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War Kahuna Permanently Invincible!

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  • War Kahuna Permanently Invincible!

    As the title says, Recklessness of Earth can be made permanent very easily. I know a couple War Kahunas blasting through Devildom S6 without a care in the world.

    This is entirely broken. When berserkers had this invincibility skill, we mostly ignored it, because they had lame damage and did very little even with it. Similarly when that oracle uploaded a video with permanent divine shield, they had garbage damage and in 30s took less than 5% off revived medusa's HP. But the War Kahunas that I know that are using Recklessness of Earth are blasting their way through Devildom not being touched by anything.

    We need the QA team to test this and get it fixed ASAP.

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    Can be made permanently very easily? I have +24 helmet and +7 card and PW gears and it is far from permanent. Pretty much 50% down time.
    And how many people got the +10 card for it?
    So you, just like many other people on the forums, only think this game from the perspective of +25 people with infinite (duped) rupees and all and access to all.
    I never thought i would see the day that someone blames War Kahuna to be OP.

    And even if you got all that shit, it takes ages to go thru Devildom higher stages, which actually kills the whole point.
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    • LessQQ
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      I agree with you.
      There haven't been any changes to warkahuna's recklessness skills.
      The only way I can think of that it might be permanent would be with event purge gears on top of + PW gears, +10 card and +25 helmet....the master purge gears that add +2 to all skills with fill set (+1 for mask and cloak each); but not with any gears normally available in game.

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    You copy pasted exactly what I posted about brilliant harmony xD. But somehow you missed the essence of the post.

    Earth is similar to the two skills I mentioned, divine and essence. BH is targetable. The point is that they're all broken, but BH is infinitely more. It allows you to make any class invincible, so it shines more on a merc or vm. If you keep it on the oracle, it does very little, since oracle does very little. Similar to WK. So if you're going to try and copy what I said, at least get the logic behind it right? 😂

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      With a +25 headset, the skill level 24 and the card +9 the duration of the effect is 49 seconds for a recast of 54 seconds.
      But I think that if gala and webzen do not want to finish the class, it would be necessary to reduce the effect of the competence and not its recast

      pomverte, Lamia
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        "I know a couple War Kahunas blasting through Devildom S6 without a care in the world."

        Really? Name them and their servers. You don't know anybody that is doing that because there aren't any. You don't even know what you're talking about. The highest WK on the Betrayal/Undine/Unicorn servers just rebirthed from mercenary and is level 200+ and everyone else is 180 or below.


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          I'd say nerf all invincible skills to be only 10 seconds long and 3 minute cd with helmet on. These are supposed to be as intended, EMERGENCY ONLY.


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            I like a WK with infinite Recklessness of Earth. There are so many other draw backs to the class it's nice they finally have something. Being a hybrid Pacc Macc class makes getting optimal gear harder then other classes. I was originally a Battlehuna many moons ago and for this class to actually be relevant again is a good thing. See the problem isn't with certain classes. It's with the community that whines about someone being better then they are with a different class. People cried about Slayer (Which I never played) and now that we have content that demands high HP their HP has been nerfed. VM has been the class to play forever but rather then complain I tried to compete directly with Sadol over seas on my magus. That was enjoyable for me. So instead of complaining about what other classes have rather it be WK Oracle, or VM, just roll with it. The bottom line is the wealthy will always prosper in a F2P game so either put up or shut up. My current class has the poor mans BH Oracle set up. It makes me a support class for a party that would otherwise not be able to go into further stages of Devildom. During the event Oracles received Dignity gear which shows to me it WAI. But we're talking about the WK. Let them have their time in the Sun. God knows after more then a decade they deserve it.


            • Bowchicawowow
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              Nope, just nerf reckless. Get HP to tank better.

            • Doomed1
              Doomed1 commented
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              Gotta agree with Khalid in here. Instead of endless complaining about other classes, just deal with it. Other classes being good won't make your class any worse.

              And even if WK can somehow have almost infinite recklessless (i am not even going for the requirements for that here now), the class itself is anything than overpowered, it is the opposite of it.
              Struggling with the issues with p.acc and m.acc, low hp pool, relatively low p.def, lack of any usable AoE and the strongest TP skill is weaker than other classes's non-TP skills.

            • Mochatroid
              Mochatroid commented
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              Other classes being good won't make your class any worse.
              This is accurate currently, since Rappelz has apparently become a largely solo experience, but if that ever manages to change (and that's why I keep annoying everyone by asking for buffs-to-toggles) then balance between classes matters immensely. It's harder to get into parties if there's other classes that are just plain superior to yours. Gear and tactics, guilds and friendships (etc) play a part too, naturally, but class imbalance is a very unfair handicap.

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            I have a +8 card and like +20 to skill, you need helm, the gear and all that to even get it low. The skill isn't OP at all, WK are squishy anyways, no WK is going to be destroying anything.


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              First need to take that on my WK i have skill 19 and card 7 So its hard to make that


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                It's permanent with a +10 card, but it's not exactly worth it to solo s6. It has a 47 second CD with a 48 second duration. On bad stun and you die.


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                  I still can't believe people are still playing WK. It was the only class I played in the game. Glad to see people still playing as them.


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                    rappelz is the only MMO that is played solo.


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                      This issue has been resolved with recent changes. Closed for necro posting.