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    Dark purse have been a hot topic for a while. Nazgul is adamant they won't return, and it should be understood that he's the sole reason they wouldn't be.

    personally, I want them back. I only have two left, and once they're gone, I'll take a long break until everyone else's has ran out too. I won't play with such a massive nerf to my stats. I can play without it, sure, but I can't dp without them, as despite my good gears I'd be downgraded from the tank/dd to a leech..

    Do you want the bags to return? Vote below! And if your answer is no, can you mention how many of them you have left?
    I want the bags to return, at least one more time
    I don't want the bags to return at all
    I want bags to be removed with full refunds offered to those who have bags.

    The poll is expired.

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    I think the bags were great idea however I had no chance to put my hands on them as I came back to the game like a month ago. So having them back at least one more time is a great idea for us players and webzen easy money


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      if they return it should be avalible in cash shop ALL THE TIME just like hv pass... not all can buy 1 year supply of them, and as unbalance item should be allwayz in cs.. if it will be back..


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        I don't have any more and playing without is a pain. Bring them back to cs.


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          I miss an option: delete all bags and give a refund to all who have the bags


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            Guys.. lol.. this isn't a webzen run poll.. You didn't have to spam votes with slaves 🤦*♀️

            Also, I agree with book. That is an acceptable alternative for me and I'll add it to the poll if anyone else agrees.
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              I'd only want the bags returned into CS if they were changed from CP % to just +20 CP. The % on top of the insane numbers in today's rappelz is what breaks the bags. It spoils us and I think that's why a lot wont play without it.

              Content is too easy with them and in order for them to come back, they need a fix. If not, I could go with either the 2nd or 3rd option.

              I'll reserve my vote until Emperor Nazgul comments.


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                I would rather they refund bags over adding them back into the game as is, or have them adjust stage 4-6 around bags. Bags currently make the game far too easy.

                Few options that would be fair:
                1. Refund players that still have bags and give them some form on compensation. (highly doubt this will happen)
                2. balance stage 4/5/6 around bag, should be possible
                3. nerf bag to 5% stats , 5%p-ignore and m-ignore, increase aoe range for pet classes and +20 CP not 20% of total CP and compensate those who have current bags with hv/comsumables or something as it's not the item they originally purchased and keep them in CS 24/7

                I now change my vote to option 3, if balancing content around bag isn't a viable option, I would be all for refunding my $ completely, to "help" keep the games integrity, bag doesn't help.


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                  bruh, I'm not book, at least not BBook


                  • Hitsuyga
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                    He reposted, I was responding to his original post

                  • ExcessiveEnergy
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                    he deleted and then reposted then, cuz none of the comments above mine say such things

                  • BlackBook
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                    ye, i deleted my original and reposted, soz

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                  I want the bags to return (because they have been introduced to the game despite being ridiculously OP) but in an adjusted form, and if they do so, for the adjustments to be applied to all existing bags. With compensation issued to those who bought the bags before they were changed.

                  Which would no doubt upset everyone, because those who want the bags back would be upset that they are nerfed and those who already have bags would be upset because the bags they purchased were nerfed and so they no longer have what they bought! Wonderful.


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                    I can't vote on this, because frankly I didn't know the item existed. So what is this purse all about?


                    • Hitsuyga
                      Hitsuyga commented
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                      19.8% to all basic stats, crit pow (not a flat bonus), p/M pierce
                      13.2% patk matk increase
                      Stacks 66 times in total to give that^.

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                    If they return they need the Crit power nerfed to not being % to the players over all Crit power. As is they are over powered and game breaking.


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                      My take away from this is that there are two main groups:

                      Do something (5 votes + 26 votes + Books vote)

                      Do nothing (22 votes - 5 obvious slave votes - Books vote)

                      Do something want either (1) the bags to be returned in their current form, making a clear majority between all options, or to modify the bags (from above comments), or to refund the bags. I believe everyone from (1) agrees with the other two of these three so I lumped them together. I personally do, as my main concern here is that I'll be weaker relative to everyone else, and my understanding is that the rest agree.

