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  • Backpacks...

    The Expert's Bag Backpack needs to be boosted in some way. Compare both of these:

    Expert's Bag

    - Character Bound.
    - Takes 40 days to obtain (20 with HV Pass).
    - Requires 5 Daily quest lines to be done during these days to obtain 20,000 Arena Points (AP).
    - No Max HP /MP.
    - Remaining stats not as powerful or almost equally as powerful as other backpack.
    - Permanent

    Traveling Gear

    - NON character bound, can be placed in Warehouse.
    - Takes around 1 minute to obtain (not joking).
    - No quest lines, currency or HV Pass required.
    - 5K HP/MP.
    - Stats are great for something that takes 1 minute to obtain with no hassle.
    - Timed 28 Days (Not like it matters as you can obtain it as many times as you like).

    The problem isn't that there is no backpack in game with decent stats for players. The problem here is the backpack that takes a lot of effort and time is overall inferior to the one that is simply given away for free permanently to everyone.

    Suggestion: Make obtaining the Expert's Bag Backpack be worth it.

    - Increase stats from 4% to at least 10%.
    - Add at least 5K Max HP/MP (preferably a bit more).
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    Actually you're pretty far off here. Once your stats are high enough the expert bag is greatly better than the Travelling gear, as soon as your stat is around 650 the expert's bag provides more bonus than the traveling gear. Most people at high level, all of their important stats will be well over 650, main stat could be triple or quadruple that amount. +25 flat amount is only better for those who are lower level with lower overall stats.
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    • Kenshin
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      This is a very limited way of thinking about these backpacks. Technically if a stat is over 626 it should give +25 to all stats. Thing is this varies a lot depending on the class we are talking about. For example a class that has Max HP % passives simply get more out of the timed one due to the 5k HP. Same goes for classes that benefit from high Max MP. If you cared to compare in-game the difference of the base stats with both backpacks you'd notice it isn't a great deal of a difference; which is why it makes no sense why one item that is nearly as equal as the other one gets to be achieved so easily, while the other is the exact opposite.

      Let's not forget the 4% is based off your base stats without added stats from buffs, potions etc. and not every class or player has a significantly high amount (way over 626 to be noticeable) on all 6 base stats (str, vit, int, wis, dex, agi); meaning that at best all you are getting are a few extra numbers on 2 stats out of the 6, if we take as example a class that has high str and vit.

      In case you didn't know people seek the timed one more often than permanent one because over all it boosts your stats to a decent amount with no effort and without the need of 20-40 days of questing, but mainly it is due to 5k max hp and mp, which 4% of your base vit or int will never give you.
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    Expert one is better for higher tier geared people.

    Nobody with higher stats uses the freebie one.


    • Kenshin
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      Speak for yourself.

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    Traveling Gear is always better than Expert's Bag on VM.


    • Anto
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      I think you mean to many chromosomes, which I think you might have jordan.

    • Kenshin
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      Exactly, seems there's some people that still don't know Traveling Gear adds HP and MP. But shhh, don't let them know.
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    • JaimeLannister
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      Jordan, do you really want me to humiliate you again?

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    Orrrrrrrrr make travelling backpack harder to get? It shouldn't be wh-able anyway.
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    • Kenshin
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      Or..... -----> topic.

    • Hitsuyga
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      'Topic' makes the assumption that travelling backpack should stay whable. It shouldn't. In the same way the whable LPs you used to get from making a new characters aren't anymore.

      Make them char bound. Problem solved. Now the expert bag is the best bag you can get without CS.

    • Kenshin
      Kenshin commented
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      Topic just focuses on the fact that the permanent backpack takes too much effort and time for the little it offers if compared to the other. This applies even if the other backpack existed or not. Your suggestion doesn't solve any problem. Character bound shouldn't exist in the game, if anything just account bound.

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    Why shouldn’t the expert bag get boosted? Is it cause anyone can get it and it can’t be bought through the cs? 4% is out dated and it should get boosted just like eveyging else in the game. We’re heading for e10 and there is a lot of outdated content needing a revamp.


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      I would like these 2 to see which is better for me. Where do you get the Traveling Gear from?

      I found em!

      lvl 191 bm with average gear, there was a small drop in stats when equipping the travel gear. The only benefit was a 7k jump in HP which i really don't need.
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