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  • Skill card box

    please add to the NPC "Coin Exchanger" the option to open the "skill card box: warrior, berserker, slayer, cardinal, etc" in large quantities of 1 single click? is that I have more than 10,000 of these boxes and it takes me a lot and my fingers hurt from typing so much 1, 2, 3, 4 x.x could they create an option like that? or they could be combined like concentrated power to make extreme power.

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    Sounds like a good solution, I have the same dilemma although not nearly as many as 10,000 boxes.. I also wish that when playing a certain class character only skill cards pertaining to that player class would drop instead of all the character cards that don't apply to my characters. It would save time selling or having to trade all those I don't need, or is that asking for too much?


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      I would like to add wooden boxes to the list of dobbel clicking to open ) Breaking my mouse and fingers as well as the time it takes is not worth it. For better gaming experience this shoud be hign on the list for dev's to do something about. kinda strange it's not allready fixed!