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  • Hyper infilation

    All people-players malcontent…; why? always succed rate bad or never get perfect gears… perfect gears price upps...old 60-100 bil price 200 bil....friends you go bought versace-Gucci gears more cheap than ca or pb gears...d

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    eh wut?


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      Actually prices for item shop items have been stable for over a year now.

      If you want the best of the best, sure it will cost way more now. But that's just because there is so much more upgrading possible.
      Granted, it creates other problems like the vast difference in strength between the poor and the rich but that's another matter.

      Also, remember back in epic 4 when a tamed angel was as hard to get as a yushiva belt now? In that sense same item for same item things got cheaper.


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        I think it has something to do with supply and demand. Game is old, people are quitting so this means less good gear going around, less people farming/identifying good gear, less people upgrading good gear- all this means good gear prices go up.