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  • Character customization for new characters!

    I completely adore the latest changes made to the game whereupon a new player character can now be customized in ways that were only available in the past through the purchase of CS items like Hair Dyes and Hairstyles etc. And the in-game customizing is also available to existing players through the cosmetic NPC in the Hidden Village too. However, these customizations are only available to players for 500,000,000 Rupees each. This is tantamount to the greed of the players in the Flea Market and Auction House for selling items that were once available at far more reasonable prices.

    I mean seriously, why such an exorbitant sum? I would recommend this be modified to a more reasonable sum of Rupees, like 5,000 or even 50,000 Rupees each. I would love to have gotten customizing items for my existing player characters, however, found it sad but much simpler (and drastically cheaper) to strip all gears from them and start a new character from scratch and level them up again... Please reduce the cost of of cosmetic customization of items and do not force players like me to delete existing excellent player characters and start from scratch again.

    There should also be some sort of limit to item prices set by players in the FM and AH to allow new players the ability to purchase them at a reasonable amount.
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    i agree with that to expensive for a hair change or color :/ that's a hv store supposed to have good deals for player


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      I recall such customization items were sold by players for 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 tops. This price was set by players that paid real $$ for them in the CS, so I don't see from where this double-up in price came from. Specially considering it's in HV. I would expect the 500 mil price if the NPC was in the regular town, but the NPC wasn't added anyways..

      Considering the devs won't allow us to trans-charm decorative gear as the players have requested for ages, even tho it could be easily enabled and they would get $ out of it; these other features like hair color, skin color and hair style should be free so that everyone in the game doesn't look the same.

      -Luminous Wings is the only way to go (and they look bad)
      -Characters lvl so fast that we never get to see enough of the old armors (that actually look better than new ones)
      -StormGuard x4 armor sets got removed from the game, because why not. (perfect.sense)
      -The arena deco is the only way to go, theres only 3 styles and lets be honest, 98% of players prefer 1 (darkcaster)
      -PW armor set have the same color scheme ( but don't worry you can cover it with your darkcaster deco-- oh wait)
      -175+ armor sets look exactly the same because it is universal. ( just cover it with your halloween deco, and look like a mutated cow, penguin, cat, monkey thing all year)
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        I don't know why the Devs struggle with realizing deco is big money.
        Before arena deco, people would pay good money for the normal deco.
        Can't use the old armors as deco which is just dumb.
        No idea why the devs hate customization to the extent that they do.


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          ive played other games where you can equip any armor type item into the costume slot and BAM! instant costume. so as a mage your costume could be warrior armor