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Ok i want get some info about pk in dungeon and KS

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  • Ok i want get some info about pk in dungeon and KS

    Maybe the dear administration will tell me PK in Dungeon is is accepted or not.
    Why i ask 3day i report some player i get answer Thank you.... and what i see player who pk he's still running and laughing.
    Second Great Event all player happy but good farm only in ROA other place it's going terribly. So Roa it's not big Dungeon and Player ks player but someone say "oh "*****" ks u have banned" Its true?
    and Finnaly maybe someone will be take for player who use macro or bug button no move no answer only one skill bug i know many person have it in ass but ... In dungeon many time can find "*****" "*******" "******" and many other player who bug button or use macro ... But i think support dont good work.

    Please for answer about pk and ks Administration -_-
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    PKing in dungeons has been officially declared a banable offense. If someone is pking you or other players then take a screenshot of that person and submit it to Customer Support. In pk instances they require a screenshot.

    As for any bug abuse - please feel free to submit a report to Customer Support. But reports and naming possible offenders in the forums is inappropriate.
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    Need to submit a ticket? Click
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      Actually, yes PKing inside dungeons can get you banned. All you need to report is a screenshot, time and date.

      As for KSing you need to record a video of the incident. To own a spot you need to be actively playing on it or waiting on it's respawn.


      • Klaig
        Klaig commented
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        Just to be specific, waiting for the respawn is only considered as active if there is no more mobs on the spot and you are waiting for the 10 seconds respawn time, for example passively waiting for the 1h respawn time of Hecktor is not considered as active.

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      Ok but i God understand free spot roa dont here anyone and i run video and who ks me he get banned its not fair bcs we get roa 20 spot Player's 50+ and all want event item why i ssy roa bcs in roa its the Best drop in Circus we get in p1, 2,3,4 0 event items devil doom very small. So all take place where its better drop we dont play a game where play 10 Player's sry... And now in roa we have Player in snowman 24/h online and farm he play one acount with 2 Brother so in that place anyone can farm bcs he first.

      To Mod ok i use name but ask me why i tell who bcs we support many Time and support dont ban.. Sry but maybe here administration look that problem or have that in... True. So we have 5day and when i report pk in dungeon Player stil online its joke u Say for that ban but only Say...


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        To reply to this post i can say only this: since we have most of the content like Ug/CC/cube(Labyrinth) and even Devildom as instanced dungeons.....Why not making now ROTA also instanced? Dont see any problem why they cant make it instanced since most of places of significance are allready instanced . Just an idea . GL all and hope you can enjoy the game! Peace.


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          they should fix all the dungeons in the same instance as in every other game and add different difficulty levels for each dungeon, differentiating the rewards doing so would solve many problems


          • (MOD)Lagamandra
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            The developers were asked to make all dungeons instanced to avoid the aforementioned issues. Sadly they don't see the relevance of 'Remains of the Ancients' being instanced, as it's supposed to be a place of transition between MC and Devildom.