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    When will those boxes added to the CS shop?

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    Originally posted by Nelis View Post
    When will those boxes added to the CS shop?
    It's now in shop ;o


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      Why is It not possible for me to see It? I logged in but i only see the 2 items already in CS shop.


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        Hi black boss in cash shop shop.

        have checked price for and find normal sale are much better.

        Normal sale 7000 wcoins gives 40
        black Friday 6000 wcoins gives 25

        ​​​​​​Not really very good research on your part and very bad for us cash paying customers


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          What country do you live in? I know that there are some countries in Europe that won't allow you to gamble. The fact that these boxes have "a chance" of giving a Perfect Enhancement Transfer Scroll may be why they are not available.


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            yeah probably cause you live in a country that has banned lucky boxes,

            download tunnelbear change location on your webzen profile to the location you change your tunnelbearsettings to.. then login and see cash shop again..
            worked out for me pretty good

            dont forget to change back your country in webzen profile.. or you can just add them so you dont have to change just turn on tunnelbear..
            either way it should work..
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