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    So a lot of people are wondering if they will actually never bring these bags (as they are now) to cash shop anymore. This brings a problem, because some people stocked a lot on them, but some only bought a few, and some didn't buy any. This is unfair, because we never knew that they wont be brought back to cash shop. I agree the bags are OP, but since they were introduced in cash shop, they should not be removed completely anymore. We were not warned that these bags would not be available anymore and that it was just a 1 time sale until the sale was over. So perhaps webzen can bring the bags at least 1 more time (as the stats they are now). That way people can stock up on them if need be.

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    Well bags come out then quickly have been noticed bags are OP af so I believe bangs should never come out again ,problem solved and whoever bought few more bags then well lucky him/her that's it .


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      When they were introduced the sale was until a set date.
      There hasn't been any mention, that I can locate, as to if and when they will return.

      In the days of old, special items, like Scroll of rebirth, were only sold at certain times of the year (July and Christmas) and not any other times. As the game grew the need for those items caused CS to sell them more often. Granted, these bags may appear to be OP but at the same time, they were tested and it was understood about their abilities.

      It is likely that due to popular demand, the bags may return, if enough players state their desire to have them.
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        so what do that bags, i actually have some, but i never used them


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          This item is timed though and are account bound. I had no idea they existed but it feels similar to hv or what it used to be. It's a boost but is a controlled boost that goes away. Not sure how much they cost but I see no issue with it.