drop events where you have to kill top bosses in game to get a small chance of a key dropping or in equally small appearances in the CS