                      The do nothing is the clear minority here, about 16 votes.

                      The main thing GMs should take away from this vote?

                      Do something with the bags. Return, modify or refund them.

                      Otherwise, they risk losing players in the short term (taking breaks till everyone else's has run out, and turning away returning players), or they can compromise with us and

                      Do something
                      I'm closing the poll for now. Thanks for voting all.
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                        In all fairness - the bags were offered and bought knowing they had the %'s they offered. Players spent RL money to buy them with those specifics, to simply change them AFTER they were bought may do more damage to the players than re-introducing them at a set CP.
                        There are limited options 1) a full refund of $ spent would be the first logical choice (I too doubt that will happen); 2) leave them alone for those who bought them and let them time out as they normally would; 3) re-introduce them for others at lower CP set #; or 4) do absolutely nothing, fuss at the devs for creating this issue and let them time out never to be re-introduced in the game.

                        But to change what players bought in good faith after the fact sets a bad precedent. What can stop Webzen from deciding after you got the 100 Def/strikes cubes from changing their mind and saying we decided since only a few players got the 100 we will reduce it to 50? It's a HUGE trust issue that would due permanent damage to the trust in the company. And not a decision that can be taken lightly.

                        I'm sure Nazgul is taking all of this in consideration before he makes any decision or maybe he will decide to leave it alone and say the bags wont return in their current state but since players bought them in good faith we will honor our commitment to the players but no new bags like these.
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                        • Hitsuyga
                          Hitsuyga commented
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                 it setting a precedent? Consider the following:

                          1-Bunny cloaks
                          2-Nerfing any class in general
                          3-The GPS lucky box problem a few epics ago (where exactly what you described with cubes happened)
                          4-Changing rates of success, drop rates
                          5-Exp % change a few epics back (granted this was reversed though)

                          They all required some good faith from WZ (Or gpot in some cases). In all cases WZ went back on its word or changed the parameters later on. This is in no way *new* or *unique*. And in some cases similarly to the bags, the players did benefit from the item pre-change. Nothing new here.

                          And I'm certain in the spirit of compromise, they will choose something along the lines of modification. That seems most likely, especially given their history.

                        • (MOD)Hawk4hire
                          (MOD)Hawk4hire commented
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                          True Hits - true - AFAIR - Bunny cloaks were awarded in game, as in we didnt buy them from Cash Shop. Nerfing, also - in game. GPS luck box problem was Gpot.
                          I've not seen any proof or admission of changing rates of success, I suspect it but I've not seen an official position.

                          My point, and I think you agree, that to start taking something away from players who legit paid RL money for it is a bigger issue than a simple "we're sorry". It could have legal ramifications which is why a decision like this is I'm sure not being taken lightly. IF they change the purse and NOT fully refund the money players spent, it could have possible legal issues.

                          One of the better solutions would be to leave cloaks as is or change them and refund the wcoins to all who spent on them but allow the players to keep the changed purses. But changing them wholesale without addressing the money issue could cause players to doubt the validity and safety of the cash shop. I honestly think Wbz will do the right thing for the community as a whole.

                      • #15
                        Thanks for the lowdown.

                        Considering the history of this game. The most likely scenario seems to be that in a 1-2 years it will become a common place cash shop item, and 2-4 years after that perhaps we will get an Enhanced Dark Purse that gives 30% to all stats, and maybe a permanent version as well. After all that's what power creep is for, it's hard to sell items that are worse than old items, but it's pretty easy to sell better ones.

                        Or maybe Webzen will just keep throwing monkey wrenches into the Korean's plans. Seems to be working well so far.


                        • (MOD)Hawk4hire
                          (MOD)Hawk4hire commented
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                          Keep in mind the purses came from the devs and not Webzen. So this one is all on the devs.