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  • Returning player

    Hi guys,

    So after having a bit of a break from the game, part of me wants to return and give it another go. From what I have seen, the servers are quite dead like when i stopped playing. It would take days, weeks to buy and sell and parties were almost non-existent. Is it worth returning and putting my money back into the game?


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    Until all classes and pets are overhauled the servers will be a bit dead.

    I expect an influx of people when those things are finished and maybe a new epic is announced.


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      Wether it's worth it or not is up to you.

      I can tell you that the servers are more active then it seems. Manny people are in instanced dungeons (DD, CC, PW, etc) and most solo for the drops as gears are more important then level once you hit 175+.
      Also, with the free HV passes you get on making a new character, the refresh scrolls you can buy to refresh buffs it's really easy to level to 105 solo. After that, quests can take you to 159. If you play on Reviac, you can pm me (lamalas) for free full buffs. The dp's only start at 160+ but mostly on 180+ these days.


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        I’m a 175 Slayer and I just got sick of soloing. Rota was boring and DD drops are terrible. It was just pure boring. I was hoping they would do something to increase population and enjoyment in the game