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    I've recently started playing again (been active for about a month) after leaving in e5 and coming back sporadically throughout. I've never had a master class until today (just changed to Slayer) and now I'm clueless about what to do. I can't really find a guide on the forums or elsewhere on the web, so any help would really be appreciated regarding what the dungeons are/armors/quests.

    It seems like the armor stuff has gotten really complex especially. I've gathered there are things like UG or PW armor, and maybe also different sets, but have no idea what's out there or what is better than what. Also heard that there are taming gears available now, and armors that have extra slots? I realize that there is probably a ton of complexity here - if anyone can link me to a guide, that would be really appreciated!

    The other thing seems to be dungeons. I've heard about circus or rota and some other things, but don't know what they are, how to get to them, if there are any requirements...basically nothing other than they exist. Also couldn't find any guides on the forums (maybe I'm just a bad searcher here).

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Regarding 160+ armour (only pw is relevant now)

    Regarding awakening those armours

    Regarding 160, 170 weapons

    Regarding slayer

    The questing guide has the remaining info you need. Read it in detail. But it has a mistake, ROA is open for 160+ now, not 170+.

    Searching on YouTube the phrases 'rappelz [dungeon]' shows you more info on these dungeons.
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      As for the dungeons, let me break it down:

      At 150+ there are the old dungeons on Veiled Island such as TOA (Temple Of the Ancients), TOLS, TOE. These may be a good place to get some starting gears to use untill you hit 160. Once you get stronger, you can do the hidden versions of these.

      There is also "The Labyrinth" aka the CUBE dungeon. This is where you can get the Rudra belt/ring/earring that give +3 to taming.

      Also at 150+ you can enter the UG (UnderGround) dungeons of ml1, lm1, cv1, pp1. the normal teleporter should give you a quest to enter there. The gears you can get here are not worth bothering with, the later PW (Parralel World) are much, much better.
      However, doing the time attack quests of these dungeons is a fast way from 150 to 159. They can be entered via a NPC at moonlight 1, lm1, cv1, pp1.

      Then there is also the Circus (CC) dungeon.


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        Thanks everyone for the helpful advice and links!

        Just two clarifications:
        - I see some mention of wanting to increase P. acc for slayer, especially with PvP. For someone who is mostly PvE, is P. acc really necessary? I don't have any problem hitting things that are even 20 levels above me. Is P. acc just for hitting things, or does it also increase the amount of damage you do with each hit (for example, if my normal max hit is 5000, there will be a spread of hits around 4000-5000...will higher P. acc let me hit closer to 5000 more frequently)?
        - I assume you get PW armor from the PW dungeon, UG gear from UG dungeons? If I am strapped on cash, is it fine to stick with my current R6 gear and just use it until I can get the PW gear?

        Thank you so much!


        • JaimeLannister
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          (M.) Accuracy increases the damage per hit.

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        P.acc/M.acc is useful.. to an extent. That depends on the dungeons, and what your level is.

        If you're purely PVE, you can get away with no p.acc on your gear and just nightmares (p.acc) on your belt.

        You won't be able to do much with just r6 stuff. You can probably kill in TOA/TOL/TOE. You can farm essence there and sell the armour/weapons you get for 3-4m each. I'll link a guide for making money below.

        As a start, find 3s PW gear with any stat. Then when you have money, look for 3S PW gear with good stats. Then when you're richer, look for 3s PW gear with a skill that compliments your class. (Phase blades is best for slayer). The first step costs less than 500m for a full set.

        And there's a lot of videos on YouTube about making money too.
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          Thanks so much for the help! Those money making guides are especially fantastic.

          Unrelated question regarding TPs...I see guides that write it as 2/2/1 or something like that. Are those just what you should level up the top row of skills to?


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            221 means that you put two TP in the left tree, two in middle tree and one in the right tree.


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              Ah great, thanks. Is there a reason why no one recommends putting TP towards the skills in the second row?


              • JaimeLannister
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                It obviously varies from class to class, for slayer you should either go 2:2:3(offensive.) or 3:3:1(defensive)