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    I haven't played this game in about 8 years, I was wondering if this game is worth returning to (I was on Salamander Server if that's relevant)? I haven't logged in yet (currently downloading the game) but I've noticed the levels on the leaderboard went crazy. Back in my day people were getting congratulated on all chat for reaching rank 7... Has leveling up become considerably easier? My character was low 150s Chaos Magician and I'm wondering if it will be in my best interest to just start a new level 1 character and build my way back up to rank 7 or if I should just be the worst R7 CM on the server and be a complete noob for a while before things start making sense again. Any advice on how to quickly get back into the game? e.g. what to focus on (gear wise, pets wise, skill tree wise, market wise etc) I assume the market is still broken, when I left the insane inflation was partly why I left. Stamina Savers went from 200k to amost 2 mil in a few weeks.

    I played a lot of League of Legends and some shooters but I've lost interest in them over time so I decided to come back to this game. Is it worth returning to or should I find another game?

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    Start a new character, cm, or rather void mage is the best class in the game atm (balance update coming soon though), so you can do that again, but you'd miss out on a lot of consumables if you'd continue with your old cm (PROJECT 150 (rewards for leveling up, list below)) and you don't have to worry about your level, 150+ can easily be done in a few hours.
    The Project 150 rewards are as below:

    Relics of Arid Moonlight (20-50)
    Hidden Crystal Valley (70-105)
    Level 105 -> Red Farm Quest -> Witch Quest -> Sanctuary Quest -> Lv. 138 Witch Quest -> Masterclass Quest
    Underground Quests -> Level 159 -> somehow getting 160 -> ROA Quest -> ROA -> Level. 175 -> Devildom till the end of your life.
    If you play cm or rather vm again:
    This guide is almost one year old so some things are missing or outdated (will be updated once the vm balance update happened).
    Since you can't make money by farming DD you have two options, cashing or crafting gear food (+20 crap eq.).


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      Thank you so much for that in depth response! I logged in now and all my characters were wiped clean but my warehouse has 200mil. Do you recommend I get myself a pet to help myself solo the lower dungeons? If so which pet? I care more about efficiency than flashiness (I'd rather have a tier 1 pet than a tier 6 if it means it'll be stronger, since I know equipment is essential).

      Or maybe use the money to pay for help with the quests?

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        No pet needed till ROA, having a high pet would just slow you down tbh, since you'd get less xp/mob.
        Just make sure you use all the consumables, get yourself buffed in the hv and equip the backpack, the cloak and the wings.

        Once you hit Level 20 you'll also get deva's blessings.
        You can use these Items pretty mindlessly since you get so many, growth potions should always be running (under Level 150!), since you get many level restricted growth potions, that you can't use afterwards anyways.
        You can also try to get buffs, that'd help a lot and I'm sure that there're people who'd help with quests for free if you need help.
        You can refresh your buffs with a scroll purchasable in the hv for 25m an hour (infinitely often)



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          How do I get the cloak, backpack and wings?

          Will I be able to solo dungeons with just the HV buffs?


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            Every new character gets these items on first log-in.
            HV Buff combined with the free stuff you get and I just mentioned should work, yes.