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  • Ideas for New content/ Improvement of already available content

    Well hello there!

    So a few days ago we had a little discussion in the German forums about content ideas and improvement of already available content so here i would like to show you our list of content that we would like to see.
    Please feel free to give me your honest opinion about it and also tell me some of your ideas and eventually ask your guild members as well what they would like to see.
    I tried to translate it to English the best i could so please bear with me.
    Here it goes:

    Vulcanus Dungeon

    -Raising of the Droprate of the Vulcanus Card

    -Removal of the 7day duration

    -Implementation of the Vulcanus collection

    Daily goods:

    daily rewards are a nice way to keep players playing. The Dailyquest for the blessing of deva and a 1 hour atk chip are not enough tho.

    We need those atk chips for Devildom runs because the system doesnt even allow us to use the normal skill on it anymore.

    -Reword the Luna Chip Skill to level 9 and 10

    -Implement 2-3 more Quests for us to grind for daily (deva blessind or atk chips)

    Returning Warriors Welcome!

    I think that we should get our old players back somehow. Not all of them but at least a few to stenghten the community a little bit.

    -Returning Players should get a email with a special code with special goodies so they think about playing again.

    For instance:

    90 Days HV

    40 Fairys

    20 LP


    This bonus should be claimable only a few times after some long time and should variate.

    The longer you are gone → the more you get.

    Starter gear

    Back in the old days we had NPC´s where we could lend us some +10 gear to start playing. I never understood why this had to be removed. In case that the „Returning Players“ bonus comes that would be the chance to implement the Startergear again. But this time also for Masterclass and also not the crappiest gear. Think about it: How are Newbies doing here? Not good.

    There also should be the chance to test 6/8 slot belts for ~30 days or something (once).

    That way people also see the good side of CS Items.

    Repair the Trainee Island:

    Players cant even do the first transfer because they need to be jlvl 10. → you need to get level 20 for that. That's the biggest fail we had in a while. Fix that. Fix the whole trainee island and give those players a better view over the new content. Trainee island is supposed to let you know how this game works... but it doesn't anymore. You don't learn how to awaken stuff and you don't learn about so much other stuff. A whole rework could be good for the community.

    Allround buffer:

    many people don't have buff slaves like other people and the game gets harder with every update.

    Why not send us a NPC who gives you those normal buffs? Of course not as high as you would have them if u create your slaves on your own but at least some sort of medium buffs so you can help those small players a little bit. Think of it as Blessing of Deva 2.0.

    Maybe ask those green tokens from Daily Quests for buffing. Make them storageable.
    Other idea would be to give newbies non tradeable non timed Refreshing scrolls.

    Duel System:

    Should be reworked that way that you dont loose your buffs anymore.
    That would make it viable again.

    New Titles:

    We would like to see some new titles. Titles that also give you some stats.

    For instance: Chain titles:

    hypothetically: 10 Events/year 8 of them give you a special title. Earn 5 of them to get a secret one.

    Cool thing.

    New titles for the Forum

    Update for the Guildsystem:

    The level 10 guild buff is great but we need something more than that. Also we need the removal of the „Guild leader gets more %“ thingy. We only get more one man guilds by having that in there.

    We need some tasks that only a guild can do together. Give us something

    -Implement skill icon for the Guild buff so we can have it in our skillbar

    GM/CM Events:

    I miss the old days... on the German servers we almost never see a CM/GM online but if they are... they are gone within 20 minutes and only give us normal world buffs for an hour.

    Where are those mob spawning and hide and seek events that you guys used to do?

    Are we not as important anymore? Would like to hear a reason for that and would also love to see that again.


    A rework of the AH would be great but here are some things that would need a small fix right away:

    -Add a tab for Bosscards

    -Make equip/skill cards able to filter by class

    -Raise the Rupee limit to at least a trillion

    -Raise the amount of CS items in the AH by x10 and also edit some of those items.

    That would get money out of the Game and also make the auction house more attractive for us players again. Who needs one scroll of Awakening (3 days of bidding for it)? Or who needs those lvl 120 growth potions? Rework that a little.

    Thats it from me.

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      Good one. kinda true.
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        I find myself agreeing with most. Especially with the Trainee Island, that you need to be at least twice the level compared to JL to get a higher job level makes no sense there. I can imagine a lot of new/ returning players quitting in frustration for not being able to job level up despite having enough jp.

        There isn't even a mention of it in the game, how are they supposed to know???


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          Alright. seems like almost nobody cares for this Topic here. kinda sad. i expected more from the english forum
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          • Hitsuyga
            Hitsuyga commented
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            We've discussed this to death on forums, and on discord. If it helps, we all agree with every point. We're just tired.

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          After a discord discussion with some players i push this thread again.cya have a nice day
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            I can add one thing that me and most of players i talked to that actualy used sometimes cash shop/wcoins. Why not implement in CS so we permanently have there those darn ancient cube def and strike for Rank 7 ?? I mean in this game with all those improvements for lvling fast etc game ended up all about beeing R7 ++ but its hard to feel freedom of finding items you need to upgrade your gear and maybe to help someone else upgrade their if you cant find enough suplements to do it like those darn cubes that only come on some offers and short time. Also not all players have money in the right moment when those cubes appear or even those lucky boxes of 100 etc.

