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    Login event items should be account bound at the very least and toon bound if neccessary. This can help them to promote playing vs afk'ing. For example, toon bound altered pieces, ss, gp - account bound deco items or skill cards or mounts (lol, who uses mounts anymore right?)

    Farming events need to be accessible to all skill levels of players not just those who can breeze through circus in 2 mins or solo 3 spots in RoA faster than a full pt. It's fine to make them 150+. In fact I like that idea a lot to prompt new players to level up, but we need more farming areas for 150+. There are so many places on the map that never get used, why not change the mobs in some of those spots from 40+ to 160+ and give us more field farming areas? This would help the PvP'ers as well because then they have more places to run around looking for people to PK.

    How about event specific titles? Kill x amount of snowmen during xmas event = new title, kill 10x amount of snowmen and title stats improve etc.....
    It could be a permanent title or timed.

    How about a boss summoning event where the bosses always drop a boss card, but you only summon hard to kill versions of Abby, Oforia, Crusty, Takin etc.....

    There are always going to be pros and cons for every event but imo the cons are what we always hear about and rarely ever the pros. If you want to stop bot farming just make it easier to report and then actually do something about the bot farmer, don't punish the whole population by taking away good events. There are only a handful of abusers, some real time monitoring would go a long way towards stopping them. and stopping them would go a long way towards deterring any future abusers.

    There is a lot of nostalgia about the old days and the old publisher but people seem to forget all the bad things we had back then. The population may be down (it is a very old game after all) but the game itself and customer service are both highly improved vs the old Gpotato days. I know you are working hard to make this game better and it's much appreciated.

    Thanks and keep up the good work Nazgul and co.


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      So what happened to these mysterious new events? I can't think of any, expect boss hunter o.O Btw most of the old event are not bad, but you should cut the crap rewards. While also increase the drop rate on the other (actually useful) rewards Another qestion is, why do you decrease event drops year by year? Lot of players 'reported' that they participated on the same event, but with a year difference and they got tremendously less event drops.


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        We don't decrease any item drop.

        As you know GALA is the developer and it is down to them to add new events to the game. All we do is suggesting new event ideas, recently we worked together on event such as: the new Halloween and Christmas events, War of the Cities, the Archive of the Past and the Boss Hunter event.

        We keep suggesting new fresh ideas to GALA so feel free to suggest on this topic event ideas


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          So sup with this years pet season event? drops are terrible just like last year's first week. Then Nazgul fixed it. Pls ask him to do it agaaain

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        What's really sad about the current event is I get so little ice in 4 hours in dd I ran out of I got a lot of 25 ice from 50...
        Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.