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What do you think about the changes in the 9.6

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  • What do you think about the changes in the 9.6

    I just want you to tell me your opinions about the changes to the characters (Templar, VM.Slayer). after having seen what will happen to them

    Give your opinion positively, constructively, or destructively but politely hehehehe

    They can also say that they would like to change of characters or abilities


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    it's not class balancing just lowering the character's skills and it's embarrassing that the character with eq +25 will not be able to solo s3. It is unbelievable ...


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      Just a few thoughts about VM changes. The nerf of the time lapse skill seems too much. 0.03% activation is almost as same as 0. What I don't understand is removing of cooltime reduction for the dark spiral skill card. That makes the card obsolete.


      • Whirlwind
        Whirlwind commented
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        The chart said Epic 9.5.2: 4% and Epic 9.6: 0.03......To me that means 0.03% and not 3%. Otherwise they should have written 4% and 3% and not 4% and 0.03.

      • HirloRwin
        HirloRwin commented
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        They have written 0.03, not 0.03%

      • Beetle1
        Beetle1 commented
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        3% is still a big nerf, especially if you combine it with the cd changes to the AOE skills.

        Meaning my 1 year break will continue.

        On a side note, it wouldn't hurt them to share information also on the official forum and not just on Discord.

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      let me get this straight slayer looses his evasion hp and even patk while vm has a little bigger cd now iam an oracle and say vms will be the new s6 tanks cause they simply alrdy do and the cd powerup wont give em a headache and slayer gets put down like a dog that seems bad for taking half a year to make


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        I didn't like slayer nerf. Every skill posted was a nerf. It should have kept it's damage and lost sfp. Turning sfp into a toggle is lame. We suggested over and over it be changed from hp to eva.

        The ideal state of slayer was same dmg, same evasion, no sfp so hp maxes out at 150-200k. Now it has lower patk, cp, evasion and hp.

        instead adrenaline doesn't give evasion anymore, avoidance expert is scaled down.. and pact of darkness is totally fucked

        so that is the evasion nerf

        further, you nerfed PB's patk, reduced phantasm cp and adrenaline cp and increased hellstorm cd

        so slayer is either off tank (sfp toggle), or a weaker dd. I'll still be able to solo s4, s5, i have no doubt of that. But the lower dps just doesn't sit right with me.

        Terrible job all in all. I'll wait for it to reach servers, but between that, having one bag left, and a lame epic, taking a break right until you rebalance (or the devs fix it), seems inevitable.


        Note: just to prove that when I say "we", i mean it, here are the posts from the slayer section saying the same thing: keep damage, reduce hp:

        why bother ask us for opinions if you don't plan listen?
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        • Hitsuyga
          Hitsuyga commented
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          I looked at the numbers a little closer.

          PB: Before, it was 75% pignore. Now it's 35%. Less than half. It's patk went from 50% to 42.5%.

          Phantasm: Used to give me around 150 CP. Now it's a flat 45. It's biggest loss is extra damage, going from 30% to 10%.

          Hellstorm: 8s->10s.

          Adrenaline: they halved the cp from this, and most shockingly removed the evasion. It gave me around 100 CP, and around 500 eva.

          Pact of darkness: Used to give me 55Kish HP. Now it's closer to 27k. Again, no evasion anymore. Another 500 eva lost.

          I didn't bother calculating sfp.
          In summary, 7.5% less patk, ~200 CP lost, 1k evasion and 40% pignore. And some hp.
          The CP and evasion hurt the most.

          If the damage was too high, then some of these nerfs could be understood. But all at once?

        • Realize
          Realize commented
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          i totally agree to everything of you! You just said it perfectly.

        • JustBrowsing98
          JustBrowsing98 commented
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          You also missed the total nerf to BB (Bloody blade), slayers only on call heal.

          Nerf the only aoe slayer has...

          Talk about gutting a class, whereas VM gets a little tickle and can still aoe the hell out of everything.

          Sooo glad I stopped spending money on this game when I did.

          Oh and the new attack speed plateaus mean that only those that can be 'lucky' with the random stats applied to the RNG (amazing how some people max them while others can try 1000 times and get rubbish) will be at the new plateaus- for the average player with their average gears or new starters, it just means an even bigger gap.

