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    im a shadowhunter all day play in solo on stage 4 devildom. i make all my item +25 helmet golve bots armour all inferso set. coat +10. sill card +9
    all make with my capacity.
    all day i see devildom stage 5 6 party 7/8
    all day i see no prefer mage void or assassin.
    we love play easy or go on top exp easy?
    i play in devildom for 2 year in this situation and continune to search a party or make all with my charter.
    if this is a right way to make party? i don t know.
    but is that the right way welcome.
    in 10 year of this game the only 1 change fondamental on this player is poison shot to area damage.


    • Sunair
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      I get your point, but in between these 10 years, MC happened ;D

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    These changes seem to be 'change for change's sake' as the QA team stated they are all about change- so whether players want it or not, or like it, tough, we're going to keep throwing out changes which will mean all that investment in your toon just got blown out the water, please spend more in the cs with your next toon.

    I don't think they realise quite how stupidly expensive the cs items are, or how totally awful the RNG is in this game for drops, skills, combining, and trying to get the right stats on rings, etc to get say crit power maxed, so they give us comments life 'sfp might be an option'.

    Yeah, right, because finding 3 slot and 4 slot gear with that skill and making them +25 plus all the stones etc is a complete doddle- might only cost a couple thousand $ or more if you are really bad at rng...

    Maybe if they want to make changes for changes sake they should first look at removing a lot of the RNG from the game that makes these changes so painful for people- otherwise i expect to see even less players left playing than before.
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    • Anto
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      This is the truest comment on here. The class balances are not the problem. The problem is how much money it cost to make a new class with the gear you want. The RNG has only gotten worse over the years. the pay to win aspect needs to stop it’s only driving players away. This is the biggest daterent for new players trying to start up and old players trying to make new characters is how much money it cost.

      The CS needs to be more cosmetic and less pay to win. Lots of games do it and make a lot of money with out milking their players for everything they got.

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    Originally posted by Hitsuyga
    Balancing nine classes shouldn't take 18+ months
    My Favorite Comment!
    Hitsuyga is correct though. Other games have over 100 characters and they get updated weekly.
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      Do not cry, you played OP char. Play MB.


      • Robertthebard
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        I do. I also play DE, BM, WK, OL, and I have a little baby Knight and an Archer that just hit R6 today. What's your point? You see, my biggest complaint is "Slayer is a tank". I can go back to E3, well before there were MCs in the game, and it's never been a tank. I think that, if you read the comments in the thread, instead of just skimming a post or two, you'll find that there are more than a couple of people that, while they may or may not like the changes in general, are really aggravated about "Slayer is a tank".

      • JustBrowsing98
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        But slayer has always been a tank hasn't it? /sarcasm.

        Giving it one aggro skill and nerfing the only useful aoe whilst not updating the one minute rule means trying to actually play the tank role on a slayer is still going to be laughable at best. I've no idea what the QA were thinking - we already have a tank class in the game (which they admitted struggled to hold aggro with multiple aggro skills), but apparently by giving slayer one aggro skill whilst nerfing it's HP and damage output will make it a tank.

        I don't think they really consider the average player when coming up with these changes- who don't have all buffs to hand, +10 cards, guild buff maxed, maxed belts, maxed rng stat jewellery, etc. Sure, for a maxed out player the changes might make sense if they swung the nerf bat at VM's constant aoe godliness (and a few other classes too), but all this does is try and drive cs sales of RB etc.

        Oh and I played MB. I used to solo most of Cube with it back when cube was the end dungeon of the game (and boy that wasn't easy!).

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      the game I think was born to play in a group and use together the various characteristics of each character.
      sure one must aim at the maximum for wanting to do many things even in solo.
      we have six stages of devildo. a high-level character I can understand can also do levels 4 alone but not as a splinter.
      bring the feasibility of recreating the parties from 5 to 6, I do not see a bad thing.
      this is on the devildom. but it will automatically replicate at all levels.
      good to see or be a character. just reply to the ad roa follow 5/8


      • JustBrowsing98
        JustBrowsing98 commented
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        Do you even play this game? How many different buffs are there?
        Now count how many players are even online outside of peak hours. Then count how many are adequately geared. Then count how many are in the same level range. Then count those that log off half way through a party on ss, etc.
        Then you will realise the days of parties in Rappelz was many, many years ago.

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      Good things they did:
      -making templar good again
      -Adding new pet with fixed skills( I hope they continue on with fixed skills pets instead of crappy soul pets)
      -New rarity (we needed that cause uniques dont feel uniques anymore)

      The bad:
      -No one will play slayer anymore all they had to do was nerfing his hp and p.def thats it ( we will have to confirm that on 19th )
      -vm didnt change much I still think he still tanky instead they went and increased the fields cd which I think is a huuuuuge mistake , guess which class got destroyed too corruptors! .

