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  • just an idea

    it would be interesting to have a pets session in the class balance category

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    It has been mentioned many times that it is a thing they plan on doing. First goes all classes, 2-3 waves, then pets ,then pvp.


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    so maybe after the servers are all empty they'll implement it lol.. cmon guys those devs in south korea need to pick up the pace. i know of other people who implement 10x more content in way less time.
    The current system for creating alts makes it extemely difficult.. i have +24 boots if i want to put on an alt... then the skill dark strike wont help other classes... a scroll to change the skill or maybe even have a skill/another skill i'd pay real money for... i cash shop tons.. but right now i want to make a nice beastmaster too but its impossible really to find a nice set.. then re-pimp it? way too expensive... the class balances so far i'd say are pretty good. i definitely love my overlord and i'm the only player using one over level 200