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    Is there any way we get items changed from (character bound) to account bound. I don’t know if anyone is like me but I hate having (character bound) items I can’t use on a different character I am playing at that time. I think account bound works just as well. Example the energy’s we got from an event a while back 200 of each energy’s but (character bound) I would like to use them in different characters not just that one.

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    Having character bound items is completely pointless. As Anto said they should all be account bound. It's the same player who farmed for them during an event, therefore they should be able to use them in their own account irregardless of character. Some classes will always be better than others for farming, but people don't necessarily main these leaving them at a disadvantage. Iv'e heard countless stories about event items simply being rendered useless due to this character bound crap. The most recent example: why would I want x30 loot pets bound to 1 character, being unable to use any of them on other characters?


    • Robertthebard
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      Why would you combine all those pigs once you have a loot pet from them on the same character? This isn't something that can be fixed by a game developer. Once all the toons on an account have a loot pet, you can either transfer the pigs to another account, they are tradeable, after all, or just sell them in flea. If the argument is "but the other stuff that you can get", well, you "pay your money and take your chances" on getting that stuff instead of another looter, and if you get another looter, sell it to the NPC.

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    Abuse. Blame the botters who bot TI and then transfer it to their main. That's why. Why should you be able to take items off a lvl 15 and put them on your 170+.


    • Kenshin
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      Event items no longer drop there? And if for some reason they still do, disable it. So simple, same way they did in Ursa.
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