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Can the CS team read?

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  • Can the CS team read?

    Honestly, the title says it all.

    Two friends of mine were given a warning for PKing in dungeons. They would never do that. What happened was they killed the 7 people who had pkon and it seems they reported them.

    Jump to the next day, they send a ticket asking CS to double check their details, because they know they weren't pking. They want to remove the warning from their account.

    ....they get a reply back saying your suspension will not be overturned. They aren't even suspended. The title of the ticket was 'warning memo'. A complete mess.


    Next story. I was helping three people send tickets about their ban. They didn't get an email telling them why and for how long.

    I send them a ticket asking for the details of the ban.
    They receive a reply saying ban will not be over turned. Not what was asked.

    I message nazgul, he says try again (here, he's the second most useless character in this story. CS team is unbeaten.)

    I send a message, which is painstakingly clear in it's request. Honestly it couldn't have been communicate in any simpler way. I used small words and big spaces. I specified three times I wanted the details of the ban, not to overturn the ban.

    They close the ticket and say this request has been answered already. The email was not sent, the request not answered. Three weeks later, they're still banned, they still don't know why.


    It seems like they purely check the subject name and answer from there. Retrain your interns people. Teach them how to customer serve(ce).

    The issue, simplified, is sending automated replies not related to your problem, and closing tickets that are no where near solved.

    (These are just two stories about the tickets, as an example. The point of the thread is not to discuss them, so don't lock it)
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    Seems the best they can do its to auto reply tickets , like we don't deserve to get real answers from humans


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      They can't read.. I filed a ticket to transfer a character from unicorn to undone ( was undine back then) and got a reply saying my character was already on undine. Had to wait another 3 weeks till it got moved after explaining it was not on undine..


      • Hitsuyga
        Hitsuyga commented
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        Big yikes. At least it's not as bad as the guy who was transferred to Betrayal, when his ticket specified Undine.

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      What I can suggest is going to higher level as Sales manager in Webzen or try to call them.....We are costumers and we deserve an answer. GMs are just common workers who follow commands...
      Last edited by (MOD)Tewodros; 13-02-19, 04:48 PM. Reason: Tickets are the way for contact. This isnt a customer service number.


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        I don't know if I'd go for "can they read", I'm more inclined to wonder if they read the tickets, or just close them to look good for the bean counters higher up the chain.


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          Hits, when you say "I specified three times I wanted the details of the ban, not to overturn the ban," I presume you were telling the players you were helping to write this. I wasnt clear when you said "I send them a ticket", if YOU sent the ticket asking about the ban or you sent the players a sample ticket of what to ask. If you were asking, CS wont tell you why, if it was the players they should at least tell them the basis.

          In some cases where a player states "I never got a warning before the ban" it was either due to the nature of the ban OR they actually got the notice but it ended in their spam filter.

          I wish mods could help with issues like this but since it's about another player and the fact that GMs dont want Mods to get involved in things like this we're stuck. I'm sure Nazgul did all he could given his location.

          I would suggest they send a new ticket simply asking how long the ban will last. - leave it at that. They may never know why it happened.
          Need to submit a ticket? Click
          1) Choose the category of your issue.
          2) See if any of the listed articles resolve your issue.
          3) If none of the articles resolve your issue, you can click on the most relevant article to submit a ticket.


          • Hitsuyga
            Hitsuyga commented
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            I wrote the tickets for them, since they didn't speak english. They sent it from their accounts, in my words. CS team absolutely has to tell them the duration for the ban. They refused to do that. But for the sake of the thread, I won't mention more. I won't help them anymore because dealing with the current CS team is no where near worth the good karma lol

            Nazgul will say he has done all he can, but in the past he was far far more helpful. Today he replies with 5 words "Need to send a ticket"

            I too wish Mods can help. Tharja was a billion billion times more helpful than Nazgul on a problem i was personally having. All i got out of him was the 5 words. She responded with preventative techniques and next steps. I'm sure the mods would do a better job than the current CS team too. But you guys have your own jobs .

