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Partying has become very difficult

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  • Partying has become very difficult

    Trying to create a party for devildom has become ridiculous. Please increase the level gap difference because today I waited 4 hours trying to create a party and it was not successful, this is extremely bad, never had such problems ever in all the years I've played this. Server merge doesn't seem it will save this problem either, the level gap needs to be increased, and even perhaps that won't save it! Damn it.

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    Also with the game as gear- dependant as it is, I don't even see the need for the party range at all. Increasing the party level range vastly would be a great help in forming dp's. After all, dp's are what keeps the community connected and are therefor of paramount importance for the survival of the game.


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      you want to throw 175 with 200 in one dp? where schould they go, dd5?
      the "low" lvl will get one shot and will probably miss dunno how that'll help. And if the high lvl goes into lower dd instances, it has a feeling of a lvl service with up to now benefit for the higher player.
      also, you would have to live with exp and drop penalties due to the high mob lvl...


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        Funny, I must be God then, using character under lvl 180, I don't get 1 shot, not even using yushiva boss card, using +9 armor, even trioed s5 with friends of around same lvl. The second point isn't valid because if there are higher lvl characters with better gear in the pt they shouldn't go lower, only higher.

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      I have been in some guild dp's with some in the party are 200+ whilst I'm only 177.
      I didn't have problems hitting the mobs in s6 (and that's wihtout using m acc belt pets) and healing works perfectly fine obviously. Dying? -> Bottles.
      Importantly, gears and class are more indicative of a person's contribution to a party then his/her level.

      However, There was the exp penalty wich results in dp's just for dailies and almost no dp's the rest of the time due to the low population.


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        Yeah even allowing a gap of 25 levels would help a lot.


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          ive played other games that lower or raise effective level based on where you are grouping. it however has nothing to do with the gear you are wearing


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            This is exactly what i hate in games where players dont wanna be better, stronger and improve on their own and only looking for parties. We had so far countless " leech" parties in places like ROTA where many players get a piggyback ride and for what just exp and they get then to lazy to do something on their own and just ignore improving with gear/DMG/survival and always hope someone will carry them around forever. THAT is not how games should work specialy when it comes to end-game content like Devildom which is ofc instanced dungeon and hey you cant force anyone to take you in party in such place no matter how many players are there that can play in that place.

            So if you guys struggle finding a party then i suggest to make friends with few players in game and make your own " friend only" party but dont just say no party bla bla ruins game and community---total BS. I am solo player ever since freaking epic 3 of this game and i had my share of struggles but i survived and continued to improve without crying for parties . Also if i cant do something on my own i do have few friends still active in the game that can help me with places that normaly take too long time for me alone or are just simply impossible .

            If you get party fine if not--- move on and do something that you can do on your own but dont complain too much because it will not help you or anyone else by complaining instead all those players i see in the game complaining and screaming for party---all that amount of time they shout could actualy be used to farm something and making something on their own hehe.

            Also these days in the game unlike back in the days: ALMOST all players now can have all buffs which makes them depending on how strong buffs they get---- like 50-100 % stronger lol and players still complain . That is for me just beeing lazy to give the game some effort/time to farm and improve. ALl i can say and some may like what i say and some ofc not....but i know what i have been through and witnessed in this game for so many years. THE END!


            • Hitsuyga
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              The point of OP is here.

              You're all the way down here.

              The issue is there are players. But they're not within range. Soloing v dping is a choice. You chose to solo since beginning. The want to engage in the MMORPG as intended. I don't disagree that those ROA plvl or train dps are horrible. But that's not what's being discussed here.

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            It's simple, to make people do more parties. Give them a +30% bonus attack when the party is full. Only Sin and WM, whot are too OP, like doing solo.


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              I think that the central point of question is: wy people play alone?

              Becouse they drop better is the answer. If they cant do alone, they have to do party. it's easy, all game work in this way, also Rappelz worked in this way when you could do max +20 weapon, not more. and at that time you couldnt use all that buff that we have now.

              So what we have to do? coming back at old time and cry? no.
              there are 2 ways, i think, to resolve this problem and let people do party.

              1: make all the things harder, and put off all thet buff that allow everyone do everythings solo. an example? on serafin there was 30% more ph attack, +15% ph attack from hallowen, + 66 to all stat, + 10% to all stat (around 5/15% ) necromancer buffer, necromancer disguise another 10% to ph attack and magical attack. during thanks giving free gigantism for 20% more hp 20% more ph attack.
              result of all of this? 75% more ph attack, and other stat buffed (only from this things), on serafin lot of slayer could easily do solo DD 6.

              wy you have to do party, when you can solo? (of course if high equipped).

              OR the things will get harder or you dont need party.

              2: this is the second option, the one that i prefer.
              Increase the drop when different people attack the target/kill the target. i know that at moment there is an increases in drop, but we need more, for doing party.

              3: wy a 3? becouse if you take 1 and 2, so harder thing, and better drops, you have the solution to let people do party again!! (thats my opinion, my personal opinion).