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Cant open multiple account

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  • Cant open multiple account

    Why i cant open x2 accounts on my new PC, it have something to be with Win 10 or what ?
    i was able to open multiple account on my old pc now on this one i just cant the second account get frezze at launcher start buton and never open

    The pc is a Ryzen 7 1700 / GTX 1080 TI 32GB ram... so it cant be a hardware problem... any one have the same problem ?
    i copy the game from my old pc to this new one may dat be the problem ?

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    Using Avast? if so - Deactivate it for 10 min - Start all your Clients - Done.
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    • TheBlackWolf
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      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL u right it work !! thanks mate it work !! it was the fkng avast !

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    you are welcome dude
    -> Check me out on Youtube