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          Regarding the PKing, I received a message on Discord last night after I left the office. I will investigate this today and raise it with the CS team if needed.

          Regarding the other people, I know they know much more than they're letting on. But, I'll bite.
          Account terminations are very rare, despite what you think we don't like handing these out without good reason.

          There was a user(s) who was botting on multiple accounts, a user contacted us to point out whenever he reports the same amount pop back up with a different name and the exact same behaviour.
          With further investigation, we found out that this was correct and not only that, they were selling what they farmed for real money. We then terminated these accounts, with a few additional accounts cropping up because of account sharing, giving the benefit of the doubt they were not touched. I know you're familiar with the last two.

          This user(s) was not happy with this, so they resorted to crashing the server and causing mass disconnections on Reviac. Of course, despite our initial investigation being over this forced us to return and dig deeper into our logs to see exactly who was who. Who's been benefiting from this behaviour, who has been logging into these accounts/which accounts they have been logging into. This lead to another wave of terminations none of which will be lifted.

          Discord is not a platform to replace customer support. It's not directly integrated with our systems, we therefore cannot see if a person is who they claim to be. On top of this, it's not fair on the people who follow the correct process.

          There's a lesson to learn here: Don't share your account and don't log into other people's.


          • Nazgul
            Nazgul commented
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            As you said, the first issue has been resolved. This is due to the exceptional circumstances.

            The only bans which have been chased by yourself and others on Discord for the previous month are all related to what you've listed in your initial post.
            You're complaining that CS haven't given them, whoever they may be, an answer. I have provided the answer the users in question seek.

            Yes, I knew. Perhaps you missed part of my post though.
            Discord is not a platform to replace customer support. It's not directly integrated with our systems, we therefore cannot see if a person is who they claim to be. On top of this, it's not fair on the people who follow the correct process.
            Regarding the second issue, if you didn't want their dirty laundry aired on the forums then perhaps you shouldn't use them in an example of a topic bashing CS. Chances are, if the rules are read and abided by it wouldn't have happened.
            Originally posted by (CM)Neightril View Post
            Illegal Trades - Do not buy/sell Rappelz currency, items, or accounts for real cash, or exchange them for those of any other game.
            Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

            Account Sharing - Do not share your account access with anyone. Doing so is at your own risk and can result in a permanent ban.
            Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

            Hacking - Do not try to hack or crash our server(s), obtain user passwords, or use third party programs to obtain advantages in the game.
            Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban

            Accomplices - Aiding a hacker carries the same consequences as hacking itself.
            Macros/bots - Do not use macro/botting programs for any exploitative purpose.
            Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
            The problems of the replies will be dealt with internally. This shouldn't happen and will be discussed when the CS team lead for Rappelz returns so we can take measures.

          • Hitsuyga
            Hitsuyga commented
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            It'll sound redundant at this point, but YIKES.

            Your response to their question is to post what they did on forums, which you ignored on discord because it's not a platform to discuss tickets, but answered on forums, which apparently is. But you also ignored their tickets, which is the platform to discuss their tickets and treated it as if it weren't. And if CS team aren't working, i.e rules aren't being broken, then they wouldn't have had the opportunity to perform such a bad job?

            This isn't CS bashing. They did a poor job and I called them out for it. Simple as that.

            Anyway, we're going around in circles. Thanks for lending an ear to this thread.
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          • WrongHotelRoomBruh
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            Its like he called out the hypocrisy in all of this.....👀

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          I wish Nazgul will answer other comments beside Hitsuyga....There are so many good suggestions from other players that have been ignored.
          A class balance update would be nice to know, but of course nothing will be said as usual


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            I've given up ever asking the team for help. I had a different situation for another matter (was muted by a MOD for no reason) and everything was clearly laid out, instead they prefer to run their own story without ever seeing evidence given to them. Terrible service.