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  • Belts

    I currently have 3 yushiva belts, and i love the bonuses it gives me in S6 DD. However, changing between belts is a HASSLE. As a VM i change for self buffs (fine, this is on me), belt, belt pets, boss cards... I end up clicking like 30 things every 2 mins.

    Solution? Simply,
    1) Equipping a different belt should no longer remove all belt pets/boss cards
    2)Put belt pets back into the "all" section, so you at least don't need to switch tabs

    Either is fine with me. But it's exhausting playing like this ;(.
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      I would really love to have some hotkey for that, as we have today for weapons.

      If I may dream it would be even better if such hotkey could switch the whole set: belt, gloves, armor, boots, helm (let's say you want to change to buff gear, then switch back to dd gear).

      If I may further dream, it would be great to have like 5~10 possible sets and being able to repeat some gear in more then one set would make it perfect. Then this switch could also include bags, deco, wings, jewels, cloak, emblem, etc... ...sigh.


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        What if swapping (or chosing not to chose wich one you want to use all the time) is part of the game?
        See this clip from 9 years ago:


        • Hitsuyga
          Hitsuyga commented
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          I'd wager if we look back to how the game used to be when considering any new update, someone would point out the game wasn't intended to be played like that.
          If it isn't meant to be played like that, then why introduce 9 new belts, and a dungeon where you could benefit from 7 of them?

          I don't think they are against it per se. Just that the mechanics are, as usual, behind the pace of the game. It's our job unfortunately to point it out.

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        agree with hits. But best can be to have 3 hotkeys and 3 diffrend builds (belt/belt pets/ earing/necklace/rings/weps) all change when pressed hotkey.

        But i think we will never see this


        • Hitsuyga
          Hitsuyga commented
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          You and Lokasso are just showing me my ideas are not creative enough xD I hadn't even thought of earrings and necklaces.
          +1 to this idea.

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        Agree with that and mayve 1 click for change accessories (Necklase + earrings) .-.