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Returning After Several Years?

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  • Returning After Several Years?

    So, I haven't played Rappelz in prooooobably around 6 or 7 years and I'm thinking of picking the game back up. I just wanted to know which server(s) are most active for a new(heh) player to join and actually have a chance to party up in dungeons and if the game is still as awful for new players as it used to be as far as actually finding parties and being able to level up without having to spend money for a pet to solo with. Also, what would be a good class to start as these days (originally mained a Bishop).

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    it is very easy to level upto R7 by soloing now without a high level pet, not much choice of servers as there is only 2 now *US version*
    VM's are all the rage (Dark Magacian class) as at higher levels they are way to overpowered but hopefully that will wont be the case in next epic


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      Yea like Trev said it's easy to level up now. Every 10 levels you get some free items that also helps in the level up process up to 150. You can also open 2 more clients in case you want to make some buff slaves.

      If you mained bishop I'd say remake it just to see if you still like it. The devs increased the amount of healing the deva mages can do now, but if you want to go full support and get the most heals go down the priest job tree.

      Rappelz is currently going through some class balancing updates with one coming out the 19th of March.