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  • Holiday In-game event

    Can we have something similar to Halloween event where 'any' monsters drop halloween items that can be traded for some cash-shop items and goodies? The last few events were a bust for low levels. Turkey event = got 0 turkey. Boss event = found several but too high level, got some high levels to help kill = nothing dropped I thought it was supposed to be 100% drop rate for random cash shop items for boss events. Unless the high level cheated and kept the items? lol.

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    The Halloween event was the first to be a more inclusive event in a long time and my guild mates and I enjoyed it thoroughly. For the first time since Webzen took over from GPotato this event was geared at all level players not just the high level regulars on our server. We need more vents like these, the Turkey drop and Bosss event was a bust, especially the Boss event, never found a boss low enough for any of our players to kill.


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      I enjoyed the holiday event, even got on the winning team. I'm not even complaining about the cash shop items drops that only lasts like 2-7 days -- i'm still happy about few lucky potions I've gotten. But then here comes the present at the end. Although amazing, its for level 160 with 2 days duration. Even if I play 24 hours a day -- i doubt Ill get to enjoy this amazing present before it disappears from my bag. lol.

      I played before when it was gPotato and I remember getting cool 'permanent' and tradeable cash shop items from events -- and all mobs dropped event items not just special dungeons or high levels. I just didn't have a lot of free playtime back then.