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  • new item in cash shop

    we need a scroll for transfering the devildom materials out of your gears, id pay good money for that

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    Agree.. if balance of classes be like this we will need some CS item :
    - Transfer +24/+25 enhance to any part - without deliting original +0 part ( better prfect transfer scroll )
    - Transfer whole upgrade flumi/inferno/reviac to any part without deliting original +175


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      Well with Over 1,900 people's Classes that are gonna be Nerfed for Slayer and vms on the 19th of march they should come out with a scroll or something for that id say half of the 1900 people arent gonna be able to afford to switch to another class witch this game is gonna go down hill fast lol not like they can merge anymore servers just keep nerfing classes and lose all their Revenue lol