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What is the Best Corruptor/Voidmage or Slayer

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  • What is the Best Corruptor/Voidmage or Slayer

    Im corruptor lvl 178 but I have not played for 1 year or more. and I would like to know if they have done some nerf to some of those classes...I am a unicorn but I want to move to the new server reviac and to go before I would like to know which class is the best EYE: I would like a class that is good in pvp what the corruptor does many stun, same as the voidmage 2 class are stronger but i need see your comments, slayer is nice because he can disapear for long time and good to kill (Mode) SUPRISE B#$" hahahaha

    pls give me tips... see you later

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    Ofc corr will be the top 1 in pvp he can resist stuns get huge mress which is stupid and I think it needs reworking or nerf vm stand very very low chance vs corr. I can’t tell you much about Slayer as I never played this class