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  • VM Nerf???

    Hey guys,

    During last 2/3 days I have heard some players saying that VM will be nerfed but I haven't find anything published, and ofc nothing coming from the GM's.

    I will be like Trump saying that this is "Fake News" but how true is that information? Do we have an estimate when this will happen if it is true?


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    VMs M.attack will be nerfed by a specific %. Not to sure what they are going to do in regards to sadism.


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      This is incorrect.

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      notice how he doesn't correct u but only said ( this is incorrect) I mean whats the point then?

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    VMs will keep sadism and time lapse but lose their self buffs. That's what I heard.
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      Nothing about VM changes are true until release. It's all hearsay until then.

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    Originally posted by Nazgul View Post
    Void Mage
    Whilst we have spoken out about this class before, it's not actually quite so easy to put the class where it needs to be in our vision. This class should be the highest-damaging class in the game, but it should also be one that can't tank, at all.
    We have already made changes to Sadism, and at the time a lot people spoke out how it was a bad move. But as time has progressed, we've realised it was a good move. The recent adjustments to Evasive Resilience have already brought down the health significantly.
    What caused this class to have so much opposition is the fact it could run into Stage 3 Devildom, collect all monsters, AoE them and move on to the next room. The universal armors were what made this so easy, and taking these away makes things much harder. The universal armors allow any class to run into the middle of a room and take all the hits. Stages 4+ in the second part have prevented this from happening so easily.
    Its spike buffs for damage have become sustainable due to Distorted Space gears and final awakening of the helmet. If we were to swap these back to spike buffs, the damaging capabilities would crash and the class would become obsolete. We are looking into other alternatives, such as adjusting the rate at which Time Lapse procs.
    In summary, changes for this class will not be drastic. Instead, there will be very few at a time.


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      Compiling key things I've read about it:

      -VM class will take the longest most likely to be completely balanced.
      -The class was never meant to be able to tank AT ALL. Spoiler alert: That role was meant for the tank classes.
      -VM will be the highest damage class in game once balance is done. (It already is, it will just keep that role).
      -Sadism will most likely get changed into something else or get nerfed even more. Yes, it is only fair and logical.
      -It was mentioned the class is supposed to be the squishy mage who can't tank and does the most damage, so to achieve this I expect either more/stronger threat removal passive/toggle, and/or HP nerf in some way.
      -AoE skills won't be spammable except 2 that are the only ones that were meant to have a low cool down. Vengeful Spirit from Corruptor and Chain Lightning from Void Mage. So maybe expect longer cool downs in certain skills or in general in some way.
      -The aim is to re balance classes in a way the game feels more group oriented. Roles are more defined and are needed in parties.

      What I listed above was said by GM's or QAMOD's in some way or another. Never take anything for certain tho, everything can change. Just take it as a general idea.

      So bottom line:

      If you liked the VM class because you could breeze through any content of the game without any effort, tanking everything, doing the most damage and not needing heals, consider your preferred play style and pick a class that fits it. If you prefer to tank, go Templar, Mercenary, Berserker. If you like to do the most damage and not tanking at all, stick to VM.


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        The tanking issue isnt VM specific. Tanking issues stem from universal armor, which is no guarantee to fix. This means any class with this armor can tank as well as having the obsurd amounts of damage reduction available. Unless you see a full revamp to buffs, accessories, and universal armor. Any class can tank to a point.

        Now with sadism involved it does remove the requirements of using a healer, which I do think is an issue. But even with a pet healer, most classes can out heal minimum damage from mobs.

        We do have a goal in mind to help the tanking discrepancy with classes though.

      • Kenshin
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        It might not be VM specific, but VM is the class that excels at it greatly in comparison to others (along side Slayer). The main problem linked to this is also the damage output (best). For example, you wont see a Marksman tanking whole rooms and emptying them in seconds at higher stages without any healing assistance; at least not as fast or nowhere near it.

        Yes the new armor sets do play a huge role in the tanking, but so does HP. As long as Deva race has the highest HP, Gaia has second best and Asura the lowest ( and the in between jobs from most hp to least: Warrior, Hunter, Summoner, Mage), then the rebalance is going in the right direction. Even the original low lvl armors show an indicator of who should be tankiest physically, vs magically due to the defenses on them. An easy way to see it is:

        Overall HP

        Deva: 3
        Gaia: 2
        Asura: 1

        Overall Damage

        Deva: 1
        Gaia: 2
        Asura: 3

        Overall Defenses: Physical/Magical

        P-4 / M-1

        P-3 / M-2

        P-2 / M-3

        P-1 / M-4

        Even if the armors present a challenge for the rebalance, everything should be able to be fixed playing around with threat/anti-threat passives/toggles, changing HP, adding passives that maybe affect certain stats depending on gear being used and on which class. A suggestion that most likely won't be the best but gets the idea across.

        Adjust the HP as mentioned above. Then adjust the Armor passive every class has individually so that it reflects the defenses explained above. For example, decreasing the physical defense bonus it gains from armor greatly on mage classes, and take this even further individually, VM losing the most. Another example: Increasing the physical def. bonus gained from armors to warrior classes, Templar getting the most.

        And yes it might sound crazy but if needed to achieve balance, depending on each class, this passive could even lower the bonus gained from armors as such: (numbers are random, just as example)

        Physical defense gained: -5%
        Magical defense gained: +30%

        This way, no matter which armor set is being used, the defenses of each class will reflect their role since the increase or decrease is % based.
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      • (MOD)Tewodros
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        I understand the "clearing rooms faster" argument with tanking. Tanking is about the damage it can take. If you disregard damage done by a class and sadism on VM, a MM with equivalent gear will also take minimum damage. It's quite obvious that MM needs a damage boost and VM needs some rework. But, as my post above mentioned, tanking is broken due to buffs, universal armor, and accessories with reduce damage %. Tanking doesn't break damage. It just makes the combination of it all really OP. Give all the classes insane AOE damage and they will also be exactly like a VM. The only difference between VM and every other class is damage. Not tanking. Every class has this now after DD.

        But as I mentioned, we do have a plan in mind to hopefull combat this. Thanks for the suggestions.

        Also it's pointless to compare unbalanced classes. QA realizes that all classes have some string of issues to a point. Since none of the mentioned classes have been balanced... well you will just have to wait to see. 😁

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      Looking forward to get a Templar boost!!


      • Viktor
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        I'll be back in the game if a TEMPLAR boost is done.

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      Looking not to get a Marksman boost like in the past 5 years!! #forgottenclass


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        MM will be balanced in the coming months, every class will be adjusted so MM isn't a forgotten class ^^