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  • HELP Guide Slayer

    Hello..i need guide slayer class

    Excuse me for being so direct... I will change slayer and I want to have these questions before I change to know what awaits me hehehe
    1.-How the TP points are distributed? (i have all TP)
    2.-What Belt use?
    3.- What pet belt use? (PvP and PvE)
    4.- Which weapon is better a dagger or a sword?
    5.-How long the invisible mode lasts?
    6.-Is it better to have a pet healer or what do they say?
    7.-What stones do you need in gears other than critical power?
    8.-which skill are the most used and best to put them to +6 or +7?
    9.-It is mandatory to use Phase Blade?
    10.-Which of the stats do I have to upload more? P.atk. Acc. Speed ​​of Atk.Vit. which other can you tell me to be important?

    If you have more information to tell me about the killer, I would be very grateful if you told me

    thanks in advance for Help me

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      thank you

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    In my opinion, you should consider to wait some time before you change to slayer. There's a class rebalance coming soon, so you could spend money on the slayer, and get nerf in the face right after. :P

    Slayer is one of the strongest classes in the game, so it's pretty sure, he will get a major nerf, but noone knows how bad will it be.
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    • Zeeref1823
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      It's very important what you told me ... I did not know that a nerf would come...I would like you to have more information about when it will be or what you can say more thanks, now wait patiently hahahaha thanks