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  • Master Devotion

    How many creature skill artifacts do people here unlock until they get 2 master devotion for s4-s5 pet? been doing runs for about 6-7 months now and only got 1 MD from normal! I've opend 20 from bleesed and got zero and about 1000 where i got the 1. Just curous to what othere people has encountered on this!

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    you can use awakening artifact


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      Took me 81 combined Blessed / Non-Blessed PoCA to get 2x Master Devotion, most of the non blessed were when they were first introduced where I believe they could grant you the skill, I think at one point I also might have had an extra Master Devotion artifact but not realized it was good and trashed it. At any rate it really wasnt too terribly hard to get 2 of them.


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        Pretty sure that Master Devotion is one of those skills that you can only get from the Blessed version


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          OP said he got some from normal ones....