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        I agree I don't understand the removal of CD on dark spiral. Some of us have invested for a high card so reducing the CD% it decreases would've at least still kept the card useful. I also think that having the AOE fields doubled in CD but not increasing the CD% reduction of their cards (even just adding another -1%CD*card level) is a big hit even to players who have invested a lot into the class. I do believe reducing time lapse trigger to 3% from 4% is appropriate though since as of right now it does trigger quite a bit with DS. But combining this with the degree of nerfing to AOE CD and especially DS is too much.

        On a sidenote though, slayer did seem to get the harshest nerf and should also be looked at again. I can't say much about it though since I've never played the class.


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          after having invested for a long time on a class, to reduce it so it makes no sense to continue playing Rappelz. I invested time and money for the cards +9 +10. thats enough. goodbye


          • JustBrowsing98
            JustBrowsing98 commented
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            Glad I stopped when I did. The last nerf was bad enough but this is like sticking two fingers up.

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          I love changes. You guys cry but both vm and slayer were OP since beginning. Non of class should be able to solo s6 DD ever... even with +25 gear and +10 CARDS. MMORPG game should based on party! So many ppl quit in past because they couldn't catch up solo type game players.


          • Steppenwolf
            Steppenwolf commented
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            You are forgetting one important thing here: Its not only about soloing S6 DD and also its not about just those that have all maxed out like gear and cards, but more like imagine on how many average/middle geared or even worse low geared players ( which are more than top geared) will this have totaly negative effect and most likely like we see here more and more players will quit/leave.

            Another thing: those players that choose solo play style....choose for a reason no matter what that is and always such players have enough funds to make their chars good for solo play and they will always find a way to even counter these nerfs, but problem starts here----if you think angry/sad/dissapointed solo players will go around now and join random parties----think again because most likely if they stay they will have close circle of friends they will party with. All those that cry for parties each day in the game are 80 % those that dont wanna invest either money or time to improve to be able to solo anything----NOTE not talking just about devildom.

            How many cry for parties from CC( which is new fashion ) to Devildom?? So just because some players dont have that intent to get stronger in the game ( no idea then why they even play) so those that invested real money into game and made their gear almost or to the max should now be forced to "carry" those with them in parties and "help" them collect riches from places they cant even scratch a mob?? This is what boothered me and many that choose our freedom in the games to be independant from parties as long as possible because we dont have 24/7 to play plus on the side note we have spend money into the game unlike many that join this game for free ( since its free to play) and think they will have all the same as someone that has spend money to boost their chars and they want it like same day they join!!! CRAZY!!

            P.S. I am beeing realist here and yes i have played other games as well where game mechanics of dungeons are made so players MUST work together because they are not possible at all to do ALONE. So i have been in both worlds and i would still be playing some of those "party" based games if it was not for darn timed dungeons--2-5 times /day or even worse 1/week. No freedom to play rest of the days . GL to us all and ofc we are all free to comment/like and i like your idea that players should group more but there will always be players that exceed in process and will be ahead of others so for some will be not impossible but very very hard to catch up. Hope none understands me wrong in some way and please no bad language or such when commenting back because i didnt use any bad language( double checked). PEACE!!

          • Realize
            Realize commented
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            You got a good point there Steppenwolf

          • JustBrowsing98
            JustBrowsing98 commented
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            Except parties have been pretty much a myth for years except maybe at weekend prime times you might get one after a couple hours of looking, which is why people levelled up and pimped out alts and buff slaves.

            Why would someone quit because they couldn't catch a solo player who probably spent fortunes, spends all day every day playing and also has the luck on rng to max out all equips etc?

            There will always be those better (richer, faster, whatever) than you in every game just as in life, and the sooner snowflakes learn that the better off hey will be.

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          Nerf is not a balance. Only jump to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. they strengthen the character next nerf when + - 90% they play these characters. This way you will not find new players and only lose old .


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            Originally posted by DrRapp View Post
            Nerf is not a balance. Only jump to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. they strengthen the character next nerf when + - 90% they play these characters. This way you will not find new players and only lose old .
            That's exactly what I thought. I never understood why can't the changes be implemented step by step in dialogue with players? In long term you win more players this way.


