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  • Increase the stage rate

    I loss 6b to try goes my pet to s3.

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    only 6b? I failed 14 times s4 to s5 :P


    • Emanuel
      Emanuel commented
      Editing a comment
      but in my case is s2 to s3 D: ;-;

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    In case you didn't know, you can increase the succes rate by:

    Leveling the main pet to 150
    Using Advances soul catalysts (item shop or event)
    Having a Joker summoned whilst you do the enhancement
    Using a Joker in the enhancment but then it will be consumed, this is normally only done for s5.


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      Hi guys.
      I have already posted about losing money staging unique pets before.
      Takes time and lots of luck and effort leveling and staging them.

      would love webzen\gala net to give us a pet protection scroll\card that works like card enhancing formula
      Failing card doesn't destroy 2nd card just reduces the +.
      The same formula could be used on staying unique pets.

      Fail staging 2 x s2 uniques, failure gives back 1x s2, 1 x s1.
      Fail staging 2 x s3 uniques, failure gives back 1 x s3, 1 x s2, ect
      Same thing that happens with enhancing cards.

      As for staging s2 s3 i level them both higher between 160\170 have 2 jokers summoned and still get failures so some kind of protection would be very welcome 😁




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        As for the pet level, back when staging pets was introduced to the game, the maximum level for pets was 150.
        I wouldn't be suprised if there is some kind of overflow happening if you go past 150. Kind of like lvl170 maint pet being equal to a lvl 20.

        I always level both pets to 149 and I'v had a very good staging rate. (Also doing the other stuff mentioned before like advanced soul catalysts)


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          ROFL I nuked my first s5 unique 4 years ago an lost over 200billion. It is just fine the way it is. An now being able to lvl pets to 155 in roughly 3-4 minutes. I'd say it's just fine the way it is.