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Returning player looking for help to get established again

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  • Returning player looking for help to get established again


    I willingly want to back to rappelz, but i don't want start from beginning. So i am asking if anyone has any equipment, or anything to give away and help me to start. Server indefferently.
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    Welcome back to the game!

    Please don't ask other people for their account data! Account sharing is against the rules, so is account selling - both bannable offenses.

    On the US servers we currently have three options:
    - Unicorn (no pvp)
    - Undine (pvp)
    - Betrayal (pvp)

    Undine and Betrayal will soon be merged, we don't have a date yet. In general they have the higher population, but people can kill you in the field. Unicorn server is quieter, due to player vs player being disabled.

    To log into the servers you can use the same account. Maybe just create a character on all three servers, check global chat and level up where you like the chat the most.
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      i just started also and its not really that hard to level up to 100 using the free items they provide for new characters. And, gotten good drops too with all those lucky potions, i dont think you will need to ask for other freebies to start playing again. I've been creating different classes and so far prefers the ones with AOE attacks and Assassin. Although, once after I reached lvl 120, it was harder to level since the next dungeon is freaking too hard - i kept dying. Just wish taming pets are easier -- i want genie and white dragon pets.
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        After hitting 105, you should be questing till 153, first with WQ1, then sanctuary questions, WQ2, MC questline. Takes maybe a day at a beginner's pace to go from 105-153.

        Sanctuary is a bad dungeon for new players who don't have full buffs or R6 gears. You should skip it.