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              I'm confused why they're keeping Auto Attack as the most viable form of play for melee/ranged.

              I thought with the lowering the CD of skills etc it would encourage less AA/AS builds and play and more with actually using your skills.


              • Realize
                Realize commented
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                Back in the day we had a skill assasin. I miss those days ^^

              • NikkiTikki
                NikkiTikki commented
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                I built a slayer hoping to go with a twilight strike build but it's almost impossible to avoid AS as a Slayer, there's really not way to play it other than AA with a few skills sprinkled in when your AS doesn't screw with you using skills.

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              Hey everyone!

              I have been Slayer/Assasin for over 8 years now and saw the good and bad times of that class.
              Back in the days we got introduced to Class changes every new Epic and it was okay.

              Why was it okay?

              Back in the days we did not have all those different Skills on our Equipment.
              Neither did we have different Devildom sets like the Nusy,Flumi,Inferno or Reviac.
              We could use the Equipment on another class because the skills were not bound to one.

              So the problem here lies in the heavy Equipment specialization.

              All good slayers are using Phase blades which was essential to that class until now.
              It gave us up to 75% P.Penetration wich gave us a huge damage boost. Lowering that would be okay, - But not that hard.

              Phase blades will stay the prefered equipment but it will not be the only equipment that is viable in the Future.

              Ergo-> The previously mentioned heavy equipment specialization is worthless. Years of work Trillion of rupee's and hundreds or even thousands of Dollars are lost because we have to start over and test everything again.

              On top of that the skill got nerfed so hard that the quintessential yushiva belt will be in question too.
              It probably is a better option to use the Endieron set in the future if you ask me.

              Also the class gets removed its absolute basic stats. Evasion is straight up bad now because we can expect it to be 1000-2000 lower.
              Since the pact of darkness doesnt only give us no evasion anymore,but it also doesn't give us HP anymore wich was the third pillar of the slayer.

              So right now im quite shocked what will happen in this update. But what i think of Gala/Webzen right now is even worse:
              After the 9.5 Update it was said that they are currently happy with the damage output that the Slayer has. Nerfs will be unlikely.

              -> You didn't keep your word on that!!!
              I honestly dont trust you on this anymore. This update has more the feeling of a remake of a class rather than a rebalancing.

              Let's get to everything:

              Attackspeed Plateau

              Well done!. That is a change that is actually good - You have touched something that hasnt been touched in years and you have made it better. This probably will be fun to use but also will increase the damage of a lot of classes.

              Slayer Skill changes + Opinion about it:

              Bloody blade - gets heavily reduced - i can live with that since it gave me 2m hp anyways.

              After Image - Best change so far because: there was a tipo in there. its supposed to be 1%!
              1% x atkspd(9.1) times 2 because of 2 weapons are 18.2% chance per second. Buff stays for 5 Seconds -> Permanent on.

              Oblivion - Good

              Blinding dust - i dont understand why it needs to be nerfed when other classes can pull the whole room and blind every single mob.

              Shadowforged Plating - We will be forced to use MP Food now or we will run our of mana. The changes will decrease our damage greatly and because that is not enough we even get more hate from the mobs wich is not wanted if we cant deal enough damage or tank it. On top we have to gather skillcards again and make them +10 because its so fun to do that.

              Phase Blades - just one third of the power of the skill in terms of p.pen% is left and also we get removed more patk/matk which i dont like.
              This is too much and as i previously said it is destroying our Equipment.

              Phantasm - Additional 30% base atk dmg is gone (its 0,1 now...) but we get more accuracy which nobody needs and get less critpower. Also the durations gets halfed to 30sec but the cd doesnt get changed.

              Adrenaline - we get cut half of the critpower we get from the skill ergo -> Less Damage - i can deal with that but in combination with Phantasm being crap now... idk.

              Pact with Darknes - A useless skill AGAIN. Doesn't make any sense anymore. before that it was After image but this time it is that skill. Why can't all skills work on this class?

              React - we loose 5% damage reduction.