            Just leave them always in CS so we can access them anytime we can afford----dont think it would be wrong thing to do and yeah lastly to make some discount on those as well sometimes too .


            • (MOD)Eva
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              I agree - put the R7 cubes in the mall on a perm basis.

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            Dungeon sieges need some improvement. That was fun part of game back in time. I would love to see changes in rewards for owning dungeon like Guild BUFF (+30 to basic stats) that rise every week depending on which dungeon your guild own: +5 for dmr/+7 LM/+9 CV/+12 PP/+15 Sanctuary etc for every next week till +120 to all stats max. Guild buff would last till next siege.

            Pets Creature Artifacts seems to be out of date with low bonus. Also already mentioned to Nazgul idea of Old epic 3 system that Pets could wear boots and gloves. There are toons of useless EQ that could pet use to improve stats (if ony pets could use also bonus from Final Awakening System gloves like +30% to extra hit from basic atk) would be great.

            Rappelz great success was pet system and dungen sieges that seems to be forgoten for good and that is sad.


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              Originally posted by Oppss View Post
              [B]Rappelz great success was pet system and dungen sieges that seems to be forgoten for good and that is sad.
              So true.

              As for fixing sieges, it would require the following:

              -lowering pvp damage
              -increasing guardian and cores' HP
              -controllers: respawning with full health
              -No bottles allowed (as is already the case with feathers)

              for rewards: let the buff in the dungeon also apply in hardmode or respective underground version.
              And of course, the new dungeons would have to become siege- able as well.


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                I meant permanent guild buff that is worth fighting for. Starts at +30 to all stats that can be rised ever week for wining siege would be awsome and worth going for. The more people required to go siege equal bigger bonus for for next week. Guild buff would dissapear only for siege time so both guild had same chances.


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                  Since i still got hope in this community to push some stuff so webzen might changes something. #push
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                    So reading through the original post, and some of the replies, I see a fatal flaw in the plan: When one of my old guildmates announced that they were back, lfdp on FB, some of the replies from other old guildmates were along the lines of "the game was too P2W back then, and now it's even worse". Some of the "solutions" listed in this thread include implementing even more P2W features to bring back players who, in some cases, thought the game was already over the top P2W. That's not going to appeal to those players in the least bit. Making content that requires spending at the CS, whether directly, or indirectly through buying from players that did, isn't going to make those players feel like the game is worth coming back to, monetarily speaking, when they have a plethora of games that are 1,000s of times less P2W to choose from, including games that have CSs with nothing but cosmetics in them.

                    It is entirely too late in this game to even think about trying something like that. The hardcore, long term players, some of whom I know, wouldn't be too appreciative of removing some of these "features" from the game, and that would possibly have a net negative effect on the population, as some of them quit, or, reading through the rest of the forums associated with the game, a lot of them quit when they know there would be no chance to ever get things like the purses back. But a lot of the people that I know that played in E3 that left between then and 2012, left due to P2W making it harder to actually play the game, if they either don't have the disposable income, or aren't willing to part with it.

                    Other points to ponder:

                    Increasing items in the AH will not remove a substantial amount of rupees from the game. Goods that are placed there by players pay the players when the items sell, if they sell. This doesn't remove money from the game, it just transfers it to someone else. Buying items from the NPC merchants, repair costs, etc remove money from the game, and these sinks would have needed to have been implemented long ago to have any real impact now.

                    Trainee Island is a good example of "what's going on here" though. I know I was sort of confused as to why I couldn't make job transfers at first, but once I figured it out, it wasn't one of those things that made me want to rage quit. It's also not the only place that this sort of thing occurs: You can't get jlvl 50 in your first job until 100. I am unsure, at this point, if that was a thing way back then or not.

                    Database issues: So I figured I'd cheese up some achievement points, but due to exploits in the AH, I suppose, I am unable to get my recent achievements credited. It's been a month for some of them, and they are still not updated. This has a negative impact, and doesn't instill me with a lot of confidence that I want to stick around for a long while, like I did when I initially played this game.

                    Speaking of P2W: I have been unable to use my card to make any purchases of WCoin. When I submitted a ticket, it was closed with "well, it's your fault, try something else", and it's been closed twice for the same reason, when I had to resubmit a ticket. This doesn't inspire me with a lot of confidence in Webzen's ability to run the game either, and will cause me to leave, rather than stay. This, coupled with the previously mentioned database issues is costing this game money. If my achievements were updating as they should, I would likely buy rebirth scrolls, assuming I could get them to run my card for WCoin, to get some more achievements.

                    There is so much more wrong with this game's management than what's actually in game that even if they could get returning players, retention would be an issue. Some aren't as "patient" as I am, and anyone that really knows me is probably asking "When did he become patient???", since they likely know a bit about how I really am. So these issues would need to be addressed first, because ignoring them, or blaming the customer for their inadequacies, isn't going to inspire returning players, no matter what they do in game.


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                      Agree to all the points. Some of these have been suggested before but nothing has been mentioned or done about them. The guild buff icon already got implemented, go to Menu->Actions. From all of these the one that bothers me the most is that the duel system has been rendered useless. It needs to allow people to duel and not lose buffs. Same goes for Arena and Death Match. Do that and I am sure you'll see lots of people using those modes again.


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                        Raise the Rupee limit to at least a trillion

                        no one sees this as a problem for poor players like me or new players?