      And finally this is the class tier list starting from the 19th:

      -High tier classes: templar , vm
      -Mid tier classes:Mercenary , corr,de,ol
      -Low tier classes: all other classes

      Note that everything I said was just my personal opinion which can be changed anytime.


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        I'll do the wait and see thing, but removing Evade from the games evasion class seems odd..........
        It'll be nice to see Templars hold agro since circus opened this has been nerfed which seemed odd to nerf in the first place
        Seems like nerfing the base skills of any class isn't the way to go
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          so my 2 cents about the upcoming "balance"
          it seems that the Webzen employees either do not understand or do not respect their costumers money, in this game you have to spend alot of real money or in game equivalent in order to stay competitive.
          a full +25 set with good stats is worth around 2-3b rupess which translate to 2k-3k$!!!
          when you completely nerf a character that a lot of players put so much money and time into it is just not fair, balances need to be either very small or taking other charecters to the most overpowered one and creating new content that is harder for the new balanced toons.

          with all that said, after 9.5 balance Nazgul himself commented in his insight that the webzen team are happy with how slayer is and further nerf is unlikly and that VM need to be balanced. as said in this thread:

          and guess what happend next?
          slayer got nerfed to the ground and VM got barely touched
          really nice going


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            first of all i love the templar change seems nice second epic pets also cool now the big but in the room:
            Slayer nerf i accept the fact that all we got are numbers and cant really see how it will be but the numbers seem more like a trainwreck then a soft nerf i heard the dmg of slayer should stay as it is welp its gone slayer shouldnt be tank i agree but taking all hp and evasion seems harsh since its assassin/slayer not a merc high evasion to me seems like a trademark of the class reducing it so hard feels more like an intentional idea of reducing the power of evasion which is ok but why make one class that thrives on it an example
            second the vm "nerf" seems more like a "oh sry we still love this class but some ppl believe its op so cd change is that fine with you ty"
            sadism is still a thing 3% chance to lower cd makes it still op and by god you fcked every corruptor since they cant just spam to reduce cd
            so instead of acctually making the vm what it should be a glass cannon aoe powerhouse its still fairly tanky yes lost evasion and some hp but its still a tank for s6 trust me
            so wheres a nerf?
            the new guild dungeon seems more like a new siege/time atack which isnt used anymore cause it doesnt do anything for a guild as it also seems alliance will not be treated
            and overall it feels boring due to only a certain amount of guilds having a chance my bet on it is everyone will do it just for the items you can get as much as i heard its as strong as s5 which means easy enough if that is all for an epic 9.6 this wont do
            i also want to remind that nazgul stated that class balance will be treated with higher effort and here we are it took as long as it took for the others and doesnt seem to be an acctual balance and the next wave will be another 6months away so why bother?


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              I guess I will go ahead and throw my opinion in.

              If you look at the changes to Slayer at a distance, an emotional distance, a distance from bias - these changes could be one of two things.

              I have to agree with people who say that, at it's core - this game was meant to be played together with other people. It was never meant to be a game where single players conquered the hardest challenges in the game solo, with no interaction with others. Nostalgia factor aside, Rappelz - as such a game - well, it's pretty terrible frankly. What makes it bearable for me is the fact that I am, or was anyway, continuing character progression on something I started a long time ago. Gee Idk, maybe 12 years at this point I have lost track.

              To the people who say, that "Slayers" were never meant to be Tanks. I don't blame you for your opinion, but here is mine; When I chose the Strider class, sometime around the start of epic 3, the class was described as "The Asura Warrior Class". It was not called an Assassin. It did not have stealth. We used a sword and a shield. In parties, yes, we frequently did tank. More frequently we were the offtank, to some Holy warrior. But our contribution was a medium-high stream of damage over time, and a medium stream of absorbing damage that would otherwise kill classes with less stamina.

              As the game progressed in epic 4 and 5 this trend continued. It was widely accepted that to be good as an "Assassin" you really only had one build option, that was dual swords, and maxing out strength and vitality. You did this for one reason - To be able to contribute to your group. You did not have aggro skills, so you relied on your decent amounts of damage over time to be able to pull aggro when needed, and your decent amounts of defense to be able to absorb damage when needed - for the benefit of the group.

              If this was not your experience on "Slayer", or playing with "Slayers". Then I am sorry for you - me and you played a different Rappelz apparently.

              So what do I think of these changes? Well I think at the very least, they are incomplete. At most, they are a step. Hopefully a step in the right direction - the direction that would actually bring this game to a place where it is able to provide the kind of group experience that it used to, one where your contributions counted, you were not just along for the ride, no matter what class you played.

