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  • Next Class Rebalance

    any timeline when the next changes will come?


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    We sadly don't have a date yet. As soon as the GMs know, they will announce it.
    Important things: forum rules - what Mods can & can't do - customer support ticket area


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      Hopefuly never because its neverending story and never fixed within reasonable limits.....either too Op some classes or screw up totaly some other. So better leave it as it is because ever since last few attempts on class balance many players had hard time even accepting changes and then on top of that struggle to keep up with changes on their favorite classes.

      None likes to do thing over and over again and beeing kinda forced to change class because class they play now gets screwed with next try...... so NO TY !!

      Instead work to improve some classes that actualy are far behind other in DPs/survival etc ...for example class like archer/MM has been totaly forgotten it seems and almost all other classes survive better than MM and even DE got so much improvement that its so unfair that one ranged class gets all while other nothing.

      Think about such things instead of "nerfing" other classes.....just improve rest so all can enjoy the benefit of DPs/survival and even beeing able to solo effectively and not just go around in parties and always beeing a followr of other classes!