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  • Boss Hunting Event

    Dumb question: How often those bosses respawn? (Yeah I know, always in different places, but I spend last 2 hours and didn't found any1)

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    Spawn time = 1 minute
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      So it look like I'm the unluckiest person ever, lol


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        Common places it spawns is named areas e.g.

        sirag ruins
        palmir plateau
        pyre site
        experimental magic field
        first valmore mines
        mourning graveyard / pyre site
        fairy woods
        Deathwhispers place
        Frozen coast
        that place with boars where you farm ND

        etc etc

        they spawned there multiple times for me so I figure there's *some* rhythm and it isn't totally random
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          My team found one after 2 hours of roaming but it has difficulty level 2. Three level 120s noobs could not make a dent on its HP. We gave up.


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            PK event, thx, no.


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              I wrote a post about this, read and let me know what you think. Hitsuyga please read you too and let me know, I follow you on YouTube and hope in your support for do next event for everyone!!!
              People play rappelz because they enjoy, and this event are absolutely not funny for who is not full+24/+25.


              • Mateusz
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                100lvl healer with 160 lvl pet and circus eq +15 can solo level 1 and 2 event bosses. It's "if you want, you'll find the way to make it done" type od event.

              • Xmia1
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                I am not speaking about the boss, i can do also g6, like i can solo yushiva, the problem is the people that steal mob!!! i cant kill a boss, if a slayer arrives and do 150 000 000 damage with hellstorm. and if you are thinking "its impossibile do 150m with hellstorm", i can said the name, but see the first 10 slayer on server with full 25 reviac, they can steal if they want, and they done it.