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    Thanks for the lowdown.

    Considering the history of this game. The most likely scenario seems to be that in a 1-2 years it will become a common place cash shop item, and 2-4 years after that perhaps we will get an Enhanced Dark Purse that gives 30% to all stats, and maybe a permanent version as well. After all that's what power creep is for, it's hard to sell items that are worse than old items, but it's pretty easy to sell better ones.

    Or maybe Webzen will just keep throwing monkey wrenches into the Korean's plans. Seems to be working well so far.


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      Keep in mind the purses came from the devs and not Webzen. So this one is all on the devs.

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    I want the bags back in cs too. its hard without becausae i think they are a new item that cam back so i set up my char with this. and now a few player have 10 are more bags in the shop box and the most no one so it splits the community. Bring it back fast !!!!!


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      Why is it, when I read this thread, I keep getting flashbacks to E3-5ish "DPLF HLP"? As I sit in HV going through my day to day, I read a lot of "buffs plz", or similar, some not as polite, posts, which also brings me back to this thread. As far as I can tell, the best thing to do is leave them out of the game.


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        I want the bags to come back to cs cause evidentally i was taking a break from game and didn't have the chance to buy like others. Give everyone a chance to get the bags


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          Refunding $ for bags won't happen for sure that much I can tell you all( even I wouldn't mind at all bag no bag still was able to farm DD s6 before those bags ) .What is should happen is bags should come out again and again but in version let's say 25-35% less op and trust me Webzen would still sale a lot of them means they make $ game would be so much "broken "because bags and players would be happy that someone listen them and find some alternative way for issues that's so many players have since theirs bags expired ( some says they will quit others beg for bags day after day on Discord etc ) I mean it's win win to brings bags back in less OP form even 50% less op would be still cool I'm the end of the day we are customers and without us Rappelz won't bring profit so once in a while would be nice to be heard I guess. Unicorn server BM lv206 Mino