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  • Returning player - advice

    Hi guys, I’ve been out of the game for quite a while now and am trying to find some motivation to return. When I left slayers and void mages were all the rage and I’m wondering if that’s changed? If so what are the more enjoyable classes to play. I don’t pvp much at all I just enjoy soloing and partying in dungeons. I’m level 175 at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated ! 😊

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    If you plan to sink lots of money in basically you've got 3 good options, Void Mage, Templar or Overlord.

    If you don't plan to sink lots of money In I'd stick with the safe option - Void Mage. (Maaaybe a templar is okay as well, but really. Just play void mage.)


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      So are void mage still as op as they were? Are they going to be getting nerfed in the next update? I remember when I was playing last they were 1 hitting full rooms and barely losing any hp?


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        My advice is stay away until they finish with the class balance, which is another 12-18 months. They said they felt slayer was in a good place after the last nerf, but have come back and swung the nerf bat again. And they have started nerfing VM.

        If you do come back, don't over commit to a class as the way the QA team is heading whatever you pick might be nerfed and the $$$$ you have to spend to pimp a decent toon will be wasted.

        And remember to work on your own buff slaves as you can log 3 accounts per computer these days, as getting parties is extremely unlikely.
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