              If I am honest - I don't see that happening. But what's the point of being pessimistic right?

              And to those who benefit immediately from these changes, because let's say you stuck it out on an underpowered class, perhaps you are an Overlord who can now see the possibility of soloing the hardest content in the game on your own effort - I say congratulations to you, enjoy it. You deserve it!



              • JustBrowsing98
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                sin were pullers, back when they were needed, mainly in cube or HM dungeons. Because you could pull and then LOSE AGGRO. Not because you then did any sort of tanking.

              • PrinnyOverlord
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                I remember going Dirk and shield as a strider in e4. Until I got the dual wield passive. Which gave me enough damage to pull aggro of healers. Didnt mean i could take to many hits, just long enough for the main tank to take the mob.

                Going assassin made the protect healer job a bit easier with different skills. If I ever got pulled a wrong mob then distortion would save the day.

                Slayer then got the job of just straight puller when hard mode dungeons got introduced. Only time I was ever a tank was when I out damaged the rest of my guild because I had better equips compared to them.

              • Kenshin
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                Assassin was never a tank. Being a tank involves more than taking 3 hits. You can imagine it was a tank; it wasn't. This is the exact same problem in QA.

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              I heard on discord that the QAs said WK and Cardinal is going to get a redo in the class balance? is this true or not? It would be really cool if it was true, those 2 missed the mark by a huge margin.


              • Kenshin
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                Apparently they will in next waves of rebalace. Maybe that time around they remember that Cardinal is the Deva Mage DD class with supporting heals as stated in the game and will read our suggestions about it's mp management. Hope Wk gets it's decent boost too.

              • NikkiTikki
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                Cardi got screwed, it's passives still suck and it struggles. Oracle pretty much out does it.

                WK is fun but also struggles.. I'll regret selling my +9 SE card if they make them better!

                Crazy how mercs can still spam their cone attack but WK isn't allowed that and is stuck single target only.

                I'll HH back to WK if they get rid of that garbage healing water passive and replace it with something else. It's not like clicking purifying water is that HARD. Being covered in a blue glow 100% of the time that barely heals me is annoying. Can someone PLEASE tell the devs to change the graphic to a blue version of healing zypher or just remove it and have no graphic like Touch of the Goddess does? Anyone on the Q/A team, please do this for me! ;-;

                Also fix Fire Weapon enchant to scale with your total m.atk not base!
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              The game seems to have drifted away from what the classes actually began as
              Mages - High healers or glass cannons
              Tanks - The punchbag class that could take a beating and held all agro with average DD power and the assassin that just evaded the hits but also with average power hits
              Ranged - Attack from a distance (like a sniper)
              Pet Class - Pets were stronger as char's were weaker


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                First of all, I would like to thank the GMs, MODs, and QA for working on the class balances. Though it may not be an easy task and I know that some of you are even volunteering your time to do so. For that I thank you.

                I waited a bit so that I do not give a complete “emotional” response to how I feel about the slayer nerf. I play both Slayer (from level 1 to 202) and VM as my main toons. I have played almost every other class, so I do feel I have a little bit of knowledge for most classes. Now I am not an e3 player and such but here is what I believe is happening.

                The game has changed. Before when a “nerf” happened it was not as hard to get new gears (i.e Feral and +20 weapon) and we move on. It became a little harder when +25 gears came into play which still was a bit difficult but do-able. But now… We have the DD gears which does not only take money but time and effort. You now need an immense amount of ingredients to make 1 armor. If we take as an example to get an armor from Nusylite to Reviac… it takes 4,350 refined, 15,000 white dragon beads, 9,000 black dragon beads, 4,500 sand dragon beads, 50 scale of DD (not to mention the high fail rate to even make a scale of DD), and 35 devils orb (takes 10 pieces to make 1 orb). Now why am I bringing this up. This in itself is when you see your character nerfed, will make you say “F this game.” “I quit.” “This is absurd.” Also, I did not add in the $ used to get the perfect armor. How many POC/BPOC/BPOC-Slayer it took to get the specific armor. So now, we make said armor and we are happy with what we can do. Then comes a “nerf” of a toon. A severe one when looking at other toons. We are upset and we are “emotional.” It is more than justified to not want to go through the process all over again to only realize once we get to wherever we are, we will be nerfed all over again. (Side note: I did not add weapons or other things such as helm, boots, gloves, and cloak – For those of you who will be like IT TAKES MORE).

                As for slayer to be a tank. It is not a tank. It does not hold agro, nor can it take as many hits as you are saying it can. Not all of us have perfect armor, +25 everything, or even Godly sets. As for removing a lot of our evasion and taking a hit to phase blades and now it is stated… “it is at the same level of VM” in terms of damage, I will believe that when you nerf Crystal Aura a bit. But I digress.