              Hellstorm - 2 more seconds cooldown

              Resume: I dont like all the changes. There are a few good ones but basically i would say that some of them are just too much. My Equipment will get worthless from one day to another. I worked so long and hard on my equipment that i don't want to start over again. We will get new skillcards which need to be combined and will cost a ton of money too.
              Also i dont get the changes on the only dagger/sword skills. You're even taking the fun away to play with a crossbow sometimes.(yes that actually happens)

              I can't even imagine the struggle that people will have on low levels or with kinda bad gear. This balance should have been made step by step and not be forced with a crowbar. This took way too long and should have been split everything in even smaller updates so the players can adjust and rethink strategies. For example: You need to have a priest on stick now for those aura's.

              I will test everything for a while when the update is live but if it stays the way it is it probably is going to make me quit because it's too much reduction of everything.

              Good luck with Rappelz. Cya

              One last thing: Abilities to get more hate are straight up bs -> just increase the hate and range of that one skill we already have. and also you cant force the players into guilds etc. there are not enough players.

              Edit: i noticed that the update will kill EVERY dagger slayer and also think that working classes shouldnt be touched. The others would need more attention
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              • Realize
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                Kenshin i never said something about AOE.

              • SweetVengance
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                I also agree, 'tooo much'. For 10 years now, they pick a class or two, take every single pro, and nerf it. What is left is a useless toon (cardinal), good for buffs or holding cards (WH toon). At my job, we take an issue and try 1 or 2 things, and if that doesn't work we go from there. If my car is too powerful, I don't just free-for-all replace the cam, plugs, windshield, radio, radiator, tires, alternator, and 15 other things. Sure i made it less powerful, but at the same time, I turned it into a useless deathtrap pile of junk i wouldn't let my kid play with. Just an opinion from someone who will never ever again be pressured to pay real money for a forced class change.

              • PrinnyOverlord
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                To be fair you did say other classes pulling whole rooms and blinding every single mob when you talked about blinding dust. To debuff every single mob you would need either an aoe or a really low CD blind.

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              Slayer does not equal tank. "But you can get a lot more HP with x" does not make one a tank. Maybe I missed it, or they said Templar when they meant Slayer, but where are the threat toggles? It's ironic that, after all these years, Squonky finally got a job with Gala/Webzen to try to make a class that was never intended to tank into a tank.
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              • HirloRwin
                HirloRwin commented
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                Slayer get a threat toggle in sfp.
                Templar don't need threat toggle since they are getting huge threat modifiers directly in their skills.

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              you guys know way to much about the math in this game. all i hear is people are complaining about not being able to solo S6 DD as well, while they complain there are no parties. maybe the nerf was to encourage parties?


              • SyntheticPuppies
                SyntheticPuppies commented
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                Though I agree with your view that "maybe the nerf was to encourage parties?" I have to say that many of the girls in our guild who play Rappelz on a regular but erratic time frame and with many time zone constraints due to being from many different time zones and who have busy lives with either work or attendance in college or university are forced by necessity to play SOLO many times. Also, it is next to impossible for our guild and 5 allied guilds to organize a dungeon siege for the same reasons. We love Rappelz and currently have 200 members in our guild and have been playing it for many years, but it's truly frustrating when these Epic so-called "re-balancing" make the game harder and harder to get anywhere these days without being forced to spend a bundle of real cash.

                It's tough enough to be able to get by if you are working to pay for rent and food and utilities not to mention Internet these days but as University students with the high cost of tuition and books etc. as well as lodging every dollar counts and nigh impossible to make ends meet as is. This has become a game for independantly wealthy individuals who have no need to work and have too much time on their hands...

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              I'm not an expert with the Slayer and can not comment on the strength of each individual amendment.
              But I like the idea of having to decide whether to tank or deal damage. This will increase the flexibility of the class while at the same time enabling them to still perform individual tasks in a party. No class was ever intended to be tanky as well as dealing one of the highest damage in the game and in that respect both classes, the Slayer and the VM were completely broken.
              Everyone is complaining now, but I guess in the end they will realize that they are still pretty strong... at least moch stronger than other classes.

              There are players that prefer soloing and there should be content for those players, but let's be honest if a class can solo the highest content then this needs to be corrected.