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WTS/WTB Items on Reviac (Ex-Undine / Betrayal Server)

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  • WTS/WTB Items on Reviac (Ex-Undine / Betrayal Server)

    This is where you can post to Sell or Buy items on the new TBA (Undine/Betty) server. Please feel free to start your future trades here.
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    WTB +20 2h 170 axe 5/6% p.acc/35+ cpow


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      WTS Templar set and 2h staff
      +25 3s RP armour with eva
      +24 3s RP gloves with cp/patk
      +24 3s RP boots with m.speed
      +25 1h axe with acc/eva/4/3
      +25 shield 4/3 with acc/perf block/ 36 cp
      +25 2h 170+ staff

      WTT/B either:
      3-4s CA gear with good stats (eva/CP)
      3-4s PB gear with good stats (eva/CP)

      Can pay cash, or trade for the templar gear, or some +24 armour foods.
      PM on Wonderweiss (if before tuesday) or Hitsuyga after. Or on discord.
      My youtube channel


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        WTB clean xBow 170 (6/6 agi, dex with acc, eva, 34+ critpow)

        PM FangZone, TheRealFang, DefinitelyNotFang


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          WTT 2x perfect enchantment transfer scrolls for +24 armour food
          WTT/S +10 IFA, Maelstrom bolt.. LF cash, essence or armour foods
          WTT up to 6 perfect enchantment transfer scrolls for +0-25 Perfect PB gloves.

          PM on Hitsuyga, Nephiiim in game or add me on discord @Hitsuyga#8205.
          My youtube channel


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            Hi guys,

            WTB clean 3s RP gloves (with acc preferably) and 3s boots (with perf block or block def).

            PM on CalvinClane.



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              WTB Yushiva Belt Extractor, pm FangZone

              Bring purse bags back to cash shop already.


              • #8
                WTS Rileys kit 11.5b, pm Quelli


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                  WTB 3s wild instinct armor gloves and boots, pm TheRevenant or Revtribeca


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                    WTB 10+20 phase blade set for Lv160, PM Quelli


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                      My youtube channel


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                      Laraki's Official Trade Shop! Last Updated - 3/9/2019

                      - I am always looking to entertain offers on the below items.

                      - Preference is Always given to offers for complete sets of items.

                      - Everything shown is for sale.

                      - TO MAKE ME AN OFFER - PM IN GAME "Laraki

                      Warehouse Contents:

                      Main Character Set:

                      Main Character Deco:

                      Main Char Belt Pets:

                      Main Char Skill Cards:

                      Heal Pets & Pet Gear:

                      Buff Slave Gear:

                      Main Char Inventory:

                      Warehouse 2 Contents:

                      Warehouse 3 Contents:
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                        Looking to buy a rainbow pumpkin loot pet.


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                          WTS S5 unique BD melee level 185, S5 BD tank level 190, and buying a s5 unique tank human ranged human or melee human


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                            My youtube channel