                There is a difference between a balance and a nerf. A balance is a sensitive process in which things are equal. A nerf is when a specific thing was raised and then completely changed. This was not a balance for a slayer. This was a full on nerf.

                I do believe Slayer did need to be worked on and certain aspects of the toon needed to be changed such as HP and maybe some evasion, but this was completely the opposite and opposite to what the community were saying. Which is why VM keeps being brought up. I do believe in order to have an unbiased balance. You should invite players of that class on a test server to really test out how the changes are. Only then will you get a full unbiased and in agreement community over a toon being changed. Seeing as though, that may never happen and we are now at the hands of GMs, MODs, and QA. Sadly, I believe more people will be upset and this will continue on.
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                • Revoke
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                  Very much this.

                  I also appreciate the work the folks running and tweaking Rappelz are doing, and in one way I believe it’s helping keep the game going, and most times I believe we miss the chance to thank people working on these things for the players.

                  I’m super biased since I play slayer, and not because of how “OP” it is, since I don’t count myself in the +25 club where end game content is a breeze.

                  I’m unsure if people have found some crazy level of evasion that I could only dream of, because when I get hit in these dungeons it doesn’t feel like a kiss. So, in my opinion taking away a small asset in my world such as evasion seems to be odd on the supposed “evasion warrior class”. Then there’s losing some off of PB, and that in itself is a whole other story. But I don’t wanna ruin this well spoken post above by flaming my own junk on the forums and I will just wait to see how everything goes when the content is dropped.

                  Thanks for this post Confusion!

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                Interesting pre patch notes concentrating on the new 'epically hard to tame' epic pet. If it's as stupidly hard as the last tier were when they first came out, or even the 1/100 or more that DT and WD used to be, then it's a pointless addition. Time could much better be spent in other areas (such as getting all the nerfs and balances done so players know where they stand with a class).

                Good to see it's a melee class, perhaps it can tank when the slayer that was supposedly now a tank loses all the aggro! Oh wait, first you have to level it to exp scrolls on sale soon!

                No doubt we'll see taming scrolls on sale...and then 'lucky' boxes with a chance of 'winning' an empty card, and lucky boxes and taming, etc etc.

                Otherwise a nice change on the over 175 exp penalty for parties- but kinda ignores the fact that the higher level players will still be carrying the 175's who might struggle to hit a mob and probably get one shotted if they take aggro..

                At least they are making an effort and bringing in new content. Change in attack plateaus are long overdue but the curve should have been inverted so most of the gain is at the lower levels and then the gain drops off rapidly above what the average player can reach. Instead they moved the peaks several hundred more att speed higher, meaning new or lower geared players are at an even bigger disadvantage than they were previously.

                Great post above by Confusion- but helm, boots, gloves, belt and especially rings are also where you throw thousands of $$$$$ at the RNG, finally get them, spend $$$$$ more pimping them- and now the whole reason for making them is gone.
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                • Robertthebard
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                  Nope, it won't be a tanker pet, it's threat toggle is Shadow Illusion. Well, given QA's definition of tank, maybe that they think it will be?

                • Confusion
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                  Pretty much my thoughts on the pre-patch notes. I think no matter what is being posted about the new epic... I am just over it after reading the slayer "balance".

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                So i had to wait on my post because if i did it earlier it would contain more emotion, and less logic. I havent even posted on the forums for years, but after reading the "balance" changes i actually decided to!
                Im gonna take a break from the game. Enough said. "Balance" didnt happen to Slayers, nerfs did. SFP was quite a bit over tuned, but there is actually a few great ideas (In the slayers section of the forums), from the community on how it could have actually been balanced. Damage wise? Just numbers it's a massive % decrease if you use a PB set. Way to far to be considered a balance change. Evasion? We're losing it? Like why? What reason is there to take Evasion away from Slayers?
                The changes actually make me feel like someone on the QA team, or a mod got PK'd by a slayer a few too many times, and wanted them gutted. That's the only reason i can think of to make all of these changes at once, and the evasion nerf i still cant even think of a reason to do that.
                Im not going back through the process of gearing another character, the time and money involved in that just isnt worth it anymore. Worst part is i know im not the only one, which hurts because the game looks like it's going to be declining in population once again.
                Last thing im gonna say, for all of those people saying Rappelz is a party based game. Come back down to earth and actually go look at the current population of Rappelz, this isnt 2007 anymore.

                See ya around later hopefully!


                • Confusion
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                  I totally agree with you. I think I may take another break if the nerf is just as bad as I am reading. =)
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