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Hey Hey Again me want answer :P

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  • Hey Hey Again me want answer :P

    i ask support but i dont get answer maybe here some1 can tell me its legal what we se in Film ;P?
    Last edited by (MOD)Hawk4hire; 20-11-18, 11:56 AM. Reason: It's against the rules to "name and shame" other players.

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    Not Legal lol. There is also a guy who does this in Undine Server. I just pull him to Slaughter and he dies. But will be hard to do that with this person since he is basically 1 shoting everything.


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      If you have a video of a player whom you suspect is botting then please submit to customer support. The forums are not the place to post videos of that nature.
      Need to submit a ticket? Click
      1) Choose the category of your issue.
      2) See if any of the listed articles resolve your issue.
      3) If none of the articles resolve your issue, you can click on the most relevant article to submit a ticket.


      • Malakav
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        i do it why? because support dont take it ... maybe when other player see that problem at forum administration do some think. In ROA all spot busy and 3/4 spot bot player sry but its true...

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