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Rappelz still alive or dead?

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  • Rappelz still alive or dead?

    hi guys i played rappelz 7 years ago, beautiful game.
    i wanna back but i think is a dead game, isn't it?
    if yes, someone know a good mmorpg same of rappelz? thank!

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    It's not dead. Not yet at least In my opinion there's around 300-500 active players on eden and something like 5-10k on serafin.


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      Rappelz is not dead yet, though it is losing followers! The newly created Reviac PVP server seems to be always bursting at the seems with people, and the less popular Unicorn PVE server I belong to is always at least 1/4 full according to the population bar at sign in.The guild I belong to has no less than 200 members at the moment and we have 4 allied guids as well. I have been playing Rappelz since 2002 but had to stop for awhile due to my University studies and super heavy workload as well as having to work part-time to pay for tuition and books, but, I'm glad to see that it's still very much here.

      Yes, there are a lot of graphic intensive games online I could be playing, but, I do not have the funds to be spending a fortune on a newer and faster computer and more powerful Video Card to play them, so; although Rappelz is simplistic in it's graphics by today's standard I still like it best over more complex games with difficult user interfaces. I hope it will still be around for quite a while yet as I have always been a loyal fan.
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        It's very quiet. US servers might say they are 'full' at peak times but that's probably less than 500 total log ins, 70% of which are buff slaves or stands.

        Getting any sort of party going outside of the weekend peaks might prove difficult, so make sure you have access to full buffs, and of course a few hundred billions to max out a guild buff unless you join one with it.

        Still there are people around as every now and then someone in the top 200 levels up, so come back and enjoy it again.

        But to start a new toon, you get a lot of level up stuff which will help you to 150